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Hi Everybody, (((( Smiles ))))

I was watching Dr Becker on TV and I just love that show..
He touchs on all sorts of conditions with information and people
phoneing in with their medical problems and conditions..
It's such a down to earth easy to understand in laymens terms show..
I even ordered the Aloha Noni Juice.. The first taste of that was like Yuck!
But now I drink it and seems to taste better once you get over that first
shock of nature naturally stuff..

And I've taken notes galore on what to do for myself health wise and just
to be in the best shape possible and combate whatever ails me...
But... As I watching the show today someone phoned in with tinnitus..
And he talked about ruleing out medical/health conditions first that could
cause tinnitus like.. Sinus/ Respitory problems.. Allergies.. Diabetes...
Diabetic Nerve Damage that can lead to ringing in the ears..
Just you know.. Treating underlineing causes first in health problems...
And how B-12 cures a significant percentage of ringing in the ears...

And on another subject he was talking about to realize the Brain is
connected to everything through nerve fibers and then chemicals that
communicate like the messagers ..... It's so informative....
That program.. but the interesting thing was....
When he was talking about tinnitus he was  actually leading  people knowingly or unknowingly...

To a hyperacusis as site.... as well..
And as millions of people watch that show...
Looking for solutions to their health problems...
It gets wide coverage and this is what Dr Becker said....

Take Care


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Unfortunately.. He didn't mention the Hyperacusis Network..
I don't know how much he knows about hyperacusis but I hope 
someday he would touch on that subject..
I would be interested to hear his take on it and what he would suggest
in the way of help.....
But on live TV following the person who phoned in
with his problems with tinnitus...

He said for everybody out there who's interested in tinnitus theres a
good site out there on that and he said and my
jaw about dropped..
Is that site still out there plus.. Tortured by Sound.....
Yes she had bad tinnitus problems with H...
Tortured by Sound is also a book and it's mostly about hyperacusis..
The torture of it all was about mostly H.....
I don't know if he knows that as well...
But whatever it is or he knows.....
He just lead the millions who watch his show...
To learning about hyperacusis as well.....
That sound can torture...
Wonders never cease....

But this is his program...
I'll post the lnk below " Your Health with Dr Richard and Cindy Becker..
For thoses who are interested.....
In that kind of a format with not only medical but natural healing..

Take Care


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Here it is the Link to Dr Becker....

Welcome to the Land of Noni and healthy cooking with Cindy..
Just look at that fruit thoses Noni's.. It looks like it tastes...
But it's not that bad after awhile... I drink it....

Also on Gather.Com also a talk board they are talking about him
And how he gathers research..
and the link to Allergies , Eczema, and Asthma is there..
Down below..
And his foundations for healing and lots of information on that
subject of what he talked about on it...
Is on that board....
Interesting site......

And he once had cancer and now he's better...
He talks about his expirence what he did and beating cancer...
As a cancer survivor...
But I need to find out where his archives are that I can look up
topics that he posts on TV with a the numbers to look it up
the days topic on his program....
If I can look others up if he has done any show or ever touched
on the subject of hyperacusis....
I just wonder now if he ever has???????
Since he mentioned Tortured By Sound????
On TV.....      

Take Care


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Astragalus Root.....

Thats what Dr Becker talked about today..
But the immune booster part and about flu's and colds..
And infections as an immune modulator it really got my interest as..
Colds/ congestion, seem to effect my ears...
And I want a good immune system so I wouldn't catch cold or flu's
easily... And over the years.. I haven't had many if any at all...
I've been doing a few things like elderberry ect...
Lots of vitamin C better diet ect....
But for people with recuring colds.....
Astragalus root sound promiseing..
But it has to be the root not the plant itself...
and a certain kind is better more effective...
I wrote it down in my notes but will have to look it up later..
Allso he talked about dental problems ..
I mean of course see your dentist for that but...
It seems that it's properties help in many ways ...
To help with or avoid infections..
And the teeth are a big concern in the way of being hyperacusis..
I still haven't had any dental work of yet...
No pressing matter, no cavities but.....
I chew Peelu Dental Chewing Gum and..
My childrens supplemental drink has Astragalus Root in it...
And .. They seem to be more healthier...
It has cut down on colds expecial in my other child thats home all
the time.. My other child has a cough/cold right now..
And she has been home around me..
Spring break and all...
But still even for her...
But so far.. I haven't caught it nor her sister ....
Though I feel more tired...
But it's been way over a week and I have no cough..  
Interesting research though.....
But I have to find out which one is the best...
I have the name of the certain root written down..
I'll look it up next week.....
Stay well in cold season...
I know I try too.... ((( Smiles ))))

Take Care


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Hi Lynn,
I was reading your message. You  had mentioned that your children have autism.  That's a lot to deal with. My daughter has autism, too. She's made a lot of progress with chelation, vitamin B 12 injections and the DAN protocol. I wish you and your family the best.

