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Smear a light coating of glycerin on foam earplugs. I know how that sounds but it makes earplugs twice as effective. I found out about this on my own. The earplugs were becoming uncomfortable. To my delight I found not only does it make them more comfortable to slide in and out but also make them more effective in deadening noise. I think this is because the glycerin forms a seal between the earplugs and the ear canal skin .
 Glycerin washes off by just running water over it. It's not greasy or oily although it feels like that's what it is. I think it is used in toothpaste and soap . It is totally safe non-toxic benign substance.
 I am not a doctor this is not professional advice although I have been doing this for very long time with no ill effects.
 Foam earplugs, glycerin ! It helps.


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I was taking a shower with foam earplugs a while ago (Mack's brand) and was surprised when my ear was covered with water - for a brief moment, the earplugs became vastly more effective.

Since then I've experimented with techniques and now run them under water before inserting them, though I'm still trying to find the best way to do it. After they're covered and have absorbed a little, they seal far better than they do otherwise. I suspect that it's the same effect you're having.


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Thanks for the tip.  I have seemed to have such a time inserting them when I occasionally use them.  Simple solutions are nice. 
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