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Homeopathy Saved My Life!!! Peacefulness 2,012 2
by Peacefulness
Selling My Ear Generators Peacefulness 1,022 0
by Peacefulness
Finally going to see Dr. Debbie Abel JenMcK 1,267 2
by saab1216
Need Retraining Scheme HowdeeDoodee 1,152 0
by HowdeeDoodee
Need Referral! debIam 1,106 0
by debIam
newbie jimabassplayer 2,063 27
by jimabassplayer
hyperacusis from concussion CountNomula 1,525 2
by Rob
Setback from listening to cheap TV speakers joyce 1,558 3
by Johnloudb
Music producer in need of advices stelvio 6,666 3
by joyce
Has anybody got the same thing as me? Angiehutch 1,262 1
by mkd13
Finally evidence about hyperacusis, miso, more AudiologistJohnson 1,564 1
by Johnloudb
New User: Hello JPGlennon 1,513 1
by Rob
Hyperacusis, or something else? Angrydog 1,706 0
by Angrydog
is tensor tympani surgery available on the nhs ? davidclark1993 1,339 0
by davidclark1993
Misophponia sucks. Mario 2,181 2
by LynnMcLaren
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