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Medications That Increase Tinnitus/ Hyperacusis.




6/12/05 at 09:12 PM  Email Marlene PM Marlene Reply with quote

I recently was given ventolin for bronchitis by a nebulizerand had a reaction to it which increased the tinnnitus something awful as well as the hyperacusis somewhat as well.  This was a couple of weeks before the noise induced reinjury which really made everything worse, so I don't know if the tinnitus would have come down after the ventolin on its own or not. I was hoping it would but it hadn't yet.  Has anyone else ever taken ventolin which is what they use in inhalers for lung trouble and had an increase in tinnitus.  I guess its also called a beta 2 agonist which is like getting a shot of adreniline and that is xactly what it felt like, as my heart was pounding, hands shaking, face went numb, and basicly lots of horrible other stuff, including the increased tinnitus.  I guess it is like a chemically induced "fight or flight".
Old post 9/13/05 at 09:32 PM  Email johnkingc5 PM johnkingc5 Reply with quote

Had taken acidphex, and during a loud karaoke session, developed SEVERE wailing in my ear next morning.  Subsequently, for the next 5 weeks till now, my tinnitus has increased by a factor of 5 times and is continous.   I'm angry at the acidphex manufacturer for not warning.
Read in a book that pharmaceuticals CAN cause permanent tinnitus and I presume hyperacusis.  Now, I'm even more angry at Acidphex.
9/14/05 at 04:32 PM  Email bobm Contact using MSN PM bobm Reply with quote

i was on nexiem and developed severe hyperacusis.which i thought was from my job which some could have been..i was off work for 3 months then the last 3 have been h...l. then i kind of thought about my condition with sore teeth  and h and wondered if it could be the have stopped them since last Friday,teeth are slowly getting better,h and t not really ,i figure that will take some i have had t for most of my life,makes me mad that i have gone to many Dr's about this and know one has picked up on it,even(specialist) at the Canadian hearing society..hopefully this is not permanent,as i will not be able to function at work much longer,just too much
h and t, bad back,reflux,just feel lousy,hard to work like that..
well good luck

Pink Noise CD Question
9/14/05 at 08:23 PM  Email kdroc27 Contact using AOL PM kdroc27 Reply with quote

Is there a cd which has both the pink sound and natures sounds mixed in with it.  In my classroom I currently play the pink cd at my desk through out the day.  It is a safety zone for me.  I would like to play it alittle louder.  If there was  a mixed cd of pink noise and nature sounds that would be great

Bonnie Beth
Old post 9/15/05 at 02:58 AM  Email BonnieBeth PM BonnieBeth Reply with quote

I don't know if there is a CD with nature and pink sounds, but there is a table top sound device that has both.  Sharper Image Sound Soother has 50 tracks on it; many of which are nature and ordinary sounds (including wind chimes and hair dryers) and there is one track which is pink noise, and I don't know if the track is repetitive or how long it lasts.
The Sharper Image table top model is $200 though, so it's expensive.  Good luck in your search.
All the best,

To Thoses With Recruitment
9/15/05 at 07:43 PM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

When you have a member of the family who sharply clarifies consonants, and it hurts, yet you tell them repeatedly over and over, week after week after week that it's not necessary and then they get beyond raving mad, or decide to talk without moving their lips, or tell you "That's how I've always talked", or Shut-Up, Your Bothering Me.
What in the world can you do??

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....


Take Care


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Some Pink Noise Questions


Mark B


Old post 9/12/05 at 07:44 PM  Email MarkB PM MarkB Reply with quote


OK i just made the pink noise CD from some music software I have (I'm listening to it right now...rather be listening to "Kinda Blue" but oh well).
Has anybody had really good effects from listening (endlessly) to a pink noise CD?
Has the t diminished? Hyperacusis? I know there are posts, that I will check out on this very topic, but I'd like to get a feel for what people here have experienced with it.
I know when I take the headphones off after an hour or so I sigh with relief that I only hear the T with room sounds

Thanks all,
Take care,
We're as boundless as we believe we are



Mark B

Old post 9/12/05 at 08:15 PM  Email MarkB PM MarkB Reply with quote

Also if anybody has or has had reactive T and used Pink Noise...I'm interested.
I'll keep you'all posted how this goes.

All best,
We're as boundless as we believe we are


Old post 9/14/05 at 12:32 AM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Mark,
How are you doing ?
Also if anybody has or has had reactive T and used Pink Noise...I'm interested.
I'll keep you'all posted how this goes.

I had reactive T and used pink noise.. But I shall get back to you soon on this...
Its sleep time but I wanted to let you know I'm around...

Take Care




Old post 9/14/05 at 05:10 PM  Email MarkB PM MarkB Reply with quote

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for that! I look forward to your input. In the meanwhile I'll try to read some other posts regarding that.

Thanks again Lynn,
All best,
We're as boundless as we believe we are


Old post 9/15/05 at 04:59 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Mark,
Read the bottom of my oversensitivity thread 7-8-9.. I haven't finnished it all yet but I know that Laurene and Werner went through TRT and lessen or got rid of pretty much... there reactive tinnitus..
I know that the TRT sound is similar to the pink noise sound.. Everything " all sounds "  are contained within white noise. Thats all there is.. there is no other... And pink noise is pink noise..
And I believe if you go this way " pink noise " daily for the long haul.....
The same principle can happen over time for you. I had terrible tinnitus.. I had bad tinnitus before I noticed my hyperacusis.. I had bad tinnitus with my hyperacusis..
Bad hyperacusis does not like any sounds and tinnitus is a sound that's right there in your ears and brain.. It can drive a hyperacusis person batty and even more so in quiet which is what your hyperacusis likes..
I had reactive tinnitus.. I had flair ups.. Shrills and shrieks... and one faction of my tinnitus or brain imatated outer sounds at the same time and retained them and played them back to me..
Including the pink noise tape.... 
Even when I wasen't around the sound anymore... It was real fun back then..
Thoses were highly exciting times... 

Take Care



Old post 9/15/05 at 05:22 PM  Email MarkB PM MarkB Reply with quote

Thanks Lynn, for that reply. I read the thread "oversensitivity 7-8-9. Interesting. I so relate to what other people have gone through...including yourself. It's encouraging to know that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel.
I even relate to the imitation of outside sounds - by the T. It's weird ...but there.
Also I don't know if you ever noticed this. It's kind of subtle but - the T reacts to different events coming from the computer. Like, for instance, I move the mouse over different icons that light up and the T reacts to it , or I call up a new page, etc... - even with my eyes closed. Strange huh?! Kind of like an electrical connection.

Anyway, Lynn how is your t now? Is it gone, or mostly gone..or habituated out of your consciousness?

Take care all,
We're as boundless as we believe we are


Hi Mark,
It is strange that that happens.. I think it must be related to the hyperacusis disorder.. I'm not talking just about the tinnitus that just rings blares away kind of regular tinnitus.... but the kind that seems to react to sounds and picks up sounds..
Imatates sounds it comes in contact with.... I mean there can be tinnitus that reacts to or is stimulated by static or certain sounds that get it going like that sound static hissy and then the tinnitus that just blares away for along time without a known cause and then some tinnitus that  blares away because it come into contact with a certain sound or the tinnitus that just blares away for no known good reason....
Tinnitus can have many sounds at the same time going and then maybe go down in sounds to a few sounds or just add sounds like...
Lets say my tinnitus started out with a one tone 24/7 alarm like ring in one ear. My left ear.. It never stoped it just ring 24/7 everyday and I use to complain about it and tell people that I still have this ringing in my left ear and its really bothering me. 
It rang like that for along time and it didn't go away.. It turned into chimes.. Multi tones louder in my left ear and then I heard the chimes comeing in my right ear too.
I was freaking out at the time because it turned into chimes and I could hear it in my right ear too. It was 24/7... The ENT I saw acted like come back in 6 months if it still is ringing like it would just stop or something and thats what I thought..
I wasen't that panicked at the time because I didn't know what tinnitus really was and I had some medication for my E.Tubes and allergy I guess that my Doctor gave me that I thought might fix it.. 
I thought it was maybe my E.Tubes. Sounded good to me.. But when it turned into chimes I thought oh no.. Freak... Its getting worse.. But it was nicer or pretty sounding then that alarm ring.... you know chimes...
But I wasen't happy about it. But the chimes started getting louder and it turned into more sounds.. More multi sounds such as machine noise's..
It sounded just like the inner guts of pacific bell phone center where they keep all thoses big cables and computers. You know the inner works switchboard room.
I use to go in there in the 80's when I worked there and it sounded just like that room with all of  thoses computer machines running..
I remember what that room sounded like back then and it was in my ears 24/7. I was pretty freaked out back then in fact..
I was freakening everybody else out back then as I started loseing control crying down on the floor saying I can't live with this sound in my ears..
Its driveing me crazy.. And I think it was around that time I tryed other medication for my E-tubes and such I was so desperate and the doctors I guess were trying things and that beconase I think was called.
It was nasel spray but it caused my ears to scream with cricket sounds.. It was awfull and I stoped the nasel spray and it eventually calmed down... 
But I started trazadone to sleep.. Not sure exactly the date I started that ever thing was a blur to me back then I just wasen't thinking straight..
I know my ears started feeling like they were infected and buring and it got so bad I phoned the tinnitus associate on what to do and the gal I talked to had hearing loss in her ear caused by an ear infection she did not treat early enough and I was allready overdue because I thought it would go away as I haven't had an ear infection since I was a very young child and maybe I think it was only once...           
So I phoned my doctor frantic that I needed an antibiotic now because my ears are in bad shape and I got it right away as they know I don't ask for medications unless I'm serious about it...
And took it and after three days and I was sick on it and sleep sitting up with a double window fan on all night on hi so I wouldn't throw it up because I wanted it to work as I was desperate but got sick anyway and the thudding in my ears started out loud..
It sounded just like that window fan running 24/7 in my ears and I had to stop the antibiotic.. But I know I had an open MRI around that time..
An acoustic reflux test.. Hearing test.. It was bad.. It was the worst tinnitus ever and I didn't know what hyperacusis was back then.. Never heard of it before....
And I had to wear earplug's eventually because I had daily screaming loud from my autistic daughter in my ears while my ears were going thru all of this and it just was progressive...
I was just stick in a hard spot. But then it turned to shrills and stream which was better because thoses machine multiy sound's were just terrible but actually that was worse.. I thought it was better at the time but...
It was more reactive to outer sounds..  Thoses high pitched shrills steam made my ears very sensitive and it was a worse tinnitus actually..
But back then  I could hardly think well and I remember haveing my ears cleaned with squirting water and it was very painfull.
Seeing a psychologist and she was talking about a tinnitus meeting group and I remember the lights.. The light above my head in the room was making this static buzzing sound and it was bothering my tinnitus..
And then she had a window by her desk and the trains ran outside her window of course some distance away and it was bothering me and I said to her..
You notice how loud thoses trains are. She says the trains are bothering you.. And I said ya. I can't sit here and concentrate thoses lights and the train is bothering my tinnitus..
So I stoped going and I can't remember when I stoped going.. But I do remember by December I was noticeable sound sensitive and I had a hearing test taken then that said I was complaining about loud sounds but I remember Thanksgiving of the year 02 watching the Thanksgiving parade on T.V...
The whole thing but I was sick and not feeling well and had to stay home that Thanksgiving and my Mother -in law said she wasen't feeling that well either and wasen't upset that I couldn't come and then pasted away the first week of December.
In November I could watch the T.V so that must of meant my tinnitus sensitivity or my sensitivity wasen't so much a sound- sound sensitivity then but maybe starting with louder sounds a higher tolerance..
See back then was a blur and its hard to get all my dates straight thou I found my MRI card and know when my acoustic reflex test was..
I had bad tinnitus.. I'll continue this after I eat..           
Got To Do Something about The Bar Too
Old post 9/16/05 at 08:29 PM  Email johnkingc5 PM johnkingc5 Reply with quote

When I go to karaoke, typically in bars, I've noticed that the KJs and bartenders frequently don't hear well.  Someone's got to tell the bars that their loud music is a work hazard.

Tell Researchers In Music About Hyperacusis , Link To Noise Awareness




Old post 9/17/05 at 03:06 PM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

Here's some links about noise awareness like the Right to Quiet Society in Vancouver:

Please write to these people to explain what hyperacusis is, because if the we can do this maybe doctor's will share more information with us.  Thank you.

About the Music Universals Study

This web-based experiment is part of an investigation of the universality of various aspects of music perception. 

Why do we like some sorts of music but not others?
Are there innate constraints on how we hear music?
How do people perceive the structure of music?

