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For the most part, your thyroid is a reliable gland that goes about its business creating hormones successfully and effectively. describes it thus: “The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland at the front of the throat. It produces hormones that control the rate of your metabolism-the system that helps your body use energy.” Unfortunately, there are times when the thyroid falls down on the job. Locate the article here: The Truth about Your Thyroid

There are numerous difficulties associated with thyroid disease, including depression, fatigue, and hair loss. At times, it is even mistaken for menopause. According to the Harvard Medical School, “An out-of kilter thyroid gland causes a variety of puzzling symptoms and many people and doctors mistake them for signs of another disease or normal aging. More than 12 million Americans have thyroid disease, many of whom do not realize it.”

The most common type

There are two types of thyroid disease. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid produces too few of its essential metabolic hormones. This version of thyroid disease is most common, happening in about 80% of all cases. People suffering from hypothyroidism may experience brain fog, weight gain, and chills. Eventually, people can develop high cholesterol which leads to stroke and heart attacks.

High amounts

A much smaller percentage of people suffer from hyperthyroidism, or the overproduction of the thyroid hormone. The most common symptoms consist of rapid weight loss, anxiety, and irritability. If left untreated, people have been known to develop heart troubles and experience increased bone fragility


According to the American Thyroid Association, “Everyone should be screened for thyroid dysfunction every five years, beginning at age 35.” All it takes is a simple blood test for diagnosis. In case you are diagnosed, though, you don’t have to worry. says that, “Your doctor will probably prescribe thyroid hormones in the form of a pill. This typically leads to noticeable improvements within a couple of weeks. Long-term treatment can result in more energy, lower cholesterol amounts, and gradual weight loss,” which means you can go on living a long and normal life.


Harvard Health Publications


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Thanks you for sharing

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