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Hi Teresalynn, (((( Smiles ))))

You have a child with autism too..
And you're doing the same thing...
Me Too !
For over two years now...
I'm a believer..
One of my children has been on the principals honor roll three times..
She got the five charactors of good behavior award..
Student of the month..
Student of the quarter....
And we got alot of bumper stickers now....
Plus.. She going to be in the make a difference award...
For her teachers as she nominated them and with an essay why..
She's about almost 3/4 mainsteamed...
Her math and science is mainstreamed...
And she got a 3.75 grade...
And her health has improved greatly...
And we use to worry about her the most of all as she seemed more
classic autistic like deaf and in her own world...
The other one it's going to be harder as she's more heavely impacted
according to the lab results.. And she gets shiny eye and the other one
does not.. I think she has more gut/bowel problems now too...
She spends alot of time in the tub with epsom salt and vinegar now..
Because of it.... 
I'm hopeing all this will pass and then her progression will be much faster...
However it comes out, we know in our hearts of hearts...
It's the right thing to do... and wish we did it sooner....
But I've been watching Dr Becker and I've been learning what else I can
try for her and I've ordered oil of Oregano and mastic gum I think it's called...
He gives alot of information out on sleep, depression, medications, and
natural ways around that if it's not an emergency situation or really
needed.. Or ways one can cut down with other life changes or supplements..
I want to make informed choices and learn all I can to better my health ..
and theirs as well without the drugs that compromise her health....
And weren't that effective anyway.. I want her to get better...
In the long run.. Not worse.. And he mentioned the Tortured by Sounds..
Web site on his program.. That surprised me when that happened....
But he talks about ear infections and cold and flu's too and the immune
system.. I was reading this articule in the paper of Dr Sudhir Gupta,
chief of immunology at the University of California, Irvine..
That he has been treating Zachary with intravenous therapy for the
past two years for an immune deficency that has been linked to autism
and says the boys progress is striking...
Oh yes.. I believe the immune system has been compromised don't we
know it.. Wish I did this long ago but.. the immune system...
Is a really important thing to build up..
In anybody for sure... ((( Smiles )))             

Take Care


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I was watching Dr Becker today, ((( Smiles )))

Actually I was watching Dr Richard L. Becker and typing...
I'm a muti tasker but not allways the best muti tasker but I had
to learn that skill from life circumstances..
But his program was on the metal health benefits of omega 3..
Plus brain and nerve function and neurological wellbeing..
And all the studies and research on that..
Less sick days..
Depression and about enzymes that covert some foods into EPA DHA
and some people don't have enzymes that make EPA DHA..
Nervous tissue and good fats and the level of theses oils..
And how the nerves can stretch like a rubber band have that
capabilty ect.

And study on sleep disorders just all sorts of things on it..
And about eating fish that do not live that long because of the
mercury accumalation..
And I think it's just....
It's just terrible how they can contaminate just ( Ruin) a perfectly
good food source..  
But as I was listening to all of that..
I went and got my ProDHA and also I switch on and off with
Omega 3-6-9..
I want a healthy brain or nerves or tissues or..
Whatever may help keep it that way..

I thought it was interesting research..
For one's neurological wellbeing..  

Take Care


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hi lynn,

my brain neurologist chiro guy gave me dha... one of about ten supplements. (he is very sparing, i believe, in what he chooses.) so it probably is quite helpful for my situation, with the h and the t...

also he gave me phosphytytl (sp?) serene. more brain food.

separately, i take the fish oil, too... the studies on depression are quite impressive. not to mention what it does for your joints and other body areas. now that i think about it... i could take even more. the studies on fish oil are truly amazing!



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Hi Patti, ((( Smiles )))

Thats why I really like Dr Becker..
His show starts out with a certain subject of the day..
Today was the Omega's..
And then he reads off all the new studies and research on it..
And who did the research ect..
Then he goes into details and explanation on the subject...
And then he takes phone calls after from people with questions on
anything any health condition and helps them from that perspective..
Medical training plus..
I learn alot just by listening to him..
But about the picking out method...
Of the teeth I did read of that ...
And I will go back and read it again and then post it one this board..
But I don't know who would do that???
I got to find out...
It will be next week as being a care provider with autistic children..
The weekends are very busy for me..
I'm sure you can imagine how that is..  
But it was interesting to hear about though..
I try to learn all I can and it's in the search...
You've probably searched alot allready yourself too..
From long ago untill now..
But I never tire of Dr Beckers Knowledge ..
I learn alot just watching that program...

You Take Care Patti... (((( Smiles )))))

Take Care


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Thank you for reading my posts on  I recently did one from Dr. Becker on Complimentary Cancer Care.

I hope you get the opportunity to read it:

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Hi Lady Neeetah, ((( Smiles )))

What a great article that is by Dr Becker he's really smart!
I really enjoyed reading it Thank You for printing it out for others.
I posted your link because that one is a keeper.
I've ordered some supplements from him and got his book.
I don't have cancer as far as I know, knock on wood..
And prevention is far worth more then a cure so I want to know..
But I have been through alot in my life as well.
Autism then tinnitus then hyperacusis..
And that was real hard too, glad you found this site.
Have you ever heard of hyperacusis before??
It's pretty bad but I'm like cured now and keeping my health up is
something I want to learn more about and to do.
For my ear health ect...

I just want to learn all I can and though I have learned so much on this board since I came here in 03.
I've been spending alot of time on another board as well " Herb Allure " as there is so much varity and things to learn there as well..
Plus I like to share too.. 
It's very expanded with many different forums..
I haven't really checked out your board totally as yet just saw that very
well organized page.

