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For those who don't still realize how stress affects your health, just read below, it's interesting.  I'am typing this word per word so there may be typo errors.  Also remember the entire body is connected.  10 out of 12 cranial nerves are affected by the sounds we hear, the vagus nerve is connected with the Brain-Gut response.  Fequencies change the molecular system, this is just basic Physics 101!  If sounds don't hurt our ears, the Fq's can still give us an ulcer!  Colors, moods, everything is sound!  The ears are connected to the Kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine!
Remember people like Dr. Shelly Heller (or Sharon Heller) are aware that hypersensitive people are mislabelled with other diagnoses.......

Adrenal Fatigue - Crash and Burn by Alexander Mostovoy. H.D.

Have your recently experienced major stress in your life such as death, divorce, business failure?  Do you feel that you have just no been the same since?  This stress may have led to Adrenal Fatigue causing manyproblems including extreme fatigue and weakness.

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning?  Does it take a long time to get going?  Do you start to feel awake by about noon only to experience another slump the end of the day, but feel as though you must go the bed as you tire easily?  Once in bed, do you lie awake, exhausted but too wored to go to sleep?  Once asleep, do wake up after only a few hours, and find this cycel continuing night after night?  Are you lacking the stamina to exercise during the day, or feel tolatlly drained after exercising?  Perhaps you pick up every infection going around- and take a very long time to recover.  Despair and depression may even be have set in.  For too many people, this farigue and weaknss are a constant part of daily life.

If the picture pinted here sound familier, read on.......
you may be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue.  It is estimating that up to 80% of people in the industrialized world suffer from Adrenal Fatigue at some point in their lives.  For some it many last a few day, for others, this debilitating condition can last decades.  The problem is most common among women and is often ignored or misdiagnosed as main symptoms mirror those of other conditions.

Adrenal fatigue affects people in many different ways and for many different reasons.  Althought the etiology  (cause) of Adrenal Fatugue may differ, the symptoms, regardless of the cause are very similar.  Adrenal Fatigue (AF) occurs when the Adrenal glands function of a sub-optimal level. 

The adrenals are responsible for secreting 50 different hormones in an exact and very precise manner depending on the body's requirements.  Adrenal glands become the major source of hormone production in a menopausal woman and will secrete hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, coritsol and adrenaline.

Adrenal glands are very responsive to changes in physical, emotional and psychological stessors, and many facets may interfere with this amazingly intricate blance.  Stress, for example will put your body into a "fight or flight" response, however, your adrenals cannot differentiate between different types of stessors such as being attacked by a tiger in the jungle of having a heated argument with your boss. 

The adrenal gland reponds by producing cortisol - the major hormone responsible for helping the body deal with stress.  Unfortunately, in today's modern society, most of us are under constant stress - be it physical stress from infection of illness, or emotional stress such as from any family crises or misunderstandings.

The adrenal gland wil adjust to this constant and prolonged stress but many eventually become unable to meet the demand and dysfunction either by not producing enough cortisol or by relasing too much cortisol.  The extremes of adrenal dysfunction are Addison's desease (no cortisol produced) and Cushing's Syndrome (which affect the kidney's and excessive cortisol is produced).

You many notice subtle changes at first:  salt and sugar cravings may give you occasional relief.  You many constantly need a caffeine fix via coffee, you many become absentminded, have weak muscles, have low sex drive, feel that you cannot get enough sleep, you may have constipation alternating with diarrhea.  All eventually reduce activity and try to avoid any stressful situation because you feel overwhelmed.  You are starting to isolate.

Unless your situation is addressed properly, you may develop adult onset diabetes, automimmune disorders, chronic fatugue, hypoglycemia (in fact most people suffereing from hypoglycemia have low adrenal function) and even fibromyalgia.  Many people will suffer from anxiety and depression, have problems with concentration, with periods of confusion, searching for words, making mistakes with names and simple math.  Most women with sub-optimal adrenals will complain of PMS, terrible menopausal symptoms and a decrease in immune function.

Adrenal gland function is so important to your well being but is oftern overlooked as the cause of these symptoms.  Adrenal function can be assessed with a simple saliva test taken to measure cortisol levels.  The test is easy and can be done at home. 

An Adrenal care Program can be very successful in restoring AF.  Any program chosen should include finding the underlying cause, and making the necessary changes to your lifestyle, diet, supplement approach, and may also include herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Lifestyle changes include getting plenty of rest, reducing stessors (such as watching the news on TV while in bed), eliminating caffeine, taking time to relax, yoga and mindfullness meditation.  Diet changes should include reducing your consumption of refined carbs (white bread and sugar) and increasing consumption of veggies and whole grains.

The body needs vitamins and minerals to make adrenal hormones.  The best way to get your vitamins and minerals is from your diet, however this would only apply to helathy individuals.  Most people suffering from this or other types of disorders are nutitionally deficient with sub optimal diets requiring supplementation and support.  Supplements necessary would include Vitamin C, a good multivitamin, vitamin B-complex, Niacin, Panthothenic Acid and Magnesium Citrate, along with a mineral supplement.

Homeopathic Tx, and medications have been very useful to many, prescribed on an individual basis specifically tailored to many specific symptoms presented by the patiient, there are several medicines that come up more frequently than others such as:

Phosphoric Acid
will be suitable to a patient presenting with extreme physical exhaustion, inertia, apathy and weakness.  These people often complain about the loss of hair and even change in visual acuity.  Their whole pathology arises from hypo function of the endocrine system - particulary the adrenals.