Collecting data from around the world can help to illuminate these issues by revealing how different aspects of music perception vary with culture, age, musical training, and other factors. By taking part in our study you can provide us with some of this data!

Anyone who wishes to do so may participate in our study. The questions should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. Although your data will be most useful if you complete the entire test, you are free to stop at any time and have no obligation to answer all the questions if you do not wish to. You will also have the option of withdrawing your data if you do not wish it to be used. Your responses will be kept completely confidential.

If you have trouble starting the study, please e-mail and describe the problem.

Because the success of our study depends on getting high levels of participation, we would greatly appreciate any links to our website from external sites.
Source of Information:

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....




Good Site For Medical Drug Information


Norcal 34


Old post 9/18/05 at 12:58 PM  Email Norcal34 PM Norcal34 Reply with quote

I thought this is a good site for members to find data on medications/ drugs and possible side effects (tinnitus)







 9/18/Old post05 at 12:58 PM  Email Norcal34 PM Norcal34 Reply with quote

I thought this is a good site for members to find data on medications/ drugs and possible side effects (tinnitus)








Take Care


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Old post 9/09/05 at 09:09 AM  Email bartony PM bartony Reply with quote

I am having to re-log in every single time I come on here!

What's the deal?




Old post 9/10/05 at 01:49 PM  Email bartony PM bartony Reply with quote

Still having to do this, even though the box is checked to remember my username and password.  Anyone else having this problem?



Old post 9/10/05 at 03:44 PM  Email dpellerin PM dpellerin Reply with quote

Hi Bartony,

Did you open an account on the Tinnitus Community Message Board? If you did, this may be the problem. I have the same thing happen to me after I created my account there. The Tinnitus board and teh Hyperacusis board are hosted on ther same web site. I believe this is what is confusing your browser.

I'm using Firefox and have both boards open in a different tab as home pages. Inevitably, one of the boards will ask my password after my browser automatically opened the other. I'm not sure of your configuration. I do know if I install a second copy of Firefox and only open each board on the different copy of Firefox then I would be OK but I prefer to find a more elegant solution. I'll let you know if I find something.



Old post 9/10/05 at 04:20 PM  Email bartony PM bartony Reply with quote

Hi, dp, and thanks!  Guess that's the problem.  Maybe we can work around it.





Hi Bartony,

I tried all sorts of things, even tried in IE and the same problem occurs.

The most convinient for me was to turn off automatic logins from the Firefox browser

tools/options/privacy/saved passwords/view passwords then remove the one for

Then the next time you go to the board and the browser asks wether to automatically log you in, answer "no".

So now I can go from one board to the other without  having to re-login. The only thing is I am viewing the boards as guest and need to login if I want to post. But this is a minor inconvenience for me.



Old post 9/16/05 at 07:23 PM  Email bartony PM bartony Reply with quote

Hello, dp, and thanks for the tip. 





New Member.


Old post 9/11/05 at 12:44 PM  Email Norcal34 PM Norcal34 Reply with quote

Hi all, I've come down with T about 2 months ago, now have developed other  symptoms believed to be Hyperacusis, light headedness (maybe Meiners syndrome?). Going back to the ENT for a follow-up to see if any additional testing is necessary.


Question: Has anyone go through TRT Therapy and if so has what was your results?






Old post 9/11/05 at 08:48 PM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

I tried TRT, and I was getting startled from noises going in my good ear, that's one of the side effects they don't inform you about, of course they don't know about that either!

I have dizzies on the left side of my body, you'd really think ENT or doctors would know something, but all they say is "We can't know anything unless you have an MRI", except MRI's only show tumors, don't show migraines, or meniere's and it's too damn loud.  I'am waiting for a PET scan, doctors could give me one, but they won't.

But I refuse an MRI, maybe if they paid me 10 million dollars I'll have an MRI but that would be the ONLY reason I'd have one.

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....


Old post 9/12/05 at 10:49 AM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Jon,


I had tinnitus first.... then my condition developed over time of months into hyperacusis disorder..


I think its best to get treatment or develop some homegrown therapy the earlier the better to nip things in the bud.. Yet not too be too aggresive starting out and giveing your ears time to adapt and rest by going slowly into sound..


Though it seems that hyperacusis once it come on strong or is progressing over time can chart its own course into its worse stage of symptoms which may not be able to be avoided such as the throbbing pain after a stubed toe has to takes it course..


Yet with early treatment.. It may not progress to get worse or be more long standing from lack of treament or knowing what to do and not to do with this condition..  


Thou early on after the trauma injury or however one may have aquired this condition and one may not allways be exactly sure but maybe have an idea but what matters the most of all unless a person has lyme disease or some other medical condition is the treatment to get better over time..


TRT has helped may people get better and its not a bad thing to do. Homegrown sound therapy and the delicate handling of this condition has helped many as well..


Hyperacusis is the easier of the two to treat and reverse and tinnitus is one that usually is more longer lasting of the two thou there is no defined true cure for hyperacusis but like cure is a real good thing to happen.


Its about the same as being cured if your hyperacusis is a non issue anymore and can function normally around normal sound enviroments that are not true hearing loss Db sounds..


There is no cure for tinnitus but habitation and that can work well and become a non issue as well or one that is not much of an issue at all.


But you will read on the archive board of people who have gone thru TRT and had very good results with it as well as thoses who say they did not but may have had improvement anyway..  


And of course it allso depends on one following the proticol and sticking with the TRT through thick and thin..


And how the TRT is appliyed...


You can read up on this by doing a search on the archive board for research but not for posting as no one is on that board anymore they are here instead or have moved on with thier lives..


Good Luck to you whatever you decided and catching it early is a good thing..


Your on the right track with this.. 


Take Care



Old post 9/17/05 at 01:25 PM  Email Norcal34 PM Norcal34 Reply with quote

Lynn & Leah, thanks for your advise and kind words.


I saw my ENT this past Tuesday and discussed my symptoms, light headedness, pressure in my right ear, T(Of course) and H. He said my condition is not the traditional Meneirs symptoms but that doesn't mean I don't  have it,just have to monitor it. Need to avoid stress as much as possible,he indicated he has saw patients in the past that stress made the M. worse. Also had  another hearing test and LDL test (I kinda wimped out on this, I told the audiologist I didn't want to push it... i was in charge.)   Spoke with the Doctor of Audiology who had taken classes by Jastreboff, he use to do TRT but not anymore. He gave me some recommendations, UC SF Medical center audiology dept, Dr.Sweetow is the TRT man there. Their sending me out some info on the mail.....hopefully i can get started ASAP.





Old post 9/17/05 at 05:12 PM  Email Werner PM Werner Reply with quote

Dr. Sweetow will be your best choice. Be aware that he does not follow a typical TRT protocol, but that does not mean much.
Overall I would wait to engage into TRT,a little early in the game for you.
The latest I heard is the the supply of TRT devieces is short, because of that you may have to wait for TRT anyhow.


Old post 9/17/05 at 05:34 PM  Email Norcal34 PM Norcal34 Reply with quote

Werner you wrote :Dr. Sweetow will be your best choice. Be aware that he does not follow a typical TRT protocol, but that does not mean much.



Can you enlighten me on his system? ( Have you seen him?)







 Information Requested

Old post 9/18/05 at 01:06 PM  Email Norcal34 PM Norcal34 Reply with quote

Can anyone give me any data on flying (travel) with H &T?


Were your conditions made worse? What did you experience?



Thank you,



Old post 9/18/05 at 01:12 PM  Email TonyManaro PM TonyManaro Reply with quote

I flew recently to Atlanta to see Dr. J and my conditions (H and T) were not exasperated in any way!

Tony Manaro
"Dancin' don't last forever!"

Old post 9/18/05 at 04:28 PM  Email johnkingc5 PM johnkingc5 Reply with quote


Flying with the Bose headphone will help tremendously.   I always bring CDs to play too!   Too bad that these noise-cancellation headphones sound lousy.



Take Care


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Lyme Disease Testing And Hyperacusis.



Old post 9/18/05 at 05:16 PM  Reply with quote

Hi all: have a question for you all here: I just learned this week that very often, undiagnosed lyme disease can cause hyperacusis. I understand that Dr. J's book goes into that, as well. I've ordered his book but it won't arrive for awhile.

I've also read on the CDC site in Atlanta, GA that lyme disease doesn't necessarily have the symptoms we think about.

I'd like to get a blood test to rule this out as I got a tick bite about the time that I started getting hyperacusis.

Any suggestions would be most helpful?




Old post 9/18/05 at 05:52 PM  Email dpellerin PM dpellerin Reply with quote

Hi Janepm,

I actually did the test for Lyme much longer before I got hyeracusis. It was related to 24/7 headaches I have. I had a funny round shaped rash after visiting Plumb Island near Boston in 1983 butI didn't remember getting a tic bite.

I first did did the "Elisa" test which came back negative then realised that it a poor screening test. There is another one called the "Western Blot". A lot of people with negative Elisa screening will have positive Western Blot tests. It also came back negative. So I am pretty certain that I don;t have Lyme/

There are other tests (such as the PCR to dedect DNA of the bacterium that causes Lyme).

All tests of Lyme are not perfect as some can give can give false positive and others can give false negatives. To complicate matters, some tests give better results in chronic cases whereas some of the tests work better a couple of months after infection..

You can google on Lyme, Elisa, Western Blot and you will find tons of info.

The site below is quite succinct in explaining the different tests

all the best,




Old post 9/18/05 at 10:36 PM  Reply with quote

hey: thanks so much, this is great information!

hope you are progressing well?


I am really excited. Thanks to this message board and friends I've met through it and a bunch of research I've done, including Dan helping out, I've finally decided to make the plunge and get a professional Center to help me. In the meantime, I'm lining up some at home kinds of things based on all of what I am hearing from folks to help me through it. 8 years ago when I got this, there was little substantiated help and much confusion, though of course wonderful Dr. J. was doing a lot of work in Maryland. I just didn't want to travel or spend the money then.Should have!


Old post 9/18/05 at 11:03 PM  Email dpellerin PM dpellerin Reply with quote

Hi Jane,

I think it's great that you take action to get yourself better.

I had decided to start TRT some time ago but the closest clinic was over 300 miles away, not possible for me to travel that far with my severe hyperacusis. A long car ride exacerbates my tinnitus and it often does not come back down. I finaly I found a TRT clinic in my city that had recently started up. Got the introdutionary appointment last week and the ball is now rolling.

all the best.



Old post 9/19/05 at 10:52 AM  Reply with quote

Yippee, I am so happy for you!

I remember 8 years ago when this whole thing came on that not were there few resources but folks didn't seem to agree on a lot, very confusing! I can imagine how frustrating it was years ago, good grief, it was bad enough only 8 years ago.

I am "shopping around", pondering, etc. I've finally made up my mind to travel wherever and spend some money to get some help.Mostly, for me, it's possible because of the misophonia. I am learning a pattern of when and where this all happened and despite my efforts over the years, how blessed I am to have some resources to choose from now.

Now instead of "gee, is there anyone out there to help me?", it's "who can I choose to help me now?"

Yippee for both of us.





General Hearing Instruments


Old post 9/01/05 at 08:12 PM  Email MarshaJohnsonMS Contact using AOL PM MarshaJohnsonMS Reply with quote

It appears that GHI, maker of the Tranquil tinnitus/hyperacusis device, has been hit by Katrina, as the main office is in downtown New Orleans and the plant was slightly north, near that big lake.



I contacted United Hearing Instruments, today, and they have offered to help with any repairs, etc. as a gesture of kindness.  If you have Tranquils and can tell your audiologist/clinician this news, it might help spread the word.


This is a terrible loss to the hyperacusis world.........let's hope GHI is back on its feet soon!  I do not have any official word, cannot get through the phone or emails.


If anyone knows something, please say.


Marsha Johnson, M.S.




Old post 9/01/05 at 09:42 PM  Email dpellerin PM dpellerin Reply with quote

Just my luck,

My audiologist was ordering my sound generators last week from them.

This was after wasting a month with the Siemens units which were too loud.

But the people over in Louisianna are contenting with much worse problems than I am.



Old post 9/19/05 at 05:35 PM  Email sailglider PM sailglider Reply with quote

General Hearing is open for business and although not everyone has made it back yet, we should be back at full speed in the next few weeks.  We were lucky to come through the storm as well as we did with little damage to our location.  Thanks for your patience during this rough time.  



Hi Folks



Old post 9/15/05 at 06:21 PM  Email Sandra PM Sandra Reply with quote

I'm so glad I found this site and that of Stringplayer. Nobody understands me out here in Nebraska. You know what I mean!!