As Dr Becker's wife said she needs to remove her last merc filling,
while on TV.
As she knows it's not good to have that in ones mouth I have 8 to take out.
And when I finally do, will need to go through a good detox program and between the information from Dr Becker and this other board..
I think I have it covered but...
I haven't really noticed how much more information you have on your board in regarding that..
That would be a greart article to post like the cancer article.      
As that article is really good.
I recommend it for thoses who haven't read it yet.
And I finally can appreciate the taste of Noni too..
It took awhile though Yuck! but well worth it.
Thanks To You Too.. (((( Smiles ))))

I think I'll check out your site some more It's been awhile..
Plus I just got the book Jenny McCarthy Mother Warriors.
Learning is my thing..
I think T & H really propelled me on that course..
Gave me a big shove there..     

Take Care


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I haven't heard of it, but I shall check it out for you.  Before I do, though, I would like for you to call Dr. Becker's toll free number (888) 442-6161, and see if he has a a remedy -- natural remedy -- for it.  If he does not, then I shall investigate.  Fair?


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Hi Lady Neeetah,

For removeing naturally heavy metals out of the body..
A detox program like after removeing silver/merc fillings ,
though he does talk alot about detoxing but I didn't know if he had maybe
a special article like the very thorough article you posted on cancer.
On this subject though I know his wife is going to remove her last filling soon.
She said so on TV so maybe they will do a show on cleaning out the system after that.. 
I just don't want mercury floating around as I've read what it can do to the auditory system and I want to be careful with that.
But I just got the book Dr Becker recommended in the mail called Beating Cancer With Nutrition By Patrick Quillian and it came with a CD too..
Though I don't have cancer that I know about, but so many people theses days seem to come down with it.
So I thought it would be handy to have on hand.
But lately I have had this metalic taste in my mouth and the only thing I have done differently lately is takeing the Olive Leaf Extract..
Though I've been takeing it because he did a show on Lyme and on natural substances that can help with that so I thought that would be a good idea
because I got bit by something in my backyard long ago before T and H
through vegetation of a redwood tree though the test back then turned out negitive but still.. . 
I thought olive leaf sounded good with all he described about it.
Just in case and then I read killing off yeast could make a heavy metalic taste in ones mouth..
That's something I read on the Herb Allure board so I posted a question about it if it could possibly be that??

I taste it now I need to get theses fillings out but it's just not an easy
thing because of my H expirence and I have eight too.
Alpha Lipoic Acid is suppose to be a good chelator but I don't want to take
it till I get theses out.
I read somewhere it's not good to do with metals in your teeth..
I was reading the local newspaper and it said everyday from China us
out here on the west coast are breathing in air with heavy metals ect in it..
Blowing all the way inland and further, from China..
They showed a map of all the areas it blows around too..  
Everyday, and thats not good for the heart beside the brain/ lungs ect..
I should take it for that yet..
I don't want to pull it out of my teeth besides what most likely leaks out of them now..
I was hopeing maybe you saw a good article on this subject too..
I've been reading up here and there on it..
The world is such a polluted place theses days the air is just not clean
and then of course that contaminates the water too..
So that and because of my T and H I want to learn all I can about
staying well...
Neurologically and physically.
Thats a good goal I think and thats why I watch Dr Becker alot and order
these products..
If the Olive Leaf is killing off yeast thats good! 

(((( Hugs to you too)))))


Take Care


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Thanks Lynn for this info, these leads & helpful. Alpha lipoic acid & other chelators....vitamins C etc...........I'm concerned about w/mercury fillings.......I know these nutrients are wonderful......but fillings are a game-changer....................urg our myopic dental industry/medical mechanistic ways of thinking!
Yes.....extend lives.......quality of life.........vibrant health.......could catch up to the picture.
At some pt. soon I will think towards mainly positive solutions............venting is a phase to move through...................I am in the anger phase.....I know having my wings totally clipped w/ h & t is leaving me feel more of a gap between feeling & action.
Anyway..................a nerve buffer.......nerve nutrients........I think our nerves must be cradled & held through nourishing care while climbing upwards from h & t...........EFA's.......& what else?
I'm on a search.......also will share...........this noni juice........can this help?.......any ideas.............I will also look to your posts.
Thanks Lynn for candidly posting your stories & searches.............they themselves are nourishing care.
And your fight for your children.......and strong attitude as you go........these inspire others.....we need a revolution of thinking & you are helping.

Breathing is good.

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Hi Debbie, ((( Smiles )))

I'm interested in alot of the same things your interested in.
I could tell by reading your posts..
And yes.. Healing nerves..
I've allways thought that was an importent aspect in my hyperacusis expirence as well as with sound therapy.
And I still do in staying well.
As my ears aren't the same ears pre T&H.
It's real hard going through this and for me my expirence started long ago.
Yes.. I know the venting and anger and dispare stage..
And expecially the crying stage, lots of tears..
I went through it all myself too and it was really hard.
And for all the people who went throught it as well before me.
I Thank them too for being the trailblazers..
Going through hyperacusis puts one on a search for wellness..
And I've done that and still learning in many different ways..
I've been back and forth to a board who has well over a hundred forums.

Something there for everybody.
From General Health Forums, to Amlagam's forum, Vaccination's forum, 
MSG Sweeteners, Additives, Flouride, Diseases and Conditions,
To Wit and Bytes of Wisdom, Chemtrails/Contrails, Conspiracy Theories,
Computer help or Programming just tons of subjects whatever Forum
you pick.. Well over a hundred of them..

It's just an interesting site and he keeps adding to it he's a computer programmer/designer.. Lots of information here and there.

