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20/20 ran a segment this evening about a couple that lives with hyperacusis:

I'm curious as to people's thoughts on this. I think they have the completely wrong mindset. They are allowing themselves to succumb to a cycle of chronic fear of sound. On the tv segment, there was no mention of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. Downright criminal.

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There were some earlier posts on this when that segment first ran and i think almost everyone had the same impression as you did. A good example of overprotection and misophonia.

But, when H is that bad its easy to fall into that trap. The hard part is trying to get out of it by adding in the very thing that is causing problems (sound). There are times when silence is the right thing to do in my experience, But it cant be the main thing. The main thing has to be gradual reintroduction of sound, and silence when you need to get some relief.

Yes, very disappointed in ABC (?). But judging from the title of the show, my strange affliction, its probably not surprising. I was really angered at the sarcastic voice of the commentator the whole time and she actually smirked and laughed at Joyce's reaction to the ambulance going by. If she could only experience it herself, she wouldn't be laughing.

And yes, no mention of TRT or any other method of sound therapy to get better. Just. Sensationalistic drama at its best. What happened to journalism?

My opinion, anyway.

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The segment originally aired earlier this year and was discussed on the board in the following thread.

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