Old post 9/16/05 at 09:06 AM  Email bartony PM bartony Reply with quote

Hello, Sandra-- I'll holler back at ya', don't know why no one else had'nt yet.

The boards are great, and we are fortunate (blessed) to have 'em.

I can sense the feelings of folks not understanding this every time I go out with my plugs in, and get the rude stares!  So, I know probably, what you are saying there.


Anyway, welcome on, and I know there will be others to say hello to you.





Old post 9/16/05 at 10:06 AM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Sandra,


Welcome aboard.. There is alot to read on this board and the archive board that goes back over two years of research...


Your not alone here.. We understand you here...


Good luck in your research. Lots to read...

Take Care



Old post 9/19/05 at 06:08 PM  Email Sandra PM Sandra Reply with quote

Thank you, folks. Was wondering why no one was responding, though...



Old post 9/19/05 at 09:19 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Sandra,


Even thou it may look like we are allways around because this message board is pretty full and our name's are up. Thats not allways the case and there is so much to read that we may fall behind as well.


But we understand hyperacusis and tinnitus as well as other ear dilemma's one may have as well right here on this board.


Your at the right place...  There's alot to read on this board and the archive board...


Good Luck to you Sandra  

Take Care




Soft Sound Syndrome



Old post 9/20/05 at 05:25 PM  Email MKLUTZ22 PM MKLUTZ22 Reply with quote

I would like to direct this message to Dr. Johnson or anyone with any info Re: Sensitive Soft Sound Syndrome.
Dear Dr. Johnson,
My name is Trish and I believe my husband Eric has SSS Syndrome. Just the anticipation of hearing "chewing" or "swallowing" sounds evokes anxiety, and sometimes anger, in him. I can see the fear in his face knowing he will soon here the sounds that irritate him so. Not only do these sounds bother him but he appears to have no control of his reactions to them.He doesn't say anything to anyone. He tells me to just ignore him, and I do but I feel like I'm torturing him. He'll leave the room or turn up the TV or I'll see him trying to sip his drink at the same time as me. I asked him why it doesn't appear to bother him when he chews or swallows, only others. He says it does just not as much maybe because he can control it. I have noticed that he does turn up the TV even when alone. Eric says he doesn't think its control. he just feels that if it bothers him it must bother others. It started when he was 15 or 16 (He said I could write this) Within the same year or two he started cutting himself. He stopped cutting when he was 19. I met him when he was 23. That was 10 years ago. I've been trying to research this problem for a long time but I could only find it listed as a symptom of other disorders. It does put a strain on our marriage at times but we communicate really well. He and I are both relieved to find there is an actual name for this condition. If anyone has any advice or questions please write us.
Thank you, Trish M.
PS-Eric also has sleep apnea & hypersomnia. I Don't think there is any connection w/ these disorders and ssssyndrome except that Eric feels he's alot more sensitive to sound when he's tired. 


Old post 9/20/05 at 11:56 PM  Reply with quote

If Marsha doesn't respond, she's easy to find: just type in Marsha Johnson in google and you'll be able to find out her direct office in Portland, Oregon. She's a very nice lady, has helped me a lot this last summer!





Take Care


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White Noise Machines



Old post 9/10/05 at 02:54 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

I forgot where I left the last message on this, but these light and sound machines are the one's where you listen to calming soothing sounds and see beutiful things, anyway the one website I wrote down where you should also be able to get links is:
Lots of good white noise information, this one is good:

Another one I also wrote down is
There's a book about this and sounds, the author's name is Anna Wise, which should be interesting to google one of her books is on sounds and relaxation.

Then there's also, which is just listening to sounds, the other ones I'll write down tomorrow night!

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....




Old post 9/10/05 at 08:55 PM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

I won't add the other sites, seeing I got no responses, but the above site is really good anyway and has so much information.

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....




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For Leah: I'm reading, I'm here! (tee-hee)

well, thanks for the information on the white noise. I've been reading tons on all the various ways that we can help manage and retrain our hyperacusis and misoponia.

I was wondering since I just bought the latest ipod, I will need to download some white noise, too, to the ipod. Do you know of a good site for that vs. buying cd's for white,or pink noise or nature sounds and then transferring?

Thanks for the great suggestions and sharing!





Old post 9/18/05 at 06:58 PM  Email bobm Contact using MSN PM bobm Reply with quote

Leah,you mentioned white noise machine at zellers or walmart ,are they as good or better than using a CD..

take care






Old post 9/19/05 at 12:32 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

Can't say, I only have my little noise machine which everybody apparently hates!!
It does seem to always have the ability to relax my jaw though which is weird, but as soon as those sounds are on, the tension in my jaw just eases away, which is proof that sound does change the molecular stucture.

I mean gosh, when we hear disco, our feet move, when we hear siren's the sound spikes are disruptive....and this is why I always get very annoyed when reading about students receiving grants to study how sounds and music affect us but are absolutely entirely clueless about hyperacusis.

With the white noise machine though it's not plugged in your ear, but I'am not saying that won't be good for you either.


We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....




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I ordered the latest version of the ipod the other day and want to download, if I can, some white noise for the device so I can exercise, work, do things and listen to white noise. That may be an idea vs. a device.

Anyone, though, know of where I can get a good digitally-enhanced white noise cd or perhaps a site I can download it from to my ipod?





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Custom Made Sound Suppressors


What a day...


I did it again.. Well its been along time because the last time I was cutting a hugh cactus and one of my custom plugs feel out.. I was looking so hard for it as I new where I lost it.


I mean I went thru all sorts of vegetation over days. I finally gave up and stoped looking and one day... I saw something shining that the sun caught.. And there it was.. I cleaned it off and put it back in its container..


Well this time I was clearing under thick big Junipers what a mess and I felt a plug fly out as I brushed a branch.. I found it and then noticed at the same time that my other plug was missing as well.


I went all thru the area I was clearing and its not there.. Then I thought oh no.. Could I have dumped it in the green bin which is a big garbage looking can full of debrie.


I guess I'll go thru it.. But I'm just going to phone and order two more pair. My old ones are suppose to be clear but they look really warn as I only use them for gardening.


There sound waves .. custom made sound suppressors made by pacific coast laboratories.. Sound Waves-Noise Plugs.. Last time when I lost that other plug which I finally found I ordered another one and stated I wanted the little handles on it.


They made it without handles and thou I used that one today outside. They just don't work as well for the way I use them.. So next time I have to make sure that they include the handles on the order form as the women I talked to on the phone when I phoned back to say that don't have the handles on them..


She said oh you mean "   " I forget the word she used for it. But I have to make sure we are both on the same page this time..


Its a must have item for me... 


I only use them for gardening because my fingers are dirty I don't want to stick dirty fingers in my ears in case someone fires up a loud power tool while I'm gardening..


Plus for me theses plugs are a must have item.. They helped me bring sound back into my life by just leaving them in my ears not fully inserted to push in when a loud noise came about..


They helped me let sound back into my life with the added feature of safety..


My security blanket...


Thet have no holes for sound as they are just solid because I wanted them made with no holes because I just use them in a pinch to block out loud sounds..


Not for regular sounds or just loud but not really loud loud sounds.. I have two with holes but I don't like them because I use them not for wearing or inserting deep into the canel.. just enought to be there in a pinch..


I can do alot and it works just fine for me.. And I use them all the time for gardening...


But I was swide swiped by the limbs of the juniper. And it fliped them out.


I may still find it as its out there and not going anywhere unless I dumped it with the debrie in the green bin...


My others ones were getting old looking and didn't look so clear anymore..


Oh well.. So goes life    


History repeats itself...      

Take Care





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keep up the good work in the garden.i did not that there were junipers in California.i know there is in the northern part for sure.thats good then, the blue sky rockets are really nice


definitely keep your gloves on with those prickly shrubs.well at least the prickly types.i have lost many a fight with those bushes

they can give you a very good rash at the least

ah ,the smell of fresh cut evergreens ,nice aroma.

funny how smells can bring back memories,good or bad...


i know what you mean about sticking you fingers in your ears with plugs as they get all dirty,i do the same with my wax earplugs but use my knuckle to push them in when (danger ) unwanted noise comes my way...

enjoy the sun

take care







Old post 9/20/05 at 09:40 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Bob,


Yep.. I have lots of junipers and one of them freaken ate my earplug.. I can't find it.. I dumped out a whole green garbage like vegetation container and picked thru the whole thing and it wasen't there..


I bet its stuck " slid " in one of those junipers.. My garden looks pretty good though.. I do work hard on it but the rewards are great 


I worked as hard on that as I did my hyperacusis and it helped take my mind off my pain some.. Its raining right now though. If my plug's outside still.. Its getting a much needed bath. There old.. My original.. My kind of good luck charm like my pink noise tape..


We tend to get attached to certain objects but they were looking pretty worn and I guess it means time to replace them..


Went to  the hearing clinic.. Its been along time for me but I just want my plugs as they work well for me.. I want to keep well. I want the ones with no holes as I do not insert them all the way in only if I hear a very loud airplane or something..


Just untill its past.. For safety sake as nothing sounds hyperacusis loud to me anymore.. But I went and it was a provider I have seen before.. I told her I don't use the plugs much anymore and my hyperacusis is over 90 percent better but I need them just in case as I don't want to get sick again.


Its just for protection.. She understood and asked what I did to get better. I told her and she new about TRT and that hyperacusis has to do with brain. I said nerves and brain..


She said its rare as I'm the second person with hyperacusis she has seen and I said not rare just uncommon. I'm sure she had read my chart and I explained to her I just had tinnitus and then it progressed into hyperacusis.


She said no. It wasen't just tinnitus... you were comeing down with hyperacusis.. And she also said she could not take the mould's today as she looked in my ears and said theres a wall of wax in there and she can't even see my eardrums..


If she made it...the  moulds in my ears it might push the wax further so she couldn't do it and I'd have to have it cleaned first.. And I said not with the water squirt thing.. I can't do it.... so she scheduled an appointment with the surgent to take it out with a tool..


But she said its mostly packed in my left ear and I said that's the ear I hear less out of it like its at the end of a hallow tube and she said it may be caused by the wax.. I really hope so..


That would be so wonderfull if it were so.. I think its packed way up in front of my eardrum.. They took moulds a few years ago so I believe my packed way back there wax is caused by my earplugs use..


I really think thats it. I pushed it back there with plugs.. But my left ear does feel clogged now since she brought it upto me. I feel the difference.. So that's not till Oct then I can get my plugs made.


But I have three extra pairs.. One with no strings no handles no holes.. Two with strings and one with a open hearing hole and the other one with no hole..


I'm useing my no hole string one in the yard. Can't lose it easy with a sting. Plus it has the handles one side red the other side blue so I know which ear is which plug..


But I like the string better now then before.. I guess its because I'm better..


But the other reason is because with the string and colored handles you see the plugs easier then mostly pure clear and that was the other reason why I liked the other ones better..


But with no string.. Its easier to lose one.. So I use the string one's right now and hope they don't get caught on a juniper...       



Take Care





Old post 9/21/05 at 06:05 PM  Email bobm Contact using MSN PM bobm Reply with quote

that would be good news if that problem was only ear wax..


must be nice to be able to grow a cactus in your garden

too darn cold for that in my garden


 watch those junipers they can jump right out at you ,and take the earplugs


stay well





Old post 9/21/05 at 10:04 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Bob,

Well.... The catcus is no longer with us anymore.. May it rest in peace..  


It was a big one too. About as tall or even tall'er then me. But it had theses sticker pointed ends on each leaf and on it sides like sharp razor blades  and at first I started by cutting off the ends and sides.


And then I started trimming it down and lost my plug in it.. And then I lost my tolerance for the durn thing and decided it shall cause me no more problems anymore..


So onto the junipers.. Though thoses I have more tolerance for... so its getting a trim...  Not a shear...


I still have some succulents in the yard but there cute little ones.. Thoses bother no one but the bugs that are low to the ground that have to crawl around them..


But that hugh cactus I had.. It was sharp and sliced my arms to many times to count.. Like cut grass and I can't stand cut grass. I had that in my yard too but I don't have to deal with that any longer as well.


If it doesn't smell good, look good or feel good to touch... It doesn't stand a chance in my yard...


Neither do the snails that eat all my pretty plants.......


But if the only problem with my ear is the ear wax.. Even if it was part or half of my problem.. And I could hear better after its done.. That sounds good to me...


In October.. I'll find out.. I would how it feels to have your ears scraped of wax...


Do they do that to people alot. Or is it just the water squirter and vacuum method that most people have done.. 