And also Dr Becker is a very educating kind of Doctor as well..
He had a program on Noni Juice and all it can help with all the research
out there on it and I'm pretty sure he did say something about nerve tissue..
I took that program down all in notes..
I have it somewhere but I think like you that building up ones nerves and heath and helping the body get what it needs to promote healing can help the process along and possibly heal up some things.
With sound therapy of course and to promote more thorough healing..
In the possiblity of whatever caused/triggered ones H..
May be injured ect in there..
And Thank You for seeing the benefit's of my shareing and searching..
I've had too as I've had so much to try to overcome..
Hyperacusis, Tinnitus, Ear Spasm's, Autism..
But I've overcome alot and still searching though for the cure like lots of folks as well..
I've just enjoyed the time I've spent with others on this board for years and on that board for months.
So much to learn out there and so little time as the world is changeing so fast indeed..

Thanks Debbie..
And fillings are a game changer I want to take mine out..
I will eventually it's just all that drilling will be alot of noise..
Noise I never even thought about before H, thats how they got in there..
They talk alot about thoses concerns over there too..
Here and there kind of makes it all complete.. (((( Smiles ))))            

Take Care


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Watched Dr Becker today, ((( Smiles )))

He talked about Grape Extracts today..
Resveratrol.. And the research on it..
And he brought up nerve related disorders and the autoimmune system
and inflammatory diesease..
In the research on it of what it can help..
When I was sick with H I ate lots of Grapes.
Concord Grapes and used Olive Oil.
Because of something I read about it long ago.
So I incorperated that into a wellness plan with sound therapy.
After listening to Dr Becker it was probably a good idea to do.    

Hi  Debbie, Have You Heard of BrainChild Nutritionals?
It's great for kids who don't like to swallow pills or even adults with
digestion problems I would think.
They had an elderberry formula I didn't see it lately on there site.
I think I'll phone them it's a good idea expecially for kids during cold or flu season.
Elderberry is really good for that.
Hope they still have it.

Take Care


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(((( Smiles ))))

I just found it..
Elderberry Comfort..
Anti Viral and Inflammatory..
I need that one...
I trust theses products as my children have been drinking the supplements for along time now..
They have never had the elderberry one.
I think it would be good to get...
I take elderberry for myself as colds go right to my ears..
I could use this one too..

Take Care


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Hi Lynn, thanks for the links..... : o )
I am seriously looking into noni, acai, mangosten........a soothing body elixer in addition to EFA's, mag, & others.
I think anything good for the joints & muscles has to be good for our ear conditions.......those teensy hard-working joints & muscles in there.......esp. for us.
Then again didn't someone post on glucosamine being bad for the ears?
Gotta research the pros/cons of any medicinal substance.
I'm sure the source makes a difference too...even the US govt now says limit eating NON-organic berries...
& what are pesticides but poisons, to shut down life.
Lynn, have you read The Maker's Diet?
Biblical eating...
Many nutritional resources in the appendix of that book.
Esp. FYI herbal mix & soil nutrients supplement items....
Thanks again for the links are generous to share your hard-earned awareness with us all, and to be a regular contributer to the h network......
I have trouble linking to the Herb Allure site.........I use a PDA, it won't let me sign up...........once I do I'm sure it will be really interesting.

Breathing is good.

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Hi Debbie, (((( Smiles ))))

Noni's good.
Mangosten I think I know what that is and that can be toxic.
My mother was drinking that and a search on the web on it changed her
mind to Noni instead.
But anything good for the joints and muscles sounds good.
Muscles are even a part of our middle ears ect..
I second that thought..
I take Glucosamine/ Chrondroitin MSM..
Bad for the ears..
I don't know as I've never heard of that.
I know mercury is bad for the ears and lead too..
Now thats a sure thing I'm sure you agree with that..
But yes the source does make a difference like Dr Becker is on a short list
of doctors I feel I can trust theses days.
So I buy my supplements from him and the bio-medical doctor and a few
related recommended places..
I use to buy supplements from Swanson years ago and now I wonder
how much of the product was really in there.
The more a person learns the more they run the other way.
I rip up thoses catalogs now.
No, I haven't..
I haven't read that book it sounds good..
I'll look it up the makers diet..
It is an interesting site does the link work??

If it's not the link, the owner is a computer tech person.
He'd know if you E-Mail him..
Ya.. I just go back and forth here and there.
Nice people both places..
Everyone has something to contribute..
Lots of forums there..
So I just do what I like to do the best of all..
PDA..  I got too look that up..
My computers are older.

You Take Care... and I like the shout box too it's different.
It's a rotating thread  first time I ever saw that before..
Lots of interesting reading here and there.
Lots of people over there know alot about herbs ect..
Acai.. I think I've heard of that before not sure.
Someone there would know.. ((( Smiles ))) 

