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Do anyone of you know if taking amitriptyline will make things worse? Having both T & H I am nervous about medications. I went to my ENT to get my LDLS tested and instead he did what was comfortable for me instead of discomfort...not sure why, but my comfort levels are at 60. So he wants me to try a low dose of amitriptyline because he thinks it will help with the symptoms I am having. I tried to talk to him about doing TRT and he said he wanted me to try this first. I'm pretty frustrated, I don't know why he dismissed me doing TRT. It was like he didn't think I needed it.

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Hi Demi,

Amitriptyline is used to treat symptoms of depression, and is on the list associated with Tinnitus. Amitriptyline is in a class of medications called tricyclic antidepressants. It works by increasing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain that are needed to maintain mental balance. There are a number of side effects and some are serious with taking Amitriptyline. Make sure you know all the side effects before taking the drug.

My H was always the worst in the morning.  I have started using Rain Without Thunder when I sleep.  I have been doing this for about a month.  I have noticed my H in the morning is often the best it may be all day.  I play this off my computer speakers from a 10 hour free segment that I get online. I play the rain sound at a low volume back ground level.  I always did sleep better anyway when it was raining. 

I know that you are waiting to see a TRT trained audiologist. While you wait, you may want to consider using the H Network Pink Noise CD.  I started using the H Pink Noise CD about a week ago while I wait for my noise generators to come in. When I first started listening a week ago, I could only handle at a low volume 10 to 15 minutes at a time as the sound appeared very heavy to me and it made my head feel full. I tuned the sound down until I felt comfortable and kept building more time. I now can do about 2 hours with no issue, and at times I do forget that the sound is on. I am taking the slow approach as I do not want to make my H symptoms worse.  The CD is not a true Pink Noise as it is a mixture of frequencys. True Pink Noise is a pure sound at a given frequency. The CD sounds more like white noise or static.    



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I agree with PH's advice and also finding an audiologist who knows about Hyperacusis to test your LDL's occasionally could be helpful. Yep, best to start slow with pink noise, like he mentions.

PH, the pink noise CD is real Pink Noise, and contains a broad band noise with equal power per octave.

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Amitryptylene is also used at much lower dosages to treat Neurological,symptoms. My Neurologist recommended trying it for all of my symptoms after my head injury, whihc is what started my H. Post concussion syndrome. I did try it but i had some bad reactions to it after one dose, so i stopped. I hear that that is common. But it might be worth a try.

Hope this helps,

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I was on amitriptyline for one week and was was supposed to double it to 20mg and wow my head really started buzzing like a buzz saw and didn't want to stop. What do people use for sleep? Rhanks
William A Sutkus
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