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Greetings All,

It would seem appropriate for us to enable downloading (or internet file sharing) of the new "Pink Noise CD" content. (Are the files already available for download? I searched and searched...)

Vingard had requested something similar almost two years ago (see post below). At the time, free internet file hosting/sharing was not as readily available. But now it is!  :-) is a good one. good too, but file size limit may be an issue

Do Dan or Rob have any issue with the "sharing" of this content, as long as it is understood that the receiver assumes the risk of the provider sharing an incorrectly encoded file.

If not, is someone willing to do the encoding (to wav, aiff, and possibly flac) and uploading. I am happy to walk you through it if needed.

I would do it if I had the CD, so I'm stuck using this pink noise wav I found on the net (which may suffer from the well documented pink noise imposter syndrome...  and is only a minute long --size does matter).

      pink  is the new    noise     

From Vingard on 2/25/07
« What i was referring to was if members of the board could download the pink noise file you mention. And keep all features you want of the file in quality in sound and for the treatment.
If that is possible. It would be of great help for many and a lot easier for the one who sends out the cds.

The guide how to use the pink noise cd is even easier to dl.  »

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