Take Care


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Thanks Lynn.....acai, noni, mangosteen......all on the "juice hype" commercial bandwagons........mlm's "best thing ever bottled"/livingroom recruitment meetings mindsets....
Not to confuse "opportinity" hype with the fact that in pure form, these substances might truly be helpful.
Acai............the health research is so interesting........probably on Dr. Becker's site somewhere......
Mlm hype......Mona Vie bottles acai......for example......they market it as medicinal....curing all these ailments..however, they also do not disclose how much acai is in the product, & use many other regular berries in the product.......that are not organic.
To dose with daily berry juice that is not organic....for medicinal purposes......might be.......... counterproductive.......
The US govt warns to limit commercial berry consumption due to pesticides in them.
I know Lynn you mentioned Swanson vitamans & the care we must take in treating ourselves for health care.....
Mona Vie mlm does not harvest this (exclusively rainforest) product acai using
Fair Trade standards.
Instead donates to orphaned children in the region.
& hypes this charity......
personally.......Fair Trade I perceive would put much more control of $$$ in the workers/parents' pockets, they could make higher wages & be less dependent on donations for orphanages.
With competative wages available maybe many parents would not orphan their children....or would be able to financialy take better care of them...and themselves.
The old economic arguments..........if we paid Fair Trade there would be no such thing as cheap labor.......& the proifit margin this brings.........& profit margin keeps the economy afloat..........or we'd all be "3rd world....." yet........there's got to be a way........even in capitalism...........I'm sure of it..........
The Maker's Diet: I am in the process of ordering a couple supplements from the appendix.........
The book is about eating in line with "God's biblical laws".......even though the premise may be boils down to some clearly balanced eating guidelines.......
Take care Lynn.....I like your (((((smiles)))))).........I had never seen that anywhere's rare to be the first with anything on the internet : o ) .......see?
PS............PDA is a hand-held device......a multi-function cell phone.
Both high tech & more primitive than a computer of course..........
I'm using my cell phone for all my internet computer noise + no computer fees....just higher phone fees........which probably amount to the price of a regular internet cxn.
There are clear advantages to a computer............I'm incredibly happy with my internet PDA as internet/send e-mails while standing in line.........on a mountain top.....
When I am better........I will be more able to afford both a computer & a PDA..........I look forward to that.
Even more so I look forward to being on a mountain top........& having my PDA with me.........& turning it off...........because of having so much fun & peaceful serenity in the present moment.

Breathing is good.

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Plus Timeless, ((( Smiles )))

If you ever make it to this side of the board..
The supplement IP6 plus Inositol can leach magnesium and calcium
out of your system..
In Dr Beckers products he takes note of that and puts that in there.
If you get it from somewhere else make sure your balanceing that with Cal/Mag.. 
Plus 70 percent of your immune system is in the intestinal tract.
It's all interesting stuff..
Always on the search for whats going on in the world.

Plus Hi Debbie.. ((( Smiles )))

Your so sweet!
Stay well..

Take Care


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Hi Timeless, ((( Smiles )))

Plus some extra info but first..
To go with above so no one reading this thread will get confused on what
IP6 & Inosotol can help..
For OCD disorders through research..
It has been shown to relieve the symptoms of trichotillomania for 60 percent and other symptoms of OCD for 50 percent..
For thoses who take it.

Plus the omega's and magnesium ect..
Is great for nerve function the brain ect..
And yes.. 
I do believe alot of this is neurological and the brain and gut do work 
together and can effect each other and you've probably heard of that too. 
All the research on that..
But there is something that can cross the blood brain barrier..
It does reach the brain..
And a lack of it can lead to nerve conditions.
It effects the nerves.
But this goes right to the sheath of the nerve/ brain.
It's what I wrote about above..
And the transcript for the program that was spoken about on in detal.
Was on Oct 14 2008 and I know a person can get a transcript of their topic
of the day.
Probably on his heath/program site.
It can be ordered as it says so on each show..
And saying all that..
I believe other things can be tryed for theses type's of neurological and
even neuro/gut disorders.
Depends on what you believe may have caused it for you.
I have my own thoughts on this. 
Because of research on things..
On a spectrum of harm..
But Dr Russel Blaylock a neuro surgent is a great resource of research.
When I find the link to his site or a transcript..
I will post it..
I don't think he has a message talk board just interesting reading..

Take Care


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It was mentioned on TV again today, ((( Smiles )))

A lady phoned into Dr Beckers show and she said she had hearing loss and tinnitus...
So he asked her if she had any yeast or fungus...
She said she didn't think so but he asked her if she ever took any antibiotics in her lifetime...
because that can cause the growth of yeast ect..
And then he also mentioned the tortured by sounds website again..
So I got some supplements here for yeast and fungi as I have taken some antibiotics in my lifetime too.
And still have some tinnitus..
It would not hurt to naturally clean up ones system and see if that helps.
As long ago when my tinnitus was far worse I was takeing liquid Chlorophyll and I believe that helped me back then..
I wrote about that on the older board long ago..
When I was doing that..
But it's all interesting & need to look that up..
And now my Chiropractor is doing a new laser therapy that came from Germany..
And I said the only laser therapy I know of in Germany is..
Well we all have read about that but I'm not sure if it's the same one.
I got to get more details on it on my next appointment.
As he can't exactly remember the info I sent him as he's been real busy..
If it's the same one.
Thats what I want to find out so I'll send it to him again..
But what a coincedence.. 

Take Care


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Lynn, there's an old post with someone asking about a connection between candidiasis & h. (I think) too..

The way I see it (& the way my ENT said) - h. is connected to my psychological state (relaxed, stress-free etc) - candidiasis/food sensitivities/vitamin or mineral deficiencies can make you feel real sucky lol..

I'm not sure if candidiasis exists, or not.. Doctors here in SLO still say it doesn't.. but truth is the WA WholeApproach forum (on anti-candidiasis food) helped me a lot when I was experimenting with gluten-free lactose-free nutrition..
I think adding minerals helped even more.. (& I could tolerate some wheat again when I added minerals..)

