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clicking in ears Stephanie 1,550 1
by lib
Noise Cancellation Headsets sheroda222 2,022 10
by DanMalcore
A New Message to Norm Rob 2,074 11
by Rob
Question about noise cancellation - O/T 2,768 10
by stringplayer
Electrical Sensitivity and S.W.E.E.P. DanMalcore 1,846 2
by blondviking
Marsha, before you disappear again. . . Hollis 1,747 7
by Hollis
Getting back 2 u 1,607 1
by LynnMcLaren
American Tinnitus Association April Update DanMalcore 4,510 1
by LynnMcLaren
Thanks to all of you sheroda222 1,668 2
by janepm
tinnitus daffy93 1,436 1
by Tariumdragon
It's Our Problem rothwell 1,592 3
by LynnMcLaren
Encouragement re: H sheroda222 1,619 0
by sheroda222
better... 4leafclover 1,907 7
by 4leafclover
Question - Volumes of Pink Noise CD natzang 1,553 2
by natzang
If you have hyperacusis, do you have a reduced threshhold for damgage to hearing?? jamess_uk 2,548 7
by MarshaJohnsonMS
Went to a MOVIE! janepm 1,662 5
by bobm
Professional Pink Noise Cd Specialist LynnMcLaren 1,567 0
by LynnMcLaren
The Return of The World's First Hyperacusic Cow Rob 1,663 2
by jubags69
TV Sandra 1,563 3
by Sandra
Mowing Grass rothwell 1,504 0
by rothwell
To Henk, David, lib, Lynn, kadida1... kat73 1,614 4
by lib
Questions re: Starting Hyperacusis Therapy sheroda222 2,326 17
by stringplayer
SSNRI's vs. SSRI's BlueTech 11,475 17
by Leah
TRT sheroda222 2,447 22
by janepm
Ear Gets Popped By Pillow bartony 9,690 10
by kadida1
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