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EASe Listening Therapy is the original home-based treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder. EASe has been a name therapists could trust for over 25 years. EASe has been used by tens of thousands of therapists, non profits, schools and families world wide. Now EASe has a new distributor, Vision Play Therapy LLC, with a new web site and a renewed dedication to help those with Sensory Processing Disorder.
Vision Play Therapy has three FREE products. First is a FREE EASe CD for download. Second is a FREE EASe game demo. Third is a FREE EASe app. Please visit and download your own copies.
EASe to prevent and protect children from sensory meltdowns and shutdowns
We created EASe CDs in the early 1990's after ten years of studying sensory processing in brain-injured children. We named the therapy EASe, so that people would understand that it was designed to protect autistic children from SPD, hyper-vigilance and nervous meltdowns.
EASe Listening Therapy uses music as a pleasant carrier to deliver organizing auditory stimulus. The EASe stimulus, a random, high frequency, high intensity, short duration sound, stimulates the brain, and creates natural habituation, without triggering a fight or flight response. Natural habituation improves sensory management and creates a host of secondary responses.
When auditory hypersensitivity is calmed and tolerance to noise is improved, those secondary responses can include improved regulation, improved focus and learning, improved eye contact, fewer outbursts, shutdowns and meltdowns, less stimming, less constipation, better handwriting, and most importantly, improved ability to interact in a meaningful way with parents and care givers. A person's life is greatly improved.
EASe therapy, by breaking down sensory defensive barriers, enables virtually all other therapies to be more effective.
EASe is is a simple, mechanical, and common sense program. An EASe program can be optimized by the careful management of a professional therapist, and families with no access to insurance can also see dramatic improvements in their child.
The EASe lending/rental license professional packages
In order to encourage therapists to use EASe CDs legally in lending and rental libraries, we have created two packages that provide the license for free and ensures uninterupted delivery of important services through a replacement warranty. These two packages are an incredible value.
The first package is the EASe Sandisk bundle. This bundle has all ten EASe music modules, a Sandisk Clip player and a two year license ($200.00 value) for $299.00. We will replace any erased or damaged microSD cards returned to us for free, as part of the warranty.
The second package is the EASe CD 1-10 disc bundle, also for $299.00. This bundle includes all ten physical EASe CDs and the $200.00 two year lending/rental license for an incredible value, unmatched in any other listening program. This package also includes a two year free replacement guarantee.
The EASe Therapist Discount Program
Qualified therapists can receive a 30% discount (plus quantity discount) on most EASe products. EASe 1 through 4 are now included in the discount program. To request your EASe Therapist Account, send an email to
What therapists say about EASe Listening Therapy
With regards to pre and post testing of children: I have been SI certified for 29 years which includes the original Southern California Sensory Integration Test (SCSIT), designed by Jean Ayres.  I am thinking of using items from that original test because I have the scoring manual to it.  I would include imitation of postures, standing balance eyes open and eyes closed, graphesthesia, and Design Copying.  These subtests were found to be quite reliable and therefore included in the newer sensory integration test Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT).  I would also look at flexion and extension postures for muscle tone and endurance.  This combination would give a quick look at  motor planning, balance, endurance, organization, and visual/motor control.
  • I tried my first pre and post test.  9 year old boy:

                                                              Pre test     Post test
    • Imitation of postures            18            21
    • Graphesthesia                        12             14
    • Standing balance  R               30sec       60+sec
    • Standing balance L                 22sec       38sec
    • Flexion                                      32 sec      52sec
    • Extension                                  15sec       26sec
Visual motor design copying is a strength for him so no difference. His father was very impressed and wants to do EASe on a daily basis.
EASe Listening Therapy apps are available in three versions – EASe Lite, EASe Personal and EASe Pro - from the iTunes store.
EASe Lite is a FREE demo with one song and full functionality except for audio import.
EASe Personal ($39.99) includes a simple to use version of the EASe app and a 60-minute module of instrumental music, enough to complete a ten-hour EASe Listening Therapy program. The EASe Personal app is the parent tool in an EASe Personal/Pro system and can now import additional EASe Music Modules from either an in app purchase or from the web site.
EASe Pro ($99.00) includes the fully functional EASe therapist app including a 60-minute module of instrumental music, and is able to import specially prepared EASe Music Modules. EASe Pro is the therapist hub of an EASe Personal/Pro system and can communicate with parents EASe Personal apps via email.
Phone 410-679-1605. Web email
The EASe app is the property of Vision-Play, LLC, copyright 2012. This press release is not spam. Our research indicates that you are or have been involved with the treatment of autism and may be vitally important in the life of one or many autistic children. If we have included you in this mailing in error, please forgive our intrusion and click.

"Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow is wood, only today does the fire burn brightly"
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