I would prefer to just get the minerals & vitamins with food, but not completely sure, how... Any tips?
I've added meat & some dairy again.. I think too much may not agree with me so well..

for clorophylle(sp?) - I just prefer green lettuce or such (??)

Anyway, good to see you drop by this forum again!!
You are one of my inspirations for healthy living/nutrients tweaking h. & t.!!

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Hi ladies!
Lynn, I'm glad that you brought up the IP6/inostitol/Cal/Mag this Dr. Becker's product?
That is an amazing finding re: OCD syptoms & brain help overall...
Also interested in this discussion about antibiotics & potentially lasting effects.
The flagship product at Garden of Life (whole food supplements) company is a big-daddy probiotic made of "soil organisms" (mmm! Sounds tasty!)
that apparently saved the founder's life after trying a million other probiotics and treatments when his system was all out of whack with crohn's disease.
He was skin & bones & someone sent him a sample and through taking it he healed his gut lesions and body & went on to radient health & a PhD, etc.
One can read his book, The Maker's Diet &/or order the Garden of Life products catalogue.
Also Dr. Andrew Wiel of the Complimentary Med program at the U of Arizona said in his recent column that specific limited time high dosing of B6 heals nerve compression syndromes....
He said it is the best remedy out there for this...
& I wonder...if our nerves might also benefit from this.
Also omega 3's for nerves.
Wow, we have some good information & handles to explore.
Nice to be able to share these ideas.

Oh...and donuts of course : )
Very important!
I read it on a reputable forum, this one you don't need to research!
Kidding, Girls!!

Breathing is good.

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Hi Debbie, ((( Smiles )))

Lynn, I'm glad that you brought up the IP6/inostitol/Cal/Mag this Dr. Becker's product?

Yes.. He was on today talking about autoimmune diseases and they are ten times more common today then 25 years ago.
Did you know heavy metals can lead to autoimmune disease??
The pink disease research I did long ago show alot of them eventually came down with autoimmune problems.
The owner of that board got pink disease while her brother with the same exposure it seems thats what she mentioned..
came down with an autoimmune disorder instead.
And the interesting thing to is they reported in a questionaire most of them 
I think it was in the 90 + percent haveing abnormal sound sensitivitys..
Sound sensitivity disorders..
I posted all that long ago and all this came about in my search with autism and lead me straight to hearing abnormalites by accident.
And vaccinations can also contribute to autoimmune conditions there is that risk and I believe that can be seen..
In the guts and bodies of those with autism there is something there in all of this.
And also some medications can lead to autoimmune conditions and also low levels of vitamin B can be linked as well..
And the low absorbtion of vitamin B and the immune causes, the gut the estrogene effect from chemicals toxins there's just so many environmental toxins out there besides the ones that are taken into ones body it's just alot to grasp.
Even in the food we eat the water we drink  the air we breath into our veins through our skin..
But getting back to abnormallity sound sensitivitys which can be caused by mercury exposure like the pink disease babies/ children
and you see it in autism as in a spectrum of harm too..

I was reading this thread on the herb allure board..
OCD and Mercury poisoning written by a person who has OCD.
Here's only a small part of it it's interesting reading the possibilites the implications and maybe some hope of relief..
And thats not the only thread & mention on it out there too..
I've been really looking into this for years now my hyperacusis has really taken me on a search and it all makes sense ..
to me now though I was totally in unbelief & shock at first.
I really cried alot too about it.. 
This is the thread part post..        

I have a post on an OCD site telling of how this is like an experiment to see
if there is a connection between mercury poisoning and OCD.
It makes total sense since the mercury that leaches from your amalgams
is mostly stored in your brain where it interferes with serotonin production.
Low serotonin levels in the synaptic cleft is believed to be the cause of OCD.
I'm hoping once the mercury is purged from my brain my serotonin levels should return to normal.
I can only wait and see.

Besides this post/thread there is a thread called
Amost Forgot, TOO noisy and loud too! Can't stand it.
I'm about to put a link too this board on that thread.
For people who seem to have theses kinds of problems that don't know
where to read about others who may have them too to relate too.
That don't know about this board hyperacusis ect...
But I believe this situation should be looked at from all angles.
Looked into like parents with children with autism went ahead with it
anyway in treatment no matter if the world is behind on theses issues..
To help their children and most have and swear by it.
There's no time to wait for people who suffer like for autistic children as well
for the world to catch up with it..
Plus natural chelaters ALA ect..
It's interesting.. 
So much to read up on..    
Stay Well..

Take Care


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Thanks Lynn!
Yes, a lot to think about &
act upon.

Breathing is good.

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Thanks, Lynn!!

I have bookmarked that thread & that site of yours, but still haven't gotten round to reading it.. Maybe it's just too scary for me right now...
Yes, it would be good to have it on the site, so anyone who's interested can take a look...
I wonder, how do you know when this could be a mercury issue, or something else? Or is it just experimenting...?
I also wonder when this (h.&t.) can be treated with nutrition, & when not...?

Some people on the Lyme disease boards also speak of hyperacusis & some treatments/nutrition.. Maybe I can find that link again too..

So it would make sense to treat it with nutrition if:
nutrients deficiency is suspected (either because of too low intake, or not absorbing/processing it well - due to too little stomach acid/candidiasis/leaky gut/mercury/... OR too many antagonists in the food &/OR too many environmental toxins, &/or from meds, &/or artificial additives and pesticides/... in the food.. OR Lyme disease or such - where also eg magnesium deficiency is present..)