Argentum Nitricum
will suit most weak and trembling patients.  There is going to be periodical weakness, one day they will be well, but then they will be overtaken by pervasive to the point that they cannot dress themsleves or even lift a book.  This weakness may come with exact periodicity of more at irregular intervals.  They will become irritable with a lot of anxiety, to the point that will start crying because they feel nothing can be done to help them.  This stated of debility is caused by adrenal insufficiency.

Kalium Phosphoricum

Personality is nervous, oversensitive, and excitable.  Everthing is too much for them and when they get tired they get irritable.  They have a feeling that something bad will happen to them, they "startle" easily.  They have difficulty with concentration and they are forgetful of words and names.  There is a profound state of mental and physical exhaustion.

patients will present with slow pulse tired feeling and mental apathy.  Usually there will be muscular weakness, drowsiness and even dizziness.  These are sensitive to falling baromatric pressure, with many symptoms aggravated by cold and damp weather.  They are very lethargic, dull and even apthetic to their own complaints.  They want to be left alone because any excitment, even good news will make them feel worse physically.

You do not need to suffer from the debilitating exhaustion and other issues caused by AF.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of supplements and solutions.  Talk to your health care professional, have your adrenal gland funtion tested, develop a customized program that will help resolve this condition and relax.

Can be reached at  (In Toronto)

I copied this from a nieghbohood Naturopathic Newspaper.
To those who thing homeopathic is bunk, it was used before drugs, the Royal Families and Celebrities all over the world use this regularly. 

Doctor's don't know anything about the adrenal fatigue, by when it deals directly with 50 different hormones ??,  Addisons Disease they only recognize along with Cushing's so it's the Medical System at fault because you are really in charge of your own health, or continue being tested and tested and just continue believing in the facility of their research of the Western Medical System.

And it you think they don't know the relationship between nutrients and our health, google the research of the nutritional health of those in jail, sure,   they know the connections.

And Matt, if your reading this.  St. Michaels downtown - those doctors work for the insurance companies, they help them and they get big bucks, (mainly the guys in the Environmental Allergy Department they work for the Insurance companies big time), I have heard the stories!!!

And if the guys don't think this has to do with them - well you have adrenal glands too, and guys typically go into crazy rages don't they?  Guys have candida too, and it's the number one basis of all diseases.

Every diagnosis is a misdiagnosis!

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I love it, am totally a fan of all of this. In fact, as a peri-menopausal women (watch out!), my Pharmacist suggested I take some minor adrenal supplements. I now call them my "happy pills" and when I don't take them, I get all agitated. There are rx ones but the otc one is just fine for me right now. That and doing a pill of red clover is helping me. I strongly believe that hormones play a large part in the sound sensitivity, not all but for me, a lot, and stress, for sure. Which is not to say that in the absence of the above, I swoul dnot have this but working on things from this end can't hurt but only help. But again, everyone is different. I think people like Matt will probably find this modaility very helpful but I tend to think he needs something stronger right now but not too strong!

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I googled Noise Sensitivity and the Kidneys and Adrenal Glands.

(the adrenal glands sit on-top of the kidneys):


vitamin table
adrenal glands, autonomic nervous system, brain, cardiovascular system, ...
pain & noise sensitivity, pains around the heart, shortness of breath ... - 74k - 

B Liquetrophic
n. acoustic hallucinations and noise sensitivity o. instability ... As long as
the adrenal hormone output is sufficient, one can survive all the symptoms of ... - 32k

adrenal burnout
Thousands of people suffer from constant fatigue, unrelieved by rest and sleep.
... sensitivity is an extreme allergic condition associated with adrenal ... - 41k

Adrenal Burnout, adrenal fatigue - Women Living Naturally
Colonic irrigation and herbs for the liver and kidneys can help improve elimination.
... For Specific Information on Adrenal Fatigue & Exhaustion ... - 35k

Stress and Noise
Adrenal gland missile silos mounted atop kidneys have just released ... "Our data
suggest that women may be more sensitive to noise stress than men. ...

Adrenal Glands, Also Called Suprarenal Gland - Endocrinlogy Health ...Health guide on adrenal glands - anatomy, function, and associated disorders. ... Function of the adrenal glands: The adrenal glands work interactively with ...

Don't expect to get any answers from Endrocrinologists either!

Every diagnosis is a misdiagnosis!

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likely would help me assuming i would be given the right 'mix' however i doubt that would happen because i wouldnt be able to describe really anything importnt or properly


330am now i think tomorrow is going to be a horrible day because even if i pass out now it will start to be noisier in 2 1/2 hours from traffic and just yeah


i dont even care to call dr kerrs secretary to ask about the detox just dont care


likely wont sleep anyway because moment i lay down my body will be touching on more surface area so more stimuli from my senses and my eyess seem to not want to keep closed as if it is work to keep them shut i dont know it and touch is what stopped me from falling asleep when i tried for 4 hours laying practically still and trying to be relaxed the whole time and i ate well and i even got excercise in


tomorrow is going to be bad today rather


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you will get through this Matt...

oh yes, Endochronologist, I well remember taking my concerns to one a number of years ago when I was going through the worst periods of anyone's life.

Armed with things like "estrogen dominant" and all of that, he poo-poo'd all of that but I stood my ground. So far, resisted all the estrogens and drugs through that lovely period of life we call "change of life" and coming out the other side with the huge Nurse's study having poo-poo'd what THEY poo-poo'd about me at the time.

I still think life's problems, despite how complex they get, can be pretty simple. But it's just a matter of culling through and tossing out half the mess that comes our way and just staying focused....on the simple....


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Bringing to the top for the newbies again. 

Every diagnosis is a misdiagnosis!
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