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I recently posted regarding a couple of exercises for tensor tympani syndrome/stapedial myoclonus and remembered that the one exercise I posted is actually a general exercise to help improve the health of the ears, so I thought I would share it here with hopes that it may benefit people suffering of various ear conditions.

Don't expect an overnight miracle from doing the exercise once, but if you perform the below exercise 2-3 times per day for an extended period of time, I believe many people will find some relief of their ear conditions. Here it is:

Press the tips of your index fingers of each hand on the traguses (see link for location of traguses - of your ears which lie next to the opening of the ear canal, so that you seal off the ear from the outside. Using the tips of your middle fingers, tap gently on the fingernails of your index fingers. When done properly, you will hear a metallic sound much like the beating of a drum. Tap a regular rhythm, slowly, twelve to thirty six times. Pause. Then repeat for a total of three times.
Be sure to do it daily and I think some people will find some benefit. It only takes 2-3 minutes to perform each time.

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Would you please provide the name of the doctor who claims this exercise will improve the health of one's ears or have any effect whatsoever on hyperacusis, tinnitus, phonophobia, etc. 


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This exercise is part of a system of exercises used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. With this system I have cured myself of an astigmatism in my left eye (I no longer need reading glasses! - my last eye exam showed I have 20/20 vision), mild asthma and other conditions. Also I gave a kidney exercise to a man who was in need of a kidney transplant, and the function of his kidneys improved and he no longer needs the transplant. Imagine that! 

I know that to some people this may sound a little fantastic, and had I not experienced these benefits to my own health in the last four years from practicing these exercises I too would be skeptical. In fact, I don't expect anyone to just believe what I'm telling you. This exercise will bring no harm to anyone who tries it, and though I'm giving no guarantees of benefits, based on my experiences with these exercises, I believe SOME people here MAY find SOME benefit. I am not claiming this exercise will cure any particular condition as it is prescribed as a general exercise for the ears.

Also, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ears are connected to the kidneys, and so any weakness/ill health in the ears is a sign that there is weakness in the kidneys and vice versa. If anyone is interested, please contact me and I will provide them with a kidney exercise, which if practiced can also have benefits for the ears. These exercises are very easy to perform and will cause no harm.

I know there will be many skeptics out there and rightfully so. But traditional systems of medicine and healing have as much importance for us as does allopathic medicine. No doubt there are plenty of quacks out there, but that holds just as well for allopathic doctors. If I have an infection I'll go to an allopathic doctor for antibiotics, but unfortunately allopathic doctors do not have all of the answers. No system of medicine is complete. So I suggest people keep an open mind to other forms of medicine.

For those who are open-minded enough to give these exercises a try, I think they will be pleased with the results. But, again, remember you will not see immediate results. It may be weeks or months. Daily practice is the key. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am not prescribing this exercise for any particular condition.


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Hi Tjk, ((( Smiles ))))

I've heard of that before..
Dr Tang is Chinese and even though he was a Stanford doctor..
A professor I think I don't have his card right here in front of me..
But I put it on the board somewhere in the past..
Plus a T&H provider off the ATA providers list..
He did mention or write something on a piece of paper about ear exercise's..
I'm not sure what thoses exercises are..
As I was too sick to travel back to see him again..
But he only did the testing and diagnoised me for H...
The next visit was too discuss treatment further..
I never made it back for that but yes..
I have heard of that before and Dr Tang is Chinese too..

Take Care


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Hi Tjk, ((( Smiles)))

I forgot about this post till I read Debbie's post on the main board..
Thanks Deb..
When I plug up my traguses..
I hear rumbling noise in my left ear..
And less loud rumbling in my right ear..
Like a motor running or a da da da da da rumbling..
I don't hear this noise audible unless I plug up my traguses.
I don't know if all that internal noise in there effects my hearing.. 
Don't know if thoses excercises will get rid of it.
Or even the rumbling booming thing.
But I had sound sensitivity spasming ears at one time but that got better over time.
That was even worse then this..
This is a piece of cake compared to bad H or T or clamping spasming quivering in ones ears..
Got better with all that but this..
But for this...
Not totally sure..
Can't remember your symptoms..
But this is interesting..
Though I didn't get to go back or talk to Dr Tang by phone because of the severity of my H..
I did eventually see an acupunturist herbalist ect later on.. For awhile..
One trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and I believe it did help me with my condition..
With my H&T or spasming thing..
Besides doing pink noise sound therapies..
Improved your vision as well...
Wouldn't hurt to try it...
Interesting indeed..

Take Care


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i am going to try thd exercises, i use this part of my ear with my fingers to block sudden loud sounds when dnt have in ear plugs! works but t very audible. what i want to ask is were u told what causes the spasms? i get them when tying on a keyboard, or with tapping things, clapping etc, its a bizarre sensation and affects my head. nadia
have hope

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Hi Tjk, ((( Smiles )))

I just read your posts and it seems like you had a twitch twitching thing in your ears..
Was is sound stimulated??
Did it immedately react to outer sounds??
Or was it just a twitch..  


I had a serious neck and shoulder injury for which I have done an extensive amount of physical therapy, and one thing I have learned is that muscles that have grown weak have a tendency to twitch, and so I deduced that there must be some weakness in the muscles and tendons in my ear and the result is the twitching. The big question though is how in the world do you exercise the muscles in your ear to strengthen them?

My sound stimulated spasming ear movements came on when my hyperacusis worsened..
I expirenced hyperacusis sound stimlated spasming..
Mine I believe was caused by noise trauma..
I think it was a nerve that goes to the muscles..
Plus the afferent efferent sound played back as too loud..
Just all in there but as my hyperacusis improved from the worse of..
that improved as well..
It was about a year a year plus of that symptom..
That doesn't bother me anymore..

But early on with my tinnitus..
I came down with burning hurting throbbing ect ears..
It felt like the worst ear infection so I took cefaclor..
And it made me feel sick so I turned on a double window fan on HI by my bed all night long for air so I wouldn't get sick..
Then I developed a 24/7 thudding noise I heard for weeks audible out loud which went inside my ears as a 24/7 rumbling noise that sounds like a motor running or more like a helicopter spining noise..
Da Da Da Da Da Da rumbling around noise in my ears..
The worse/ loudest heard on the left side..
That seemed to be induced by medication with loud noise..
But the other kind I have is heard audibly out loud..
not just inside my ears only when I stick my finger in there..
It's a rumbling booming thing..
It is set off by internal noise burps ect..
But also outer noise like my voice with high emphasis or vibrational sound..
Or with my other daughter if she is louder more vocal but usually in a room like a bathroom or smaller room.. 
That one seemed to have came on latter on in my hyperacusis expirence..
Not sure if it's weak muscles or nerve and muscle..
Or both..
But also have a crackling noise heard internally out loud..
Do you have any noises like that in your ears??
Or just the twitching???
I had that for a year year plus and that went away when my hyperacusis improved some from the worse of..
So do you know if it has helped anyone with the other kind of noise thing??
I've had it for years now..
But I've learned to tune it all out like my tinnitus pretty much..

Take Care

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