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Hello, I am rapidly playing catch up, as my son was diagnosed today with Hyperacusis. He also has ADHD, and was diagnosed with that at age 5, not misdiagnosed either, he definitely has it. My question is, has there been any known causation link of ADHD meds resulting in Hyperacusis? He was on Vyvanse for the first nine months, but we switched because of mood side effects and the development of a breathing tic. We switched to Focalin short acting, and that has been well tolerated, I think. We for a short time tried the Focalin XR, but it too resulted in a breathing tic. I'm not trying to make a connection where there isn't, I'm just curious. Thanks in advance for any info.
April DeWeerd

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I've wondered along the same lines.
From my understanding, most people who have Hyperacusis get it from listening to loud sounds or music on a regular basis.

I haven't been to a rock concert for decades or around loud noises, but have a different theory as to why I got this condition...

This past spring I was diagnosed with depression. My doctor tried several antidepressants and so far none of them has helped. About 3 months ago, while taking Cymbalta, one afternoon I noticed that everything became LOUDER. This was something completely bizarre and unexpected to me! I could suddenly hear things like other people's conversations from blocks away. The slightest sound was greatly exaggerated and intrusive. Everyday activities like food shopping became nerve-wracking due to mixture of loud conversations and the background music, which suddenly became VERY foreground to my perception.
Lawn mowers and leaf blowers are now intolerably loud. I can even hear the hum my hard-drive makes as it spins inside my computer! Every deli with a soda and food cooler is also loud because of its compressor noise. These used to be miniscule sounds that I never noticed until I got this condition.   

It only took me a day or two to look this up on the internet.. and alas... I found that others also have this problem! As most people with this condition, I also have tinnitus. I'm hoping that eventually the Hyperacusis will go away as quickly as it came, but for now I'm coping as best as I can.
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