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loud parrot next door Hanna 467 2
by Paulbe
Remote Hyperacusis Counseling briann 352 0
by briann
Can anyone help me? Madmaggot 736 16
by Madmaggot
What is the pain you get when a loud sound comes? Katarina8349 421 2
by Katarina8349
Clarity specifically on hyperacusis and pink noise levels Philfightingfear 634 5
by Rob
Informative medical article on phonophobia/hyperacusis Sadears 341 0
by Sadears
"A Noisy Life" Hyperacusis Documentary - New York Film Academy AnthonyO 2,019 10
by Sadears
comments people make amelia6 811 5
by Katarina8349
Are there any Scandinavians here? Vitamin 827 21
by Vitamin
Any good TRT practitioners in TX? Aplomado 398 0
by Aplomado
New Documentary on Misophonia Trapped 410 0
by Trapped
Eardrum vibration triggered by voice Jokko 741 8
by Jokko
Orange County/Los Angeles TRT Tensor187x 390 1
by AnthonyO
Another update... Sadears 445 1
by Paulbe
Misophonia Association News AudiologistJohnson 406 0
by AudiologistJohnson
Need some help. I got hyperacusis and it gets me worried Wiseben 547 6
by Paulbe
Blackhawks win Stanley Cup, parents protect their baby's ears DanMalcore 427 1
by Johnloudb
Help Trapped 1,277 10
by Philfightingfear
Please help concussed_guy 577 2
by Madmaggot
Newbie needing help brontegirl 358 0
by brontegirl
Category 4 Coping Strategy rodmccain 680 5
by margarittiabella
How well does tolerance for pink noise correlate to tolerance for the "real world"? Aplomado 688 13
by Johnloudb
My Hyperacusis Success Story Adam007 3,941 12
by briann
H and Headaches ontario78 934 8
by Michellebrgss
Delayed Pain Response QuietLife 931 1
by Sadears
White or Pink Noise? The_Alchemist 897 6
by Aplomado
Tinnitus after 4 months of Hyperacusis Philfightingfear 477 1
by Aplomado
Hyperacusis comes goes and changes ears? ThatGuyAaron 561 2
by Aplomado
sound distortion or "Warbling" in my ear S_T_A_56 1,945 2
by S_T_A_56
Scientists discover novel pain sensors in inner ear remember 1,189 3
by remember
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