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More recovery Guflu 2,795 11
by Guflu
Definition of misophonia (for the record) DanMalcore 8,992 47
by sucuqu
Talking Back to Tinnitus Rob 2,636 12
by cbBen
Advocacy VioletYoshi 1,516 2
by VioletYoshi
Say NO to Syringing!! Ear protection Awareness TinnitusFreak 4,592 12
by VioletYoshi
Ear pressure jayjay 5,599 24
by hearami
Sound Proofing millie 1,415 2
by Debbie
Traveling Yan 1,553 9
by cbBen
Muncie Technique/trigeminal pharyngoplasty Debbie 6,996 23
by jackson
A brief where I'm at and a few questions dodgerfan 2,906 41
by Rob
Clicking after I talk - and other strange ear feelings post T dionigi 15,040 8
by Debbie
Having THL's In Right Ear bartony 1,457 2
by bartony
Trigeminal Pharyngoplasty cbBen 4,689 32
by jackson
Autistic - Savant - Pink Noise DanMalcore 1,647 2
by LynnMcLaren
Myofacial pain syndrome Ebhak 2,716 23
by Ebhak
TRT Insurance Coding cbBen 1,510 1
by Rich
Newbie posting TBayou5 1,476 1
by cbBen
Tinnitus & VIRTUAL Noise Cancellation jcncnc 1,977 3
by cbBen
Hyperacusis, Earplugs and Earmuffs Rob 3,134 20
by bobm
Emory Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center
1 2
7,992 50
by hmac
Soft spoken speaking voices also bug me JenMcK 2,235 9
by Gizmookie
Hyperacusis/Misophonia/Phonophobia 2,488 27
by cbBen
question, my most recent Loudness Tolerance results
1 2 3
janepm 5,797 108
by aQuieterBreeze
Important question for anyone who owns sound generators lcosty 1,866 0
by lcosty
Doctors in Green Bay jayjay 1,734 3
by DanMalcore
Misophonia protocol DanMalcore 6,730 29
by cbBen
White noise discomfort query (BTE gens) kendaleigh 1,618 2
by kendaleigh
does the pink cd raise t? charlenef 1,395 2
by charlenef
X-ray harmful? jayjay 1,408 2
by cbBen
Question for Gen Users: Regarding Batteries TreeHugger 1,777 14
by janepm
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