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Time has passed and my condition is different than what I though it was one year ago. I would like to describe what I feel and I would love if some of you can give me your opinion.

I am noticing more and more that there is a big difference between my left ear and my right ear. The left ear seems healthier than the right ear. If I block the left ear, I have a hard time to hear some soft sounds or somebody's voice if it is low. I believe I have some mild hearing loss on the right side. When I increase the treble level of the radio in my car, I feel better.

When I block one ear, I feel much better because I don't receive 2 different sounds which stresses me otherwise. The problem is that I feel a bit dizzy when I block one ear (even if it is only 5-10 db, light earplug), it is probably something to see with orientation and how the brain is receiving sounds. I believe that, if I can balance my hearing, I will feel much better: ie: left ear = right ear.

I am not sure I have hyperacusis in the sense that I can be in noisy environments and I also found out that I like to have a loud background noise instead of being in a quiet room as it tends to mask the balance issue I have between my ears.

What do you think ?

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