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My left ear spams after I talk andreguedes 552 7
by HobbesTiger
Headset for cell phone use EDogg 134 4
by migrainegirl
Nicotinamide Riboside TallDude 155 7
by TallDude
Tinnitus worse, hearing damage or overprotection? IsaakBanin 127 5
by Aplomado
Music Protocol for Decreased Sound Tolerance Rob 3,710 25
by TallDude
Hyperacusis "Veteran" with question about Prozac Sadears 379 6
by dave2
Introduction dingaling 54 0
by dingaling
I Beat Hyperacusis Only to Suffer An Even More Terrible Fate Taimon 653 6
by Steve2017
Noise Canceling Headset Andrea_Elizabeth 495 6
by Ed
TRT and pink noise Barre 222 8
by Aplomado
Approaching recovery (supposedly)- would like advice Estren 154 3
by rodmccain
My terrible Iperacusia craffaele 139 5
by Steve2017
MRI experiences RedStang523 98 4
by WhatHappenedDenis
NEW Bose Sleep Earbuds debk_1 75 0
by debk_1
Best doctors for H balloonboy 103 3
by EDogg
EMDR stresseemoijms 139 5
by gvkk
Recovery - does music sound the same? EDogg 212 12
by anniekin
Does anyone work remote due to Hyperacusis? Andrea_Elizabeth 99 4
by gvkk
Sleeping medication and hyperacusis/tinnitus Estren 153 5
by Estren
Hotels and H ariel 97 11
by cactus
Recovery and Musicians Stubbyj 450 30
by gvkk
Cant stand restaurant music, fan noise ACs etc Eldorado77 91 1
by Ela
Still being social with H balloonboy 132 4
by cactus
Progress or Regression/symptom question? Stubbyj 229 20
by TrishB
Vitamins balloonboy 91 2
by gardennut
Hyperacusis And Tinnitus Cemelia_03 1,573 16
by WhatHappenedDenis
Tinnitus/hyperacusis and earwax removal Supernoodles 212 7
by Aplomado
Major housing move a NIGHTMARE Lorrie 58 0
by Lorrie
Warning regarding Vitamin K2 MK7 Ed 137 3
by Aplomado
Burning Nerve Pain Near Cheek at Any Sound florian_89 263 11
by smuth
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