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As I briefly mentioned in another thread close to here ( "Ears got hit by massive explosive noise yesterday" ) I did not feel the setback to my ears for about a half an hour. Which is strange. This has happened to me many times .Sometimes I feel reactions in my ears immediately, and sometimes there is a delay. Usually it hits me when I get home for some reason.

I mean this is exasperating in terms of having to estimate what might happen to you in iffy sound situations where you are not quite sure to stay in or not! If you start to feel anything adverse, you know you should leave. But if not? You might be in a pleasant conversation with someone on a street with few cars, but , you say to yourself, if I stay and there have been many cars passing me, I might get hit with a setback, but I am feeling OK so far, what to do?

Have these delays happened to any of you?

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