Would you agree to that?
Or add something? Some people say they believe food has nothing to do with this.. & maybe in some cases it's not food-related.. It would be interesting to know which cases those would be too...

I know nutrition makes a difference for me, I'm just curious to what percentage of people with this it could help...
Is it just the three of us on this board, you, Debbie & me, & people on the other boards... Or could be perhaps food/supplements helpful to others too, but they just don't know it yet?

Also, are you still taking magnesium supplements, & which + in what form? (I have trouble with my latest.. & don't really tolerate that vegetarian 'fish oil' either...)

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Hi Layla, ((( Smiles )))

Dr Becker talked about Olive Leaf Extract on the subject of lyme.
I think he said it would have to be taken for along time..
Like 18 months worth but still he always suggests if you have lyme to see your doctor as well..
Besides his suggestions on and why..
But yes..
The do have some hot topics over there..
At HerbAllure but an interesting board neverless..

Remember this wisdom as stated by Schoepenhauer:

"All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed;

third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


But thats how it goes for alot of things in this world..

That are not accepted right away..

But you know it.. 


It's late so I'll read your post later..

But wanted to say Hi to you first..


Stay Well.. (((( Smiles )))) 


"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson
~Autism is what we call Mercury Toxicity in our young, Alzheimer's is what we call it in our old.~

Take Care


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Hi Lynn,
I love that quote.
Thanks for posting it.

Breathing is good.

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Hi Lynn!! I love that quote too.. & totally agree with it..

There is so much information online & on books it is sometimes not easy to sift though it all..
I joined Herballure & will hope to see you there too!!

PS Check the topic Prozac in New Massages - someone asking for your advice re: autistic daughter...


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Hi Debbie Hi Layla, ((( Smiles )))

I just saw Joans post Thank You...
So you registered recently Wow!
I haven't seen you there yet but I've been around not as much because
of the holiday comeing up plus schools out..
Have you been to the introductions and welcome site yet??
You can post in any forum you want you don't have to start there..
You can say Hi in the shout box if you want too..
Sometimes people will say Hi to you or welcome you in shout..
It's just an interesting board and they talk alot about supplements and herbs too..
Thats one thing they do over there a health board but as you've probably
already seen...
They just talk about everything about over there..
It's different..
It's interesting for sure..

Russ of Herb Allure
Today they call you "crazy". Tomorrow they call you "ahead of your time."

I like what Dr Becker writes in The Philosophy of American Medicine..
A theory is something you believe in with all your mind, body and soul;
unitll you find something better to believe in..
It's really a good book...
He helps me alot..

See you there..
Lots of friendly people to say hi too..
Bex seems to know alot and says hi alot too..
This board that board..
Thats pretty much where I be.. (((( Smiles))))
Mostly there lately though...

Take Care


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Plus, ((( Smiles )))

There's an interesting site..
I was reading this and this site is called..
Mind and Muscle Forums > Chemically Correct > Neuroscience, Health & Longevity

I guess about anxiety depression stress disorders ect..

When my chronic stress condition was at its worst, I had this same problem, as I did with being in busy crowded conditions in public places.

Too much neural noise and crosstalk associate with excitotoxicity is the problem.
Its anxiety inducing, but the underlying cause is a lack of antagonist balance with respect to ACh, dopamine and glutamate receptors.

Ironically, theanine, sir, is the answer. For you, a larger dose, several times a day, along with moderate use of GABA and glutathione restoring supplements.
I now understand why, and the biochemical linkages behind it.

Theanine sir, will boost your GABA and your dopamine, and through them, your serotonin and melatonin controller actions in the brain.
I read this on that site.
Plus interesting....

sesquiterpene lactone from Chinese medicinal herb Artemisia annua; structure given in first source..

Anti Infection Agents - Substances that prevent infectious agents or organisms from spreading or kill infectious agents in order to prevent the spread of infection.

Plus Samento .. Cureing Lyme with Samento..
Got to read up on that...Cat's claw extracts have been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. ...
Oh plus... IGeneX what you should know about lyme disease..

Specializing in the testing of Lyme disease..
News and articules in the changeing world of Lyme..

Take Care


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Today On Dr Beckers they are talking about Heavy Metal Poison and their impact on your health..
That Chronic Mercury Exposure Is poisonous and they have know this for over 50 years..
And mercury fillings could be playing a part in peoples health decline and other country's are more up on that..  

The science now is showing that every time you chew the mercury goes into you.. 
And  little parts can be dislodged and make it to our brains..
And it's proven to cause neurological problems and abnormality sound sensitivites effecting the auditory system..
Read heavy metals and ear disease.
The Pink Disease children had a very very high degreee of abnormality sound sensitivy problems and it was finally admitted to that the mercury was causeing theses problems.
After they said it was proven it didn't for decades of suffering for theses children that were still useing theses powders.
It was the mercury after all & others who went against the tide and spoke out on this issue were correct the whole time.
Alittle to late for many children.
But even through what they went  through for speaking out rideculed they
knew it was the right thing to do for humanity.
For thoses who suffer and didn't know why??
I wish more parents doctors and people back then when the children where suffering from pink disease from the 1800's all the way till it was banned in 1950..
Who heard about the mercury listened to the people who were trying to tell people it's the mercury and if they did listen..
think of all the children who were effected by this tragedy would have not been injured by this..
I believe mercury exposure can cause dystonia, autism, autoimmune disease,
abnormality sound sensitivity, neurological disorders, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, tinnitus, sleep problems , immune disorders, and even more..
And alot of problems people may be haveing or symptoms they are haveing may be caused by whats effecting their health.
Their auditory system & their brain.
Mercury toxicity is just a list of symptoms one may or may not have..
Not a disease but can cause disease..
I wish somebody told me all this before my T & H so I could have had all my mercury laced fillings removed no sweat..
With keeping them in my mouth there is exposure on takeing them out there
is more exposure at the time but... it's a fact mercury is a toxin and should not be allowed in ones mouth.
People are very upset it was allowed in ones mouth or through ones veins or in products on the market in the first place.
They should have known better but yet they did it anyway and still do.
Heavy Metals can cause alot of strange and mysterous symptoms.
It's something to think about for sure..
And toxins effect the mycondria..
And heavy metals can be accumlated in the body and be stored over time.
It's terrible stuff..
People have been made sick through exposure.

