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I seem to be having a relapse of some kind.  I had been about 80-90% better after the TRT treatment.  But today I woke up with sharp stabbing pains in my left ear. They are pretty intense and seem to come in waves every 3-10 minutes.  Thinking I must have an ear infection I went to the doctor, but he said no sign of infection and did not prescribe anti-biotics. Only some prednisone thinking that may help.

My question is, does anyone else have this problem?  Could it be a symptom of the hyperacusis/sensitivity problem?  Noises over speakers (phones, TV, etc..) are again a problem today. 

Thanks for any insights!

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I had this several times last year.  Honestly...I do not know if it's related to H/T.  However...when this did occur, it was time for allergies and weather pressure changes.  At the very first "stab" in the ear I made a bee line for my primary doc.  He always looked in the ear, up the nose and never saw what he called "visible signs" of ear infection.  But..he did say that very often the very first signs of an ear infection was a stabbing pain in the ear! order to prevent a major infection he always prescribed a 10 day course of augmentin twice daily.  I was also told to take an OTC decongestant (behind the counter sudafed) for a few days to "open things up", use saline nasal spray throughout the day "to clean things up" and was also prescribed Flonase to "reduce inflammation from rhinitis". 

Everytime I would get better within 2 days.  I am very sensitive to barometric pressure changes.. weather sensitivity.  My sinuses swell and the pressure/pain in my face is pretty rough sometimes.  My ears are also affected... used to be only my left ear.  Now it's more my right since developing H. 

I'd been having some really good days lately, but the approaching tropical storm (I'm in FLorida) has been messing with me a bit.  The H & T have been heightened a little, so I took some sudafed, snorted saline and flonase and took one ibuprofen.  It helped. 

Anyway... again, I don't know if the ear pain you have is related to H or an ear infection.  This is just my experience.


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Hi Migrainegirl,

Though I am not sure what would be causing the  ear pain you mention, or why you are experiencing it -
there have been some discussions around here about ear pain, and a possible  connection, at least in some cases - with the tensor tympani muscle in the ear.

The following website has some helpful and useful information
 The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre, London UK

Their download page has many articles and more information available as well,
including some articles in their download section ...
about tensor tympani syndrome.

Also, according to what I have read,  ear pain  may at times be related  to TMJ.
(maybe because when under stress someone may clench their jaw more
and by doing so -  put more pressure on those muscles, though I am not sure. )

You mentioned

 I had been about 80-90% better after the TRT treatment.
It's good to know you have been improving.

You also mentioned -

I seem to be having a relapse of some kind.

Even though setbacks can be difficult, they can also fade away.
Can you think of any reason for the relapse?
(Have you been around sound/noise lately that is louder than what you are usually around, - and  louder than what you think you would be able to tolerate at this point?)

You mentioned -

 Noises over speakers (phones, TV, etc..) are again a problem today.
I've had a lot of setbacks, and not only been able to recover from them - but go on to further improvement after they have passed, and remembering that,  (and reminding myself of it) when I do get setbacks, is helpful for me.

Hope the pain and any other associated symptoms you notice fade away soon,
Wishing you better days and much more improvement.

P.S. Have you mentioned the ear pain to your TRT clinician, to see if he or she has  any thoughts about what may be causing it?

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I don't think it has been more stressful at present. I did develop some post nasal drip on Sunday so I thought it was a mild cold. I still have an earache today which is leading to a major headache tonight. I don't think TMJ. I still suspect some sort of inner ear problem or infection the doctor did not see yet. I have recently moved states so unfortunately can't get to my regular primary care physician or TRT audiologist. I could only see a doc in the box. I still need to find new doctors out here. Thanks for link on tympani I will definitely check it out.

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4 days in and I still have an earache. I think the doctor just missed the infection. Unfortunately that is again triggering headaches. It's always something! Thanks for the advice.

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How's your ear doing?  Is there still stabbing pain?  Has the pain changed in tenor?

Please resist the temptation to pick apart my post by quoting it piece by piece.

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It finally went away after a week. No idea why it started or why it stopped or if it was related to the H. But thanks for asking!
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