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Does anyone know which frequencies are used in a frequency specific loudness discomfort level test? alh New Messages 196 5
by Rob
sore throat - droplets from roof of mouth health New Messages 110 10
by health
SURVEY: "Characterization of tinnitus and hyperacusis mechanisms" TallDude New Messages 61 0
by TallDude
Will my H and T worsen if I proceed with a hearing test to measure loudness discomfort levels? alh New Messages 160 5
by alh
Starting a Local Support Group Kribu New Messages 80 1
by dave2
need MRI- unsure what kind of ear protection I need somethingmore New Messages 153 7
by trying
Holiday Ho Hums KFOregon New Messages 109 2
by health
New To Forum Marque New Messages 84 2
by trying
Moved, again and again and again ariel New Messages 135 1
by Steve2017
Lost bnokes New Messages 155 3
by Margy
9 year old Tobyk9 New Messages 90 3
by WhatHappenedDenis
Hyperacusis And Tinnitus ELVIS New Messages 335 23
by EDogg
Prayers and well wishes for surgery KFOregon New Messages 328 20
by TallDude
Relapse in T and H - Looking for advice kmohoruk New Messages 313 15
by EDogg
meds to decrease nerve stimulation or antidepressants that are OK to take health New Messages 298 11
by health
Blog - My Life with Hyperacusis florian_89 New Messages 359 7
by melodymaker
Music: Artists, bands, albums, composers, conductors, soloists, audiophiles/audiophile equipment and anything else that is musical! locutus24 New Messages 111 2
by locutus24
Psilocibin made my H and T worse? Rafahyperacusis New Messages 146 11
by locutus24
Bose noise-masking sleepbuds TallDude New Messages 163 6
by debk_1
Sex and tinnitus TallDude New Messages 171 1
by locutus24
Seizures and Hyperacusis msmoe13 New Messages 100 1
by Taylorslay
list of health professionals to help with H health New Messages 108 2
by health
Marijuana induced H and T locutus24 New Messages 185 12
by KFOregon
Vibration noise and pain NullVox New Messages 108 0
by NullVox
Almost one year with H, T and vertigo. KFOregon New Messages 274 20
by TallDude
cell phones mikegci New Messages 142 5
by Margy
jaw and tooth pain brownie New Messages 132 5
by brownie
Can you manipulate your T TallDude New Messages 109 6
by TallDude
Looking for a Quiet Place to Worship in San Diego, CA RobC Friendly Chat 84 6
by TallDude
"Implanted" earplug TallDude New Messages 76 0
by TallDude

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