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Pressure/fullnes in the ear remember 1,642 2
by remember
Feels like a needle sting when I relax my ear Metalhead 4,290 2
by Metalhead
I am new. Please Reply mrcuteblackie 1,371 1
by Layla
Bad pain after Computer Sound! earMan22 1,282 3
by bartony
Please Share Success! Trapped 1,929 16
by Layla
pink sound for misophonia? Trapped 1,456 1
by Layla
tinnitus phase out therapy hermes 1,805 4
by mondelle
TRT skepticism for hyperacusis jirimenzel 3,623 47
by Rob
Going to Dentist with Decreased Sound Tolerance & Cutting it Out LynnMcLaren 2,215 23
by LynnMcLaren
Sound engineering for a generic sleep levelled sound for Hyperacusis jirimenzel 1,452 3
by aQuieterBreeze
Is this hyperacusis? hjolli 1,886 12
by hjolli
should i increase the volume of pink noise over time? awowzer 1,536 1
by Rob
If you also have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder DanMalcore 3,439 5
For Dan - A Request Please aQuieterBreeze 1,366 0
by aQuieterBreeze
My Bad bartony 1,924 27
by Marilyn
SSD benefits with hyperacusis Denise 6,842 13
by Denise
Sound Theraphy emily 1,520 6
by emily
Might be a dumb question, but JenMcK 1,426 4
by LynnMcLaren
My history paulo 1,404 2
by paulo
Criminal Minds Trapped 1,412 0
by Trapped
NIDCD information links DanMalcore 1,388 0
by DanMalcore
Anti-depressants and Ototoxicity Ed 2,114 3
by aQuieterBreeze
ashamed and embarrassed Trapped 2,407 21
by Marilyn
Article In Tinnitus Today - Joel Styzens Musician with Hyperacusis Marilyn 1,702 1
by saab1216
Help! my story bassmechanik 1,476 2
by saab1216
Noise Induced Hearing loss bassmechanik 1,346 1
by saab1216
Wondering if it's genetic JenMcK 1,763 9
by LynnMcLaren
Inadvertent Eavesdropping MaggieLuv 1,340 3
by Layla
Sound Sensitivity/Hyperacusis Workshop! HearingandSpeechCenter 1,227 0
by HearingandSpeechCenter
Reactive tinnitus Rosie 1,349 0
by Rosie
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