Autoimmune disease are on the rise..
Peoples immune systems are being impacted..
Neurological disorders are on the rise..
And heavy metals can impact theses areas as the person who was keeping up the pink disease support & info site said her brother who was exposed
to the same teething powder did not come down with pink disease but autoimmune disease..
Changes in thyroid function..
Heart problems...
It's something one should look into for sure but not just with a standard blood test as it could be stored in your organs your brain.
As it latches into thoses areas to be stored there.
As in all inserts when it comes to medications or anything you put into your body where there is side effects and any know risks..
Always read the insert expecially if they provide it for you or look it up if possible ..
You'll need to google it can't fit the link all the way in it's still there..

And even reading that »H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Insert Admits It Causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Vasculitis, Paralysis, Anaphylactic Shock And Death..
Neurological disorders nervous system disorders..
Page 11 of 20

Not to mention all the other so called named sympomatic disorders I believe it & the flu shot & the vaccinations causes as well..
And others out there in the world do as well too..
As it's all.. (symptomatic names)
Thats all it is..
Is this the risk you want to take for your children and with your auditory system, neurological, nervous system..
As it can also cause immune disorders read for yourself..
With a damaged weak injured immune system one is more likely to die of the flu while most people get through it and over it eventually..
And children are effected the worst theses days as when I was growing up we came down with theses childhood illness & had much stronger immune systems I believe & uncompromised and most children got through it without all theses risky vaccines..
So whats wrong with this picture???
Something is terribly wrong I believe & the risk is yours too take.
It's a personal choice one has to make for themselves what is truth.
I believe in informed choice thats what I believe in..
People deserve that I believe..

Take Care


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I couldn't get the link to fit all in, ((( Smiles )))

I'll try it again...
First this one on it...

Still didn't fit in all the way in though it does on composing it 
"you'll have to google it " it's still there..

Read it for yourself it's called inform consent in my book.
It's a risk for sure..
Common Links in Swine Flu Deaths...

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that of the 36 children who died from H1N1 from April to August, six had no chronic health conditions. But all of them had a co-occurring bacterial infection.

The most common co-occurring infection that causes flu-related deaths is staphylococcus aureus.
A third of the population carries it, most in their nose or on their skin.

The flu causes upper respiratory damage, which allows the staph to make its way into the lungs.

Russ of Herb Allure
Today they call you "crazy". Tomorrow they call you "ahead of your time
Plus 2 NY Kids Get Swine Flu Shot Without Consent.. 
US government report recommends blocking popular websites during pandemic flu outbreak
He added that the government has a duty to protect citizens from the corrupt companies pushing their vaccines, and that people who are creating hysteria about the swine flu or promoting the vaccine have other interests. The channel’s health expert agreed with him, warning of the elevated mercury levels and other toxins in the vaccine.
People who are allergic to eggs should not get the shot, because it is incubated in an egg embryo, and it also could exacerbate neurological disorders, said Patti Doleschal, a registered nurse at the clinic. 

Take Care


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Was watching Dr Becker today and, (((( Smiles ))))

He brought up this study on heart attack and stroke risks and one was sitting at a computer for to long or sitting in general. So I looked it up and another reason to take an inflammatory stance on ones health don't need that one on top of ones problems with their ears it's something to think about...
While surfing the web...

It's heart plus risk of stroke. Maybe one should stand more while useing a computer and move ones legs.. Exercise. To be on the safe side, besides not being on for too long.. Besides taking ones omega's etc... For inflammation. Just to be on the safe side...

Take Care


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From Doctor Becker I have learned so much and he still talks about tinnitus and carol Brooks Silent Scream Dr Jastreboff at times but more rarely then all the other information he gives out and I thank him and Dr Blaylock who has helped me soooooo much too. To understand more about the brain and health.. 
I never want to get hyperacusis ever again and then there is this site..

The swine flu study found the H1N1 vaccination was associated with a small excess risk - about 1.6 extra cases per one million people vaccinated - of acquiring Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder of the nervous system that can result in paralysis and sometimes death.'s_Desk/post/Parents_want_the_truth_about_the_flu_vaccine,__Professor_Phillips/

And then there is doctor Blaylock THANK GOD FOR HIM! People can come down with Hyperacusis from Gulliain-Barre. I had tinnitus then got the flu shot that has mercury in it and who knew that not me...

Dr Blaylock Vaccines and Autism Part 7 of 14

Thank you for being you I've learned soooo much from you....

Take Care

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