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The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) would like to inform you of a clinical research study being conducted by Jay Piccirillo, MD at the Washington University in St. Louis. This study can be completed remotely through a smartphone and is open to tinnitus patients around the United States.

Dr. Piccirillo is conducting a research study to test a new way of measuring your tinnitus bother using smartphone technology.

No travel to Washington University is required. The entire study will be completed on your smartphone and computer. No payment for your participation is provided.

You might qualify to participate if you:

  1. Are between the ages of 21 and 80 years old
  2. Have tinnitus (for at least 6 months)
  3. Are bothered by your tinnitus
  4. Have a smartphone with internet access

The study consists of:

  • A Pre-screening Survey – to see if you may qualify (about 5 minutes)
  • A Baseline Survey asking about your tinnitus.
  • 4 short surveys (less than 3 minutes for each survey) per day for two weeks
  • One short survey (about 5 minutes) at the end of the EMA survey and again two weeks later
  • 4 short surveys (less than 3 minutes) per day for two more weeks. 
  • Final survey (about 5 minutes)

To see if you qualify for this study, visit or call Joyce at (314) 362-7508

Please Note: The American Tinnitus Association is promoting this clinical trial for informational purposes only. ATA is neither a sponsor nor an organizer of the trial, which is wholly coordinated by Washington University in St. Louis.

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