That would be good news if that problem was only ear wax..


I'll find out in time...


Take Care


Take Care


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Book Recommedation



Old post 9/15/05 at 08:38 PM  Email johnkingc5 PM johnkingc5 Reply with quote


I have tinnitus and hyperacusis, and am interested first in self-treatment methods.  Any book recommendations?





Old post 9/15/05 at 08:50 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi John,

Dr Vernons book.. Tinnitus Q and A you can order it from the tinnitus association.. It has a chapter on self help with the pink noise for hyperacusis..


Take Care





Old post 9/17/05 at 08:29 PM  Email TonyManaro PM TonyManaro Reply with quote

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy: Implementing the Neurophysiological Model

Tony Manaro
"Dancin' don't last forever!"




Old post 9/22/05 at 01:38 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

The Power of Sounds by Joshua Leeds, Detox or Die by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.



We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....  





Preston, re: Jacob and the Blessing





Old post 9/14/05 at 06:09 PM  Email BonnieBeth PM BonnieBeth Reply with quote



*I decided to start a new thread because I don't think this post belongs on a thread about 24/7 sound exposure or even hyeracusis, but I didn't know how to delete the entry once it was posted.  Actually...I just went back and deleted it.  So the entry is now on this thread...


Hi Preston,


I was going to tell you that based on my current horrific setback and other experiences I'm having with 24/7 sound exposure that I"m inclined to agree with you, but....I think I'm going to address what you wrote about the Jewish Patriarch, Jacob.


The interpretation you are providing is the Christological interpretation.  I will provide the Jewish one, which is based on the definitive Stone edition of the Chumash, with Rashi's commentaries and excerpts from commentaries and writings of the other great sages.


The angel (or man) that Jacob was wrestling with is the guardian angel of Esau, and he came "in the guise of a man."  Two nations are unique, Israel and Esau.  The patriarch Abraham represented kindness and Isaac represented service, whereas Jacob represented the third pillar, the Torah, without which the Jewish people would cease to exist.  So it was imperative that the angel of Esau (Satan, in the form of a man) come and wrestle with Jacob, in order to stop the Jews from studying Torah. 


From the commentaries:  "The angel of Esau had to attack Jacob, because, as the last and greatest of the Patriarchs, Jacob symolized man's struggle to raise himself and the effort.  The battle between Jacob and the "man" was the "eternal struggle between good and evil, between man's capacity to perfect himself and Satan's determination to destroy him spiritually."  Torah study is the most critical element of Jewish education, and that's why Satan confronted Jacob and not Abraham or Isaac.  The commentary also points out how Jewish history bears out the problems with lack of Torah education, and assimilation. 


G-d sent this angel on purpose to "pave the way for the ultimate salvation of Jacob and his descendents."  Because Jacob was such a holy man and believed so strongly in G-d, Esau's angel could not win, however, he did cripple Jacob in his hip socket.  The midrash explains that this injury represents a "weakening of commitment on the part of financial supporters of Torah education."  In addition, the injury presages the future persecution of Jacob's descendents (i.e., Roman persecution of the Jews, and future persecutions of the Jewish people and Israel).  The Jewish people were to suffer future losses, but obtain greater blessings. 


The injury to Jacob's hip socket is one reason the laws of kashruth do not allow Jews to eat the tendon of an animal's thigh - the inner and outer sinews are forbidden. 


When the angel asks Jacob his name, it is in preparation for the blessing, to let him know that he and not Esau deserves the eternal blessing, and that he did not obtain his blessing deceitfully (the name Jacob implies "heel" and "deceit.")  The angel said, "No longer will it be said that your name is Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with the Divine and with man and have overcome."  The name change did not take place immediately; but simply revealed what G-d would do later, in Genesis 35:10. 


When Jacob asked the angel's name, he was trying to find out his mission.  Rashi's commentary states:  "An angel exists only to perform G-d's will, and his "name" is a reflection of that mission.  In asking the angel his name, Jacob sought to learn the nature of his mission, but the angel replied that he had no set name, for the names of angels change according to their assignments."


The Ramban commentary:  "Knowledge of my name can be of no use to you.  I am powerless except for Hashem.  Should you summon me, I would not respond nor can I help you in your distress."  But the angel blessed him for he had been commanded to do so, not because he had independent power."


When we visited Germany a number of years ago, we were in Worms, and it was the most incredible experience to be in the very synagogue where the great sage Rashi spent his years teaching his students 1,000 years ago.  They had what is thought to be his original chair on display, and the desk he used.  Unbelievable experience. 


All the best,




Old post 9/15/05 at 12:00 PM  Email Preston PM Preston Reply with quote

Hi Bonnie,


Thanks for that wonderful elucidation about Jacob's struggle with the angel. And a special thank you for posting it here and not in 24/7 thread.


I wished to make a point about about personal struggle and growth, which philosophically has a lot to do with T and H, esp. in light of the epithets we'd applied to it (dragon, demon, or whatever comes to mind).


I hope you were not offended by my extremely brief example. I tried to keep it bare bones and non-denominational if such a thing is at all possible. Actually the paragraph about the Midrash commentary and the angel Michael is copied (with minor editing to keep it ultra simple) from the chabad org website.

It appears at the bottom of the page in the footnotes and concurs with you that "The classic interpretation is that this was the angel of Esau". The Midrash commentary is an alternate but easier to apply analogy (or so I thought) when looking for the silver lining of own struggles.


You wrote, "The battle between Jacob and the "man" was the "eternal struggle between good and evil, between man's capacity to perfect himself and Satan's determination to destroy him spiritually."  That's good and it applies to us too; our health struggles can help perfect us or they can destroy our spirit.


Question... I've been told that the Torah refers to the one that is now called Satan as, in English, The Adversary. Struggling against an adversarial being is meaningful, and I was surprised that you used the being's more modern name instead of the traditional Hebrew equivalent. In any event Jacob is blessed after prevailing in his struggle, either by the angel or by God's command through the agency of the angel. May we all prevail in our struggles and win blessings.


And to go yet one step deeper... I'm still confused as to why the angel refused to tell Jacob his name, which as you said is the reflection of his mission...  "In asking the angel his name, Jacob sought to learn the nature of his mission, but the angel replied that he had no set name, for the names of angels change according to their assignments." So why does the angel, in the form of a man, not reveal the nature of his mission through the name given him for this particular assignment.


Perhaps it's symbolic of man's inability to comprehend to the divine mysteries such that revealing a celestial's mission through his name could only at best be partially understood by the limits of our intellects.


Thanks again for sharing,




Old post 9/22/05 at 10:23 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Bonnie, 


Jacobs Trouble.. I just found a new message board that is debateing that and many topics.. I haven't had time to read all that of yet.. There are just heavy into debate there...


But JOB.. He just went thru so much... great highs and great lows.. So much contentment and then JOB went thru so much suffering and pain... Just reading the peril' of JOB and the emotions he went thru is so deep.. 


I bet alot of people before H and T or just H or T had a pretty normal like life beforehand.


Didn't think of or question much.. Then hyperacusis hit and sent the things one may believe in as the world turns...... on its head..


When we visited our medical providers.. Insurance claims .. paperwork.. the safetly net.. How we believed things worked in the world before and how they felt after many of the bad expirences alot of us went thru with what we believed to be the safety net of the world medical system. Or just the world in general... 


The drug commericals on T.V. that could fix almost anything can't fix everything. Thoses smileing people on T.V. are just that.. Actors or paid smiling people on T.V...


People getting hearing Aids that supposidly solved there problem's. To find out.. It doesn't..... and prevention is worth a pound of cure and the buck stops with us eventually..


The false sense of security that maybe alot of us had before that was ripped away by expirence for us..


Everyone has had different expirences with there journey into H or T yet....


And thou somethings we look back on something as maybe preventable..


Doesn't mean we are totally responsable for the unknown or what could of been...


But looking back allso makes one wonder how did I get lulled into a false sense of security so easily.. How come I believed things would go a certain way to find out that it may not...


Why wasen't there more education on the things that we needed to know to protect ourselves from harm... for thoses that could...


I had no idea H or T exisited before and the information about hearing an acoustic trauma and other issues of the hearing beside " Very Limited On " hearing loss and ear infection's....


Would have been very helpfull for people to know about..


But there is hardly any education or teaching out there on theses conditions at all.  


But knowing what I know now.... has changed my behavior in the way.. If I encounter a loud blasting car or jackhammer, construction work or party or event.. I walk the other way and save my hearing while others sit in the blasting noise unaware..


There are so many people in this world that just go thru life unaware..  Unaware of the things that go on...


And then there is suffering in the world and then theres JOB...


It just makes one think.. Its just so deep.. But Hyperacusis tends to make a person a deep thinker in the first place... 


It takes you to web sites and massage board where other deep thinker's exist... Like this board too......


And there are lots of people in the world ..who are deep thinkers as well....


JOB.. At least it had a good ending....     






Take Care


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Best Hearing Dealer In Toronto, Canada, the Fluttering Ear !




Old post 9/22/05 at 01:16 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

The Hearing Dealer that is aware of hyperacusis is Union Hearing Center at 123 Edwards Avenue by the Bus Station at Dundas and Bay, and it's across from the School of Dentistry.  Dundas and Edwards have building's that join each other.

But they know my experiences with the last few times I've had a 2nd hearing aid, and I really thought getting a 2nd one was worth trying out to stop the migraines, even though I almost died last time trying one.  But even amplified just a tiny bit, may help, except with my fluttering ear that vibrates in syrinconicity (sp)? with the old fridge we have and continues being hurt because my family enjoys talking loud and sharply clarifying consonants which I kept telling them hurts my ear....

Anyway....woke up .....used the phone.....heard the echo's't today to try the hearing aid, so I'am thinking well, okay then at least this time they'll see this because I can't just make my ear flutter which it's doing every week now for two days or so.

He checks my ear with that thing and see's the eardrum is pulled back or pushed out (forget) and won't let me try the hearing aid because it might set off my hyperacusis.  (I wouldn't have tried it anyway)!  Then he admits to me that my ear is likely affected by the fridge because it is related to electrical sensitivity, because he understands electric's and magnetism and how the ear works himself, and I can't wear this hearing aid when my ear flutters, and not at home until I get a new fridge, so I'am only maybe wearing this part-time IF (a STRONG if) I can tolerate this, which I know I won't be able to.  My new doctor thought I was crazy to try it again, but it for my migraines really because it's all related.

Anywhere Nick at Union Hearing also said it's probably the weather (maybe molds) or allergies I have (diet), so it's very very clear that they do realize this is a cause of diet and Environmental Factors,   EXCEPT the doctor's and ENT's don't know this because they don't study it because not many of us have this (which is bunk, because 2/6 people have a hearing loss and 85% with Environmental Illnesses also have Noise Sensitivity) and it's a money issue.

Yet millions of scientists work with sound-related projects and do experiments on loud intolerance with animals, and science can EVEN track elephants going into the deep forest of the jungles worldwide anywhere via the Internet by GPS satelitte for two years when they put a collar around their necks, yet they can't seem to acknowledge noise sensitivity for some bizarre reason.  Which throws my mind!!!!!

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....





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While doing a search for a Soundscape hearing aid (I thought there was one)

This is one of  one I found:
Quiet-List 1997
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Re: Hearing Aids for Rock'n'Roll President

    * To: quiet-list@xxxxxxx
    * Subject: Re: Hearing Aids for Rock'n'Roll President
    * From: "David Staudacher" <quiet@xxxxxxx>
    * Date: Tue, 7 Oct 97 18:56:05 EDT
    * Reply-to: quiet-list@xxxxxxx
    * Sender: owner-quiet-list@xxxxxxx

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997 11:56:30 -0400 (EDT),  <> wrote:

>Bill Clinton, America's first baby-boomer President, has
>been fitted with hearing aids.  He has been complaining
>about hearing loss since his days as Arkansas' governor.

This story also ran near the end of today's edition (10/7) of All
Things Considered (NPR/PRI).  The segment consisted of an interview
with Lorrie Hannon of the New York based League for the Hard of
Hearing.  It started right off with the suggestion that the
President's hearing loss was probably related to exposure to loud
music, and followed up with some statistics on increasing hearing loss
among teenagers.  "Boom Boxes" were specifically mentioned.  The rest
of the interview concerned various aspects of hearing aid technology,
cost, effectiveness, digital vs analog, etc.

David Staudacher -

================================================== ==========================
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Interesting to know!!!

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....




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Hi Leah,


I have an idea how the echoing may sound.. I have an echoing tunnel hearing in my left ear but I hear that only if I put the telephone reciever up to my ear..


I wonder if my eardrum is pulled back or pushed out as well in that ear.. They can't see my eardrums as they said I have a wall of wax way back there and its worse in my left compared to my right thou I have it in my right too.


So I just wonder if that will help my left ear when they clean out the compacted wax. Compacted by the use of earplugs from probably long ago..


But I didn't have that problem when they looked into my ears long time ago many times... because they took moulds of my ears twice over time for the plugs and they would not do it this time because of the wall of wax situation..


They were afraid they may push it further into my eardrum..


But way back long ago when I had the sever echoing with sound problem's in both ears with sever hyperacusis.. I didn't have a wall of wax then because I had lots of people back then look into my ears and it wasen't that bad then...


Regular wax. Fairly normal wax... I was told people need some wax....


But the ear mould provider said it was a wall of wax this time..


But my echoing days and hyperacusis days are like over.. Except my slight problem in my left ear..



So what you wrote above was interesting to read..


If only that would make me hear better thru it.. Instead of thru a long tunnel..


Maybe that will do the trick !


Sorry you are going thru this Leah.. I know problems such as this suck !


The refridge sounds like its an older one.. That runs pretty hard.. You need a new one but its your parents choice on that one..


And that really sucks !!!!!!!!





Take Care


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Favorite Sounds



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On a lighter note.  Before my ears decided to give me a hard time I used to love the sounds of sea gulls.  It always reminds me of the beach.  Now when I hear the feeling i get is alittle different.  One  day i will be able to listen to them without any pain or fear again.  I was just wondering if anyone else had a sound the enjoyed or used to enjoy?





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music... i was a musician.. it was my mediation, piece of mind, life passion, and solace.. now it is an assault on my senses.....

Tony Manaro
"Dancin' don't last forever!"





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for me, it was years before I could listen to music on my radio while I drove. I am able to do that now. I also love seagulls, too. We live in an ocean environment and that and the ocean surf is one of my favorite sounds. Fortunately, we don't live ON the ocean so the ocean sounds are kind of muted which is nice.

You'll enjoy it again, I know! Thanks for being positive, hang in there, you have plenty of friends.






Personal Listening Devices


Dan Malcore

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Susan just emailed me and suggested I visit this link for an interesting report on how our world is listening to music. 


Here is the link:







Old post 9/12/05 at 07:19 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Dan,


I just checked it out.. Thanks Susan... Theses kid's aren't going to make it as long as most of us have with our ears over time.. They just don't know how bad tinnitus or hyperacusis can get...


When I was younger I use to have a headphone radio I would listen to on bart or the streecars or on the bus but I don't think its as high tech as whats out today.


New nothing about ears back then.. Nobody ever said a word... But I would listen mostly to talk radio back then.. Not so much to music thou I did.. but not as much as talk radio...


Didn't get T or H back then...

Take Care






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I'm probably about your age, Lynn, as what you talk about sure sounds familiar. Totally agreed!

I don't think these kids think about the future like we did. However, I do think there's a LOT more at stake with listening to the digital and the high tech. Case in point: I just had a new radio installed on my car. My (young) mechanic said "see, you can make it louder" and boy was it "in my ear." I said NO, I'm fine with it softer!

I used to work at a retail store right next door to Sam Goody's. Two doors down from our department store, the noise was defeaning and in a mall, no less. We put earplugs, the customrs complained, we complained to Mall management, the whole works. Finally, I had someone cover my department while I went over there. I found a loud, LIVE BAND there giving a concert in the store. I asked them to please cool it and the lead singer came up to me and said "hey lady, noise is good" to which I said "noise that loud isn't good" and he said, "man, it's good, man!' or something to that effect. Anytime I worked Saturdays, I'd take my earplugs. I still carry earplugs with me "in case." I need it rarely but...


the only thing I heard growing up was from my Dad saying "you are going to deaf listening to music that loud." Of course, I thought he was nuts. I sure haven't grown up deaf, if anything, it's the other way around!





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Hi Jane,


Long time before I came to this board..  Before March 03 ... Probably Febuary Or Jan or Dec I can't remember the exact time but while I was plunging or collapseing...


Sam Goodys and Marie Callendars did my ears in.. I should have stayed home but my mother came by and I thought maybe I could go to the mall. I had my earplugs.. Why not.. I wanted to go....


Sam Goodys is so freaken loud even with the plugs and Marie Callendars was so loud it just roared with voices.. I cryed after that because I new I could never go back to the mall again.. I thought never again...


And it was about a year and a half maybe 2 before I could step foot in the mall again..  Can't totally remember but it was about that...


Sam Goodys.. And the Gap.. That place is real loud too...  

Take Care






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Hey all: guess what, after 8 years of dealing with hyperacusis, I finally decided to get a NEW ipod, the brand new model. I plan on getting something to download so I can retrain my ears when I can't be at my desk. I understand that it's important to get a good quality noise to listen to and my tabletop may not make it, who knows.

Anyway, it's a late birthday present, should come soon!!!


I've always been "scared" to put something in my ears.






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Lynn: I totally agree with you about that Sam Goody's place. I am now just starting to venture into places that for years, I used to say "no-no", to.

I've been working real hard on the fear aspect that comes with this territory. Not horribly but there's some there for a lot of people.







Hallelujah ! I'm Not Crazy !





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Since I was about 15 I have not been able to hear people chew.  Especially my mother.  If I had to listen to her chewing locked up in a room with my hands tied behind my back unable to plug my ears I would ram my head in to the wall hoping it would knock me out.  But hearing ANYONE chew or even the sounds they make while eating (the silverware scraping the plate, the sound of fingers digging in popcorn) fills me with rage.  I absolutely can not eat with someone unless there is sound in the background or I can plug both ears.  And if the sound is not loud enough to cover the chewing sounds I have to leave the room.  I have punched the wall before trying to sit through the torture.  If I eat with my family they know we have to put the television on before anyone takes a bite.  And the pauses between commercials when I get a glimpse of a chewing sound I go nuts just for a brief moment.  If the dinner is nachos or something very crunchy, I can't eat around the person at all because nothing can cover up the crunch crunch sound.  And if I try to plug my ears to muffle the sound, still being able to see the person and knowing they are making the sounds fills me with rage.  Today at work, a co-worker was eating Pringles.  I was cursing & swearing in my head at her and started wishing her harm.  I am not a violent person!  I finally had to leave, it was unbearable.  Even my friend at work makes really horrible chewing sounds (that are normal to most people) and if I eat with her at work I curse & swear at her in my head and give her dirty looks and envision me throwing my food at her face.  I would rather endure physical pain than hear people eat.  I am SO glad I finally found out that others have the exact same problem as I do.  I just found this out today and am thrilled!  Now I know I am not just being "mean" or "crazy".  I have found that life is too short and that if it bothers you that much, stay away from it.  My life is much nicer & calmer if I eat alone and stay away from people eating.  Sure, it'd be nice to eat with people but that's just not in my chemical make-up and I can live with that.  Good luck to all of you who have it! 






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I am with you both!!!! Sadly I have been like this since I was very young, as far back as I can remember eating is something I have never wanted to share with other people! I am a little better now but still have issues.... When I have to eat with the family I simply wear ear plugs which helps. I don't usually eat with my husband, but he's pretty quiet so I can. It's so nice to know I am not the only one, I used to think I was a psycho as well! 








Hearing Aids


Old post 9/25/05 at 10:28 AM  Email Billymoe PM Billymoe Reply with quote

   Has anyone ever tried the micro tech refuge hearing aids or the GHI Harmony aids. I would like to walk around New York City and feel like I'm part of the human race. My TRT generators haven't brought my tolerence level high enough to be able to do that. Any help would be appreciated.



                          William Montana






Old post 9/26/05 at 12:54 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

I haven't tried either one.  I tried a hearing aid /White noise combination, but at that time I was unable to wear my hearing aid in my other ear, because of the fridge.

I keep offering to pay for half the price of our whezzy and groaning 14-year old fridge, but it just seems that everything else is more important that communication in the family ???

I'am about to pick up another hearing aid, but it doesn't have any white noise in it, and they wouldn't place it in my ear because of the fluttering which would set off my hyperacusis, but frankly I'd feel better being more relaxed than on the ends of the fringe by noise! 

And the time I tried that White Noise/Hearing Aid Combi I hated the hearing aid part of it, and loved the white noise, but because I didn't wear my hearing aid in the other ear I was getting startled by noises going in my good ear....and that's something many Hyperacusis Specialists aren't even aware about and can't tell you about, but we've mentioned this on a thread on the old board years ago, and a few of us experienced this.  But ask about this, but again they may not be aware of this.

After this happened to me, I just refused to keep it, no matter how they persisted me to keep it, because when I got my 2nd hearing aid in 1996, that is when this whole thing started, and I've read a few stories about people with powerful hearing aids and loud noises that get horribly rattled due to all that noise, and it's something they really don't tell people about.  Hearing Dealers want you to hear, while the Deaf are like "Why do you bother wearing hearing aids", so ?????


We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....





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I was told by my hearing dealer that I can't get the Harmoney because it's not made in Canada. 

I don't really believe that, but General Instruments wouldn't give me any information because it was against the law.

Weird isn't it??

I don't think they have any hearing aid/White Noise combi's in Canada, other than the one I already tried, and I didn't like that hearing aid at all!

I always thought there was free trade, but this is a medical mishap bigone!!


We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....  






Take Care


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The Electric Universe


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I'am reading a book I need to let you all know about, that's so informative.

"The Electric Universe", by David Bodanis @2005.
(Author of E=mc2, and "The Body Book")
Website:  <>

I've just started reading this book (and sleep on end for 17-20 hour days because I'am getting horrible migraines from noises ; most especially our family fridge which seems to be shutting down the left side of my lymph system now)...

In his book here is some of what he's wrote (I just started reading this book)

He writes a crystal clear explanation of force fields under the Atlantic to GPS satellites.....(this was written in the narratives from other author's about his writing)

The author:

"Antidepressants turn into liquid electricity when swallowed"

If electrical forces stopped in our body, the water would evaporate as the electrical bonds between water molecules break apart, DNA strands within our body would no longer hold together, the oxygen would suffocate as oxygen molecules in air would bounce uselessly off the hemoglobin molecules in blood.

My words:  When our body dies it's the electricity that's not working, the chemicals are still in the body!!

Before the 19th c. a determined experimentalist found ways to release these invisible waves from inside copper wires and send them flying free.  This discovery lead to cell phones, television, radar and the computer, the basis for why well pumps and passenger jets work effectively!

Researcher then found that the atoms inside us don't really look like miniature solar systems, with electrons orbiting like miniature planets around a tiny sun.  Rather, these electrons can wildly telport from one location to another. 

In in book he talks about how the discovery of electricity and how it works has changed our world in the making of airplanes, cell phones, computers.....


he also talk's about HOW electricity affects your cells!

I got this book at my library!!

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....





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You have the most informative posts. Now I know why; I clicked on your name and you are a research analyst! That must come in handy when trying to solve your own problems!

Personally, a lot of that stuff I think has a lot of substance to it. But unfortunately, big money (pharmaceutical companies, big business, the extremely rich and powerful and our own government) will never back any of this stuff because the more that people are sick, the more that they can keep us ignorant and in the dark by calling this information lies, the more power they keep and the more money they make.

So my kudos to you for finding information. I know many will look at some of these sites and find some of it hard to believe (like the radiation site). But I believe that all the technology, medicine and chemicals in our world today are directly related to the soaring rise of more disease.

That is my two cents.






Old post 5/23/05 at 12:57 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

I have to make my own work somehow, so I pick the names I want to do.

Environmentalist, activist, bioacoustical and molecular researcher .....

Whatever ....  do the work long enough, you'll be able to make sense of it, and eventually someone will give you a chance unless you take a leap of faith and do what you love, chances are all around us, we're limited by those who limit us!

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....






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Yes.. The electric universe.. And electric sensitivity.. and chemical sensitivity and chemical allergic...


Living In Our Chemically Polluted World 


You rnay find this unbelievable. You don't believe that this can happen but in America they estimate that over half of their population will be chemically allergic by 2010.


And can this cause noise sensitivity and hearing problems.. It did for Pam.... 


Couldn't stand noises or voices

Couldn't stand daylight or sunlight


Earache in both ears


Jaw ache




Pam had it all.....


Pam wrote...


Mercury fillings have been used for years. People were called hypochondriac's. They were sent to a psychiatrist or put into a mental home. They are probably dead now as no-one believed that they were seriously ill. It affects people even more now-a-days as we eat and breath in chemicals all day. The leaking amalgam fillings are passed to our babies in the womb giving them a low immune system as soon as they enter our chemically polluted world.



Or I can add. At one time theses people where called hypochondriacs and sent to a psychiatrist or mental home.. Except theses people are called hyperacusis or had ringing in their ears and in that case are called tinnitus....



Pam Asked....

If mercury fillings are safe why then is the use of it in our mouths being banned in other countries ?

Good question Pam.. Good questions are meant to be asked... If nobody asked them or spoke out.. Nothing would ever get changed... Now would it ? 



Take Care






Old post 9/29/05 at 12:34 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

Oh my God, I'll have to read about that.

Thanks Lynn
We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....





Old post 9/29/05 at 12:51 AM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Leah,


I was wondering...


What does a company do

with the

essence of pollution?


When I brush my Teeth...

I use bakeing soda and salt powder...

Its more natural that way....And Safer too......

 Got to take care of thoses hyperacustic teeth...

And with our teeth comes our health too..

Water and the electric Universe

Toxic Substances In The Environment

The length that hyperacusis people go to keep there teeth healthy.


Information On Dental Fluorosis...


Pulp Science 

Fluoride Study

I don't brush with Fluoride ToothPaste and I think its better for your teeth and health also...


Pams Website lead me to all of this..



Take Care


Take Care


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Homopathic Remedies For The Teeth And TMJ




Old post 9/29/05 at 12:32 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

This is a bit long, but it's worth putting in here because I'am positive someone would love reading this, and it's very beneficial to view over too.  I just read this in one of my daily digests and I feel this does belong here because hyperacusis is linked to TMJ problems for the majority of us, even if we don't realize it because we put a lot of stress on our jawbones.

List of Homeopathic Remedies to Consider

Medical & Dental Anxiety

Great fear and anxiety on going to the dentist, doctor, or medical tests, MRI, CAT scan, and surgery.


Apprehension, agitation and nervousness with belching. Fear of going to the dentist or doctor, of heart disease, cancer, strokes, of having an incurable disease, of fainting, and of hospitals.


Great concern and anxiety about their health and their symptoms, which causes even more stress. They go to many doctors, and try every kind of therapy. Their concern about diet leads to rigorous health regimes
which they follow religiously, even if the chosen foods are not compatible with their system.


Fear of going to the dentist. Of being examined and weighed by the doctor. Anxiety and fear about germs, contamination, and infection. Anxious about ealth, cancer, heart disease, pain, and mental illness.


Paralyzed by dread and apprehension before dentist or doctor visits with diarrhea. Fear that heart will cease to beat unless they keep moving.


Anxiety and Fear of surgery, they cannot bear anything penetrating their body.

Surgical Problems
ARNICA 1M, 200c, 30c:

Pre-op before procedure to reduce pain bruising and hemorrhaging, take 1M or just before and right after surgery then followed by 200c and then 30c for recuperation period. Anxiety and Fear before surgery, they cannot bear anything penetrating their body. For initial pain and trauma of Joint Dislocations, use before, during and after medical attention to relocate the extremity into the joint; of knee, shoulder, wrist and jaw.


Pain reliever for intolerable "exquisite" pain and the equivalent of a morphine-like medicine in homeopathy. For surgery to prevent and treat post operative sensory nerve pain, prostration, trauma, and other disorders
as a result of surgery.
For pain following surgery in which nerves are cut or injured; for detached retina, amputation, dental surgery, to remove a bullet, spinal and abdominal surgery, appendicectomy. Depression and apprehension before and after surgery.
Amputation pain after amputation of limbs, upper and also lower; traumatic neuralgia in amputated limb stump, and phantom limb pains. Preserves integrity of torn and lacerated members when almost entirely separated from body.


Shock after surgery.


Pain around the surgical incision, in which there is cutting with knife; circumcision, eye surgery, ovarian surgery, abdominal surgery, surgery for urethra/bladder stones; caesarean, childbirth, long drawn-out, painful
birth and exhausting birth.

RUTA 30c:

Before and after joint surgery to reduce the pain and speed healing; (and alternate with Arnica).


For the bad effects of general anesthesia during surgery where the lack of oxygen causes problems; extreme weakness as a result of, and after surgery.


Post-surgery paralysis of bladder when cannot pass urine.


Post-surgical care after eye surgery for cataracts with prolapse of the iris. Hemorrhage from leech bites used in re-attaching severed parts.


Surgery when there is injury to glandular and the deeper tissues and muscles, and it acts on muscular fibers of the blood vessels. Surgical injury to muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments with intense soreness. Breast surgery including mastectomy.


For toxic affects of General Anesthesia during surgery [30c as needed right after surgery].
If a known bleeder to prevent hemorrhaging [30c just before and right after surgery]. Amputated finger for pain in stump of.


The "homeopathic surgeon," promotes explosion of pus, splinters, glass, fish bones, nettles, needles, thorns, bullets; broken bones slow to repair; reopening of old wounds and scars.

Dental Emergencies

This is an amazing remedy when taken at the first sign of dental discomfort or pain, to either cure the problem or prevent further development until you can get to the dentist if necessary.

Toothaches with pains that are aching, throbbing, pulsating, drawing, pressing, and soreness of the tooth; pain extending to ears and face; toothaches from decayed teeth, cold air and change in weather; toothache with an abscess, swollen cheek, swelling
and decay generally at the crown and/or root of the tooth worse in the lower teeth, and bad breath; inflamed dentine; pain with involuntary flow of
saliva; pain can alternate with dizziness, vertigo, and pain in limbs; teeth feel on edge during menses; teeth feel sensitive to touch, chewing, cold, and damp weather; pain is worse from cold foods and drinks, while eating, inhaling cold air, 9 p.m., at night in bed, warmth of bed, and on going to sleep; pain is better after sleep, from rubbing cheek, and external warm compresses. Jaw swelling, abscess, inflammation and decay. Gum Boils. Mercury toxicity from dental fillings.


Injury to dental nerves; traumatized tooth; injury to front teeth, including in children. Toothaches to relieve the pain of abscess and in the nerve;
also use mother tincture locally on afflicted gums and teeth; pain is worse from cold, movement, 3-4 a.m., and better when lying on the painful side and keeping still.

RUTA 30c:

Dental Pain from a dry socket, at the onset of an infected tooth socket. Tooth Trauma from a tooth loosened in the socket, or dislocated.

Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery & treatment: take 30c before and after dental visits to prevent physical shock, bruised soreness, dental pain and bleeding gums after any dental work and extractions. TMJ in an acute isolated case of, and to prevent an aggravation of TMJ dental work. Toothache after a head injury, concussion, or dental work. Dental surgery alternate Arnica and
Hypericum before, during and after tooth extraction, root canal, and fillings.


Dental Surgery hemorrhage in dental surgery, and shooting pains sensory nerves in gums and teeth after tooth extraction, root canal, fillings; it promotes the regeneration of the severed nerves.

RUTA 30c:

Before and after a tooth extraction to reduce pain and speed healing; bone and periosteal pain after dental surgery; bone pain in and after any oral surgery; and scraping of the periosteum; bone and periosteal pain after dental surgery.


Tooth extraction for pain and nervousness after

Some More Homeopathic Remedies

Some Homoeopathic Indications in Dentistry
Melvin G. Henningsen,
DDS, FICD, FICAH, California, USA

Cooperating with the physician in the total health care of a patient it may be necessary for a dentist to remove untreatable teeth.

Consultation regarding the patient's general health, cardiac status,blood pressure, kidney function, coagulation time, etc., is desirable before oral surgical procedures.

Where a medical consultation is not possible a history taken by the dentist is helpful in deciding a plan of treatment. Unless it is an acute emergency with severe pain etc., it is best to first im¬prove the oral hygiene by scaling and polishing the teeth. Perhaps some nutritional advice may be indicated. An alfalfa tonic can be of help to a run down patient as after 'flu, for example. Any patient should have the advantage of being in good physical condition prior to dental surgery.

The patient's physician may decide a course of pre and post operative antibiotics is indicated if there is a rheumatic fever history or cardiac valvular condition etc.,present. Potentized Streptococcin 30 up to 10M can also be of value before and after oral surgery.

Experience has shown some homoeopathic remedies to be of service in certain dental problems, where they act as specifics and are used according to the symptoms presented by the patient in contrast to the search for the simillimum in chronic cases. A few remedies and their dental indication will be briefly considered.

Dental Abscess:
If a patient suffers with an acute dental abscess Belladonna 30 or 200 or higher potency may produce good results.

Pulsatilia is considered to be an antidote to antibiotics and unfavourable reactions from them. After pus drainage is established Silicea can be indicated. In the subacute or chronic type of dental abscess Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 30, 200 or higher potency is indicated. Strong guiding symptoms for its use are marked suppuration, ptyalism, gums and mouth painful to touch, with bleeding.
The higher potencies such as 200, IM or 10M may abort suppuration if used early. The lower potencies, lx to 3x tend to induce suppuration. If it is necessary to hasten suppuration the 2x  potency of Hepar Sulph. may be used. After the abscess breaks and drains intra-orally, Silicea is indicated.

Another remedy to be considered is Heka Lava in low potency where there is jaw swelling, tooth abscess, bone necrosis, cellulitis and difficult teething with facial neuralgia.

Other remedies of value in cases of sepsis, pus, chills, etc., are: Hypericum, Psorinum and Rhus Toxicodendron. Aromatic Sulphuric acid can also be helpful in severe infections, boils and septicemia.  Pyrogenium is another valuable remedy for septic states where there is intense restlessness, great pain and burning in abscesses or infected bone.

In patients with an active fever of 102 degrees or above Aconite, Belladonna or Bryonia may be indicated, while a passive fever of 102 degrees or less suggests Ferrum Phosphoricu m' Kali Muriaticum is an important tissue remedy which follows Ferrum Phos. aswell in an acute inflammation.

If a patient gives a history of prolonged bleeding from small wounds, shaving cuts or after a former dental extraction, the dentist should be alert to the possibility of various blood dyscrasias with prolonged coagulation time. Even haemophilia, a rare condition in males, is a possibility. Prolonged bleeding anywhere in the body should be investigated prior to any dental surgery especially if other oral symptoms are present such as purple, swollen, ulcerating gum tissues, painful, inflamed or smooth tongue, pallor of tongue, lips or oral mucosa, enlarged cervical lymph nodes, etc.

One must be aware of the possibility of diabetes, leukemia, liver, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular or endocrine system problems. Anaemias should receive attention since cancer anywhere in the body may be the cause of blood loss. Cancer may be the reason for protracted bleeding unnoticed by the patient. Large bowel and stomach carcinomas are noted anaemia

Intra oral lesions that look like a canker sore or long existing tonsilitis may be a carcinoma of the mouth or base of the tongue. In all of these conditions the patient should be referred to their physician promptly for examination, diagnosis and treatment. It is one interrelated body, and systemic diseases can be reflected in the oral cavity and vice versa.
In problems of slow blood clotting the following homoeopathic remedies can be beneficial: Calcarea Carbonicum, Phosphorus, Maganum Aceticum and Ferrum Phosphoricum, among others. Also of value may be included Vitamins C and K, gelatin and bone meal.

Fear & Apprehension
A certain amount of excess apprehension is sometimes present in patients facing dental procedures. Here several remedies can be of service. Among them is Aconitum Napellus where a state of fear, anxiety, anguish of mind and body is present. There is mental and physical restlessness. Fright is the most predominating symptom observed in this remedy.

Gelsemium should be considered where there is general prostration, trembling, bad  effects from fright, fear or exciting news.
Incidentally it is a good remedy for stage fright.
Both Aconite and Gelsemium can be used the night before and the day of surgery in 30, 200 or higher potency for their sedation. Other possible remedies include: Arsenicum Album, Argentum Nitricum, Bryonia, Coffea
Cruda and Nux Vomica. Post Operative Pain, etc.

Following dental extractions and other surgical procedures one thinks of the 'Big Four' comprised of Arnica Hypericum Staphysagria and Ruta Graveolens. There are others but these four will be briefly discussed .

Arnica has so many uses in dentistry and medicine that it has won the reputation of being one of the greatest first aid remedies. It exerts a beneficial effect on post operative pain and bleeding, septic conditions, echymosis, traumatic injuries, strains, bruises; among many other indications.

Hypericum is useful should nerves be injured as in jaw or long bone fractures resulting from automobile accidents, falls, blows, etc. Crushed finger tips with excessive pain is a favourite site of its action. In open puncture wounds of the mouth and face Hypericum is
considered to prevent lockjaw. It also relieves pain after operations.

Staphysagria is helpful in nervous affections where there is marked irritability and sensitivity. It acts on the inflamed alveolar periosteum benefiting post extraction pain and nervousness especially after difficult third molar or 'wisdom' tooth extractions. Staphysagria is especially useful when extensive incisions or sharp cutting has been necessary in-the oral cavity, abdomen or elsewhere in the body.

Ruta Graveolens is often indicated in various surgical procedures or injured bones, not only for fractures of the jaws and cranial bones, but it also has extensive use in general orthopaedic surgery where it exerts its influence on the periosteum, cartilages, tendons and joints. Ruta and potentised insulin are useful in so called 'dry sockets' where the blood clot is lost after extractions.

Poor Bone Healing
Where there is poor bone healing and non union of fractures, Calcarea Carbonica may be indicated. It is a constitutional remedy of great value and a stimulant to the periosteum. Calcarea Phosphorica is another valuable remedy in the non union of fractured bones, it is also one of the most important tissue remedies. Ledum is to be considered for punctured wounds produced by sharp instruments. sharp pointed instruments or objects especially if the wounded parts are cold. There may be tetanus with muscle twitching near the wound. Another excellent remedy in wounds penetrating to bones, and where there is delayed or non union of fractures with the bone being sensitive at point of fracture, is Symphytum. Pricking pain and soreness of the periosteum may be present.

Blows & Bumps
Dental patients sometimes give a history of falls, blows, or other injuries to the teeth, jaws and head causing the dental pulp in teeth to become necrotic, often causing a darkening of the in¬lured teeth. Often apparently unimportant bumps to the head are passed over and soon forgotten by the patient, but these blows can be the cause of intracranial membranous articular strains with accompanying changes in the maxillae and dental occlusion. Later various cranial and mental symptoms can appear, their origin dating back to these remote injuries.

Natrum Sulphuricum is a remedy noted for its ability to benefit some of these old head injury cases. Of help also is the balancing of the dental occlusion by eliminating points of premature tooth cusp contact between upper and lower jaws. Occlusal imbalance can contribute to intermaxillary and intracranial strains and reflex heaing pain.

Using Homoeopathic Remedies
In using any homoeopathic remedy patients are requested not to use a mouthwash, toothpaste, tobacco or coffee, etc., prior to putting the remedy on the tongue or in the floor of the mouth. As the patient is being prepared for dental surgery the mouth is rinsed with clear water spray, after which a tablet or two of Arnica 30 is placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve prior to the use of a topical anaesthetic and a procaine injection.

Following the extraction a gauze pack is placed over the area and the patient is instructed to bite with gentle pressure for one half hour and not to rinse the mouth that day in order to protect the blood clot from dislodgement. Usually six or seven tablets of Arnica 30 are given to the patient to be taken hourly until gone. Next day Calendula Succus (non alcoholic), one half teaspoon in half a glass of water makes a soothing, healing mouthwash. If intensive dental surgery has been done it may be desirable to use Arnica 30 every half hour for four doses, then every hour for the rest of the day.

Persistent bleeding following oral surgery, tooth extraction, automobile accidents, jaw fractures, tonsil bleeding etc., usually responds well to Phosphorus in potencies of 200, I M or 10M. lpecacuanha may be tried if the blood is bright red and profuse. Calcarea Carbonicum in potency is also a haemostatic that can favourably influence blood coagulability when the symptoms agree.

A small loss of blood is usually tolerated by a patient, but where there has been considerable heamorrhage with debility and a nervous erethism Cinchona Officinalis (China) and fluid replacement therapy should be considered. If there is shock, Gelsemium followed by Arnica. There may be indications
also for Opium, Ignatia, Carbo Vegetabilis,Natrum Muriaticum, etc.

Post operative pain is usually no great problem in a patient in good physical condition who has had Arnica.

BellisPerenis is often the first remedy considered in injuries to the deeper tissues and after major surgery, sprains, and bruises with much muscular soreness, lameness, injuries to nerves with intense soreness,etc.

Chamomilia if pains are unendurable, Bryonia if the pain is steady and better by pressure, or Belladonna if the pain comes in waves and worse by pressure, are other possibilities.

Post operative care is usually uneventful. The patient returns in one or two days at which time the extraction site is inspected, sutures checked or removed and Calendula Officinalis, a most remarkable healing agent is topically applied. Calendula liquid is useful for open wounds and parts that are slow to heal. It promotes healthy granulation tissue and rapid healing by first intention. When used locally at the time of extraction it seems to have a haemostatic action.

A few homoeopathic remedies and their indications in dentistry have been briefly considered.

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....






Old post 9/29/05 at 10:39 PM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

Your view, if you don't get the right homeopathic remedies it won't work for everybody, some people really need the detailed history, etc by homeopath's.

Movie Stars, and the Royal families worldwide rely on homeopath's!!

And quite frankly I'd depend on them for the flu, than the mercury filled shots they give people. 

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....





Old post 9/29/05 at 11:18 PM  Email dpellerin PM dpellerin Reply with quote


Some of them *are* effective. For example, Hypericum has been shown in many studies to be effective against mild to moderate depression. Just go to and type "hypericum depression" in the search field. You will get dozens of studies show up.

That being said, not all are effective for everyone. Also, just because they are natural does not mean there are free of drawbacks. For example, some of these remedies can interact with other medications. A case in point, Ginko Biloba thins the blood so it is contraindicated in for those already taking a blood thinner. Also, Hypericum Perforatum reduces the efficacy of several drug groups including: immunosuppressants (risk of graft rejection), oral contraceptives (risk of pregnancy), oral anticoagulants (risk of thrombosis), and HIV protease inhibitors . So a natural remedy does not guarantee against side effects, which is why you should always use these in conjunction with advice from your health professional and a competent naturopath.

Now, in as much as H is concerned, I doubt that there are natural homeopathic products that can significantly diminish H symptoms consistently accross a group of diverse patients as no such study has turned up that has shown this (that I am aware of). Its not inconceivable that the odd person will find relief in their H symptoms after taking some kind of natural remedy, but we don't know on a case by case basis if the symptoms would have improved on their own without the remedy or if the improvement is due to the plecebo effect, or if the remedy actually did reduce the symptoms.






Old post 9/25/05 at 03:23 PM  Email Norcal34 PM Norcal34 Reply with quote

I have to get an MRI for an injury, currently have T & Recruitment.


Has anyone had one done after getting T & H, if so did  what type of ear protection did you use? Foam plugs or custom molded ones?



Was there any difference in your T & H with protection?



Thank you,






Old post 9/25/05 at 07:59 PM  Reply with quote

Hi: glad you asked, I should have asked this in May when I insisted my Doctor give me an mri for my shoulder injury.

I had two, one one day, the next the next morning. I was promised I could use hearing protection, which for me meant earplugs I brought myself, my muffs (like a noise cancellation set) and have them play a relaxing musical tape they could pipe in.

By the time I got into the mri suite, the tech said no way. I only wore plugs and muffs for one, it was kind of hard. But the morning one the next day, he only let me use earplugs.

It's almost October and let's just say that I have had a HORRIBLE flare-up of my hyperacusis. I also read in Dr. Jastreboff's orientation material that they sent to me that mri's will cause or exaberate hyperacusis. I bought his book and it does cover that but I don't think I've gotten to that. Or if I did, I don't remember too well what he said.

Every case is different, however, this malady is not one size fits all. Would I have done the mri's had I known? No, not at all. Would I do an mri again? ONLY if I am completely healed from this which is what I'm working on and even then, I would absolutely INSIST that I could use triple protection.

That's my two cent's worth.





Old post 9/26/05 at 12:45 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

Occasionally I'll read articles in the paper about doctor's who are arguing to Health Canada that more PET Scans need and should be done for those who won't be helped by MRI's, and PET Scan's are actually collecting dust in hospitals anyway!

I'am sure you'd find newspaper articles on this too, if you searched for that topic.

Frankly I'am staying away, if they really want to find out anything they'll give me the proper test that will explain more, and won't harm me in the process.

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....






Old post 9/26/05 at 10:43 AM  Reply with quote

I totally agree! After these mri's, I had to pick up my reports and mri's to share with a few Specialists. As I was waiting, two spiffy-looking guys walked in and were the salespeople for the open mri's this facility used. I asked them why things were so loud in there and they said that actually, this particular machine wasn't as loud as most. When I ask others about how they felt mri's were, so many people say well, it was a little loud.

I don't get it! But then again, I am blessed to be part of the Hyperacusis generation, as well. Alas.






Hi everybody,


Jane wrote:


By the time I got into the mri suite, the tech said no way. I only wore plugs and muffs for one, it was kind of hard. But the morning one the next day, he only let me use earplugs.


I think the reason I haven't posted lately is my frustration, because I already know my situation is much worse than anyone in here, except for Norm.  Jane, you had hearing protection.  Earplugs and muffs for one test, and earplugs for the other.  That's really all that's required.  I know, because I had an MRI two years ago and with earplugs it was a NON-EVENT.


This time, I received no ear protection, as my previous posts explain.  NONE.  My entire head was inside that MRI machine for an hour - ONE WHOLE HOUR WITH NO PLUGS, NO EAR MUFFS - NOTHING!  I couldn't even watch the Bob Dylan documentary without the closed captions on.  I always knew he had a lousy nasal grating voice, but it sure wasn't as horrific as what I heard last night! 


Now, I'm having a severe setback.  It's SO bad I can't even talk about it.  It's back to July 7 for me!  Voices sound like the cartoon chipmunks, very tinny and unreal.  And I'm having PERSONAL PROBLEMS at home which are making my hearing problems WORSE!


Jane, all I've got to say is, if you had even earplugs during your mri, CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY. 


All the best,








Old post 9/30/05 at 12:55 PM  Reply with quote

Hi Bonnie: I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I have been researching a lot of Centers around the country who can help me and what I've learned is that there is evidence that mri's can cause hyperacusis or make it worse.

I know that with me, the first mri with full ear protection was a bit hard but not impossible afterwards on the ears. I think between having two back-to-back ones so close together and the second one not having the proper protection that I needed really set me back around 8 years.

But, the only way to look at it, at least for me, is that it has reminded me how delicate my ears are and that I need to strengthen them and get some help.

I wish you many good thoughts as you go through this. I understand.





Take Care


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For Lynn M.




Old post 9/09/05 at 02:34 PM  Reply with quote

Hi Lynn: I found that your referral. Dr. Hung-Chia Tang out here in California has retired. I spoke with his son today and he said that his Dad is 81 years young now!

So, I thought I should tell you so you can update your files.

I've got calls into all the main places, including our beloved Dr. Jastreboff's clinic. I'm also reading a great book about this whole thing and am really bringing myself up to speed as I ponder and decide.

Thanks for all YOUR help!







Old post 9/19/05 at 12:33 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Jane,


I'm so happy for you.. You've suffered such along time I don't know how you did it meaning.. The time I suffered thru this seemed forever for me..


I couldn't take another day it just dragged on. But I had to center myself and stick thru with what I needed to do to get better with the hope that this shall work...  


No matter how terrible my condition was at the time to deal with. What else could I do.. I'm just so glad I stuck it out..  And did it even thou it felt like a crazy thing to do at the time..


With my highly sensitive ears and raging tinnitus.. Yet.. there is something out there that can possible relieve the condition and make it liveable as long as you don't work at an airport or at a disco bar...


But I'm glad I got to see Dr Tang and his testing devices for hyperacusis as thats what his listing was for from the tinnitus listing I recived thru the mail before I saw him so long ago.


I don't need to go back now and if worst came to worst.. I would just start over again with what I did before but with more knoweldge of the condition then back then when I new practically nothing....


TRT is fine and to have the devices is probably a good thing to have lyeing around like my tape..


Got some good news today from my H.M.O. .. Went in for new earplugs and takeing a mould. Maybe I don't have hearing loss in my left ear.. Maybe its a wall of wax..


I hope its that as I've been thru so much I really deserve a break and my hearing in my left ear back to normal..


It would be such good news but I don't know that for sure but I have an appointment schedualed where I will find out...


I can only hope...     



Take Care






Old post 9/30/05 at 01:08 PM  Reply with quote

Lynn: hope is all we have really and I sure hang onto that, for myself, and many others. I have often thought that if I won the lottery, other than giving a QUIET party for us on the list (and Dan of course)!, but I would set up scholarships for people who can't afford to fly to a Center to get help.

I'd say the last 8 years, I've had periods of time where it's been fine and then it's flared. I find it flares when I am under stress so I need to learn how to calm down in spite of things, remembering I am a different person than the next person who likes and needs to go, go, go all the time. Not me now at all and I'm doing too much of that, for sure! We all are.

But after those two mri's, that was kind of IT, the point that I just don't want to live this way anymore. And dealing with the fear of noises, that's a really stressful experience.

What I am doing right now until I can get someone at a Center to help me, which will take awhile, is to listen to lovely classical music and have "sound enrichment" in my environment vs. quiet all the time. I prefer the latter but I get too shocked when I hear a noise and then the fear starts in.

I'm also listening to white noise on my little tabletop but I'm thinking of switching it to nature sounds. Prayer, prayer, prayer will help me through this, and with the fear. It seems some days that it is a full-time job being hyperacustic!







Old post 9/30/05 at 01:58 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Jane,


It is a full time job. If you read all my old posts with all the progression of time that I was on the board you will see it was a full time job for me and I worked on trying to improve my situation daily..


Daily over one to one and a half going on two years.. More aggressive in the first year but slowly and steadly and doing what I could do... I was very phonophobic..


I had a terrible case of fear of sounds.. Not simply dis-like... But full board panic of all sounds doing me in.. Just decimating my ears.. But I made it thru...


Ya.. I could imagine periods of time over the eight years where it's been fine and then its flared back up... Thats why I am cautious and no concerts for me.. But that it has got better is a good sign..


I know the two MRI's messed you up.. Put you back to square one.. But that just means you need to start back over again..


Expecially when a person allready has hyperacusis no matter how much better they are but more at risk when they are not doing as well..........


There is allways the vunerablility of vunerable ears being effected by an acoustic trauma more then another without hyperacusis who may still be able to get an acoustic trauma from the event..


Who knows why some people get a free pass and others don't.. But we do know that hyperacusis for us is a bigger possibility then maybe another... so thats kind of like being forwarned..


In my hyperacustic days I preferred quiet myself too. But I couldn't have what I wanted.. It just made it worse over time to stay in quiet..


No progress more likely... less tolerance....


It seems like your doing the right thing for yourself now and switch to what you want but just keep doing it till you can handle more and more sounds..


I've read lots of old posts on the archive board and people have bounced back and improved against all odds or from bad acoustic traumas..


We just have to hope for the best and live like that will happen for us..


And if you win the lotto.. Or anyone on this board.. I hope they remember the hyperacusis network.. We need all the help we can get...


But thats true.. When the fear hits instead of falling apart which is human in nature and is very easy to do.....


And Yes... I agree...Pray Pray Pray.... You need all the help you can get.. And when the problem is bigger then we can handle ourselves..


Its time to put our faith in something bigger then all of us..


Hope is as real as prayer... And prayer is as real as faith...   




Take Care





Helping My 9 Year Old Cope




Old post 9/27/05 at 10:27 AM  Email khowe PM khowe Reply with quote

I'm new to this message board.  I was wondering if someone might give me some advice as to how to best deal with my 9 year old daughter who has Soft Sound Sensitivity--for about a year.


It is causing a lot of stress within my family.  She has gotten so bad that I've decided to home school her.  I try to help her cope...we've gotter her an MP3 player and good quiet headphones.  She has her pink noise ear devices.  We tell her just to tell us when it's bad and we will stop making the noise.


She just gets frustrated easily.  The ear devices don't cover most the noises, and she dislikes having to wear the headphones all the time.  Plus, she just gets upset and runs out of the room if she hears a noise.  My husband gets upset that she doesn't "focus" on other things, or just calmly tell us to stop making a particular noise.  We have 2 other daughters who feel badly that they are causing noises that set her off.  Should we just let her sit in the other room during meal times?  It is really consuming our lives.  If there is someone who has had this problem into adulthood, please let me know the best ways we can help her.  Any help would be appreciated.




kathy in Virginia





Old post 9/27/05 at 11:46 AM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Kathy,


My situation is not the same as your daughters is so I can't give you any advice on what to do.. It sounds like you are trying really hard as it is right now..


But being new to the message board.. I would suggest reading all posts on this board by Marsha Johnson our audiologist TRT specialist and a provider with lots of information and expirence with theses types of disorders.. 


She is so interesting in this subject and has been studying it so deeply she is I believe writting a book on the subject.. Not many people devoted to the cause like she is..


But do a search on this board and the archive board... Under her name author or soft sound sensitivity... select sound sensitivity..


Just do search's .. 


And just for your info.. The archive board is for research and reading.. No posting on the archive board as nobody is over there anymore and will answer you..


Everyone is on this new board.. So any questions.. post it here...


Also Marsha has her own website with a page devoted to soft sound sensitivity...


I got to do a search as well to remember what the link is.. Haven't been there in a awhile..  


There has been many people on this board with this type of disorder and many threads and posts on this board and the other board with thoughts and suggestions on this disorder.


I'll try to post both links if I can find them.....


Go To



Take Care






Old post 9/27/05 at 09:20 PM  Email khowe PM khowe Reply with quote

Thanks Lynn.  I was hoping to find an adult with SSSS that could give me some input on how they learned to cope with it, the problems they had, what parents could do to make things easier, etc.


We are actually already dealing with Marsha.  She has been a big help.




kathy in Virginia





Old post 9/28/05 at 01:05 AM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Kathy,


So you already know about and are dealing with Marsha at this time.. Looks like you have been covering all bases allready..


Like Tom, I kind of question the good quiet headphones.. I know with hyperacusis especially and I would presume any disorder that trying to shut it out with good quiet headphone " if I understand that right " might make her more sensitive over time..


There are people on this board that do deal with SSSS. I hope at least one comes on for you with maybe a story to tell or some advice on how they cope'd..


My problems have been with the H and T and it took me well over a year to two to really improve to almost haveing it become basicly a non issue to me...


I don't know the time limit for SSSS. But I had improvements over time in that time limit...


I hope that happens for your daughter over time.. And the biomedical doctor I saw for my situation... Two autistic children.. brought up the milk and wheat scenario....


Who knows what may improve a situation over time.. We can only hope...   


And try... 



Take Care






Old post 9/28/05 at 04:11 AM  Email Peter PM Peter Reply with quote

OK - I'll try as someone who has SSS.


Your daughter should try to live as normal a life as possible. It is difficult, especially when every bone in your body is screaming at you to rune away from the noises, but it can be done. If she really can't cope at school try to make sure that you keep in touch with the school, as she may be able to return in the future. Also make sure that she keeps up social contacts outside school and doesn't become a recluse.


As for the more practical side of things. I have found that a good way to cope is to avoid using headphones/devices if I'm in a situation where I am not going to be experiencing problems, for example a walk by myself in the country. I can then use them at specific times when I know that I will have problems, such as mealtimes (I had several years of eating alone in a separate room, but this has helped me cope with that situtation). I do not say this as a method that will definitely help, but it is an approach that I have found very useful.


Do not be surprised if your daughter does run out of the room for space from time to time - she will need to as the stress involved with SSS does build up to almost unbearable levels on occasion. Give her space to release the tension; it is something we all need.


It is also not surprising that her sisters feel awkward about this - the whole problem is something that is very hard to come to terms with, not just for the person invovled, but also for the family.


The main thing to remember is that there is support - from you, from her family, and (for all of you) from this board






Old post 9/30/05 at 04:20 PM  Email khowe PM khowe Reply with quote

Tom, Peter, and Lynn,


Thank you so much for your input.  It is all very helpful.  I like the idea of using paper/plastic dinnerware.  She does have a problem with that, although not as much as all the mouth and nose noises.  Also, I was thinking about cutting out wheat and seeing if this helped, and then trying milk.  So I think that'll be my next move.


Peter, thanks for your input.  She uses her MP3 headphones during snack time and sometimes during lunch (she's embarrassed to take it with her to the lunchroom).  Also, it's good to know that she needs the space to run.  Hopefully, over time, she will learn how to cope with the noises a little better.  It's almost as if it makes an uncomfortable vibration in her ears.  Do you feel it this way?  She can't describe the sound to us.  Is there anyone who can describe it?


Thanks so much for all you help.





kathy in Virginia




Take Care


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Is This Part and Parcel ?



Old post 9/19/05 at 07:03 PM  Email MarkB PM MarkB Reply with quote


This falls into the "does anyone experience or know what this is" - column.

In addition of a kinda full feeling and T primarily in my left ear I have the following sensation.

If I tap right behind my left ear (you have to fold the ear to do this) it's very loud. The right ear -not the case. Does anyone else have this or know what it could be? I feel it's significant.


Take care,

We're as boundless as we believe we are




Old post 9/30/05 at 01:03 PM  Reply with quote

Mark: have you had any injuries to your ear or head lately, have you been exposed to a loud sound, alarm, band, music, that sort of thing, that's the first thing I'd look for.

Then if you haven't already, I'd read Dan's great information on tinnitus and hyperacusis, read it up on other sites, too, to get a cross-section flavor and then try and line up an exam from a good Audiolgoist, hearing doctor. Be prepared for them to tell you "there is nothing we can do about it all."

You know better from reading this site! And then, once you figure this out, find out who may be close to you who does hyperacusis training and get an appointment. I wish I would have done that 8 years ago.

But those are just general responses. I don't know the whole picture and you would have a better idea of that than I would.






Old post 9/30/05 at 07:08 PM  Email MarkB PM MarkB Reply with quote


Thanks for that.

"...have you been exposed to a loud sound, alarm, band, music, that sort of thing.."
Yes. A couple of loud bands with a fews days of quinine pills thrown in for good measure.
Yes, I'm trying to get a good cross-section of accurate info. It has to come from sites like this one and others because the MD's I've seen so far have been pretty uninformed about all of this. They both said that I knew more about T than they did. Oh well...and my refund is where??

Did you find hyperacusis training helped you? Did/do you have T now? How are you in general?
I'm finding that Im riding that razor sharp edge of trying to let in enough sound to work favorably on hyperacusis and not too much to spike the T. The T is reactive to everything (soft sounds..short time, loud sounds...long time).
These are things that I have to find my way around myself I guess...and by checking in with others.

BTW I'm going to an otoneurologist on Monday - a well respected guy. On Tuesday I'm going to talk with Dr. Choy regarding Phase shifting technology.
My life, career etc is dependent on getting better.

Take care,

We're as boundless as we believe we are





Old post 9/30/05 at 09:23 PM  Reply with quote

Mark: do I understand what you are talking about! I came home from a trip to New York where a malfunctioning alarm went off for 24 hours at a Marriott. It was such a badly maintained facility and unfortuntately, it was December and a blizzard was outside, nowhere else to go. Little did I know that if I would have worn some hearing aids or at least lived in the car in the parking garage, I would have not come home with this!

I did get tested AFTER many months of asking folks what on earth this ringing in the ear and hypersensitivity to noise was. And, like you, I didn't get anywhere. Finally, through the American Tinnitis Association, I learned about this thing called Hyperacusis. They sent their information and enclosed Dan's in there. I was in total denial, not like me, when I read the description. By that time, the buzzing had gone and I was left with hypersensitivity to everything, jumping at everything and yep, totally understand about the career and life thing that goes along with this. I had a job at the time and I'm sure they think I'm a psych case to this day, they tried everything to help me, including turning off office machines and all but none helped. It was a nightmare!

I found out, through Dan's newsletter, about Dr. Jastreboff's work and found someone close to me who had trained. He tested me, I found out yep, I had H, and he fit me with the in-ear things. The only thing is like yourself, that was it. He didn't know anything else and he basically was learning from my research. Not good!

I returned them, really shouldn't have now that I look back, I've taken care of my ears since then by definitely not overprotecting them and I've had flares but nothing since I listened to a tabletop "stream" device and stayed positive that was that horrible. UNTIL May of this year, two back-to-back mri's, one without the proper protection as the tech wouldn't allow it. Wrong move.

I'm back to square one. Basically, I'm revisiting what I should have done 8 years ago. I've been asking tons of questions of the various Centers around the US and have pretty much decided which route I am going to go now. In the meantime, I am listening to music in little spurts through a radio here in the office and just bought an ipod and hubby has programmed some very nice instrumental music to listen to when I am out and about, walking, cooking, etc.

At the desk, I'm back to my little "stream" or "white noise" setting. To be honest with you, I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm back to the fear of noises thing. I jump at just about everything. Yet, like you have done a great job saying, I constantly deal with a balance between how much sound enrichment do I add to my day and how much silence (which I adore!)

I just have to be patient. I'm asking my insurance company to pay for part of this therapy, of course, they've denied it but I will appeal. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You are in excellent company here. The only advice I'd give a newbie is to take what we all say generally speaking and try to find someone who can diagnose and help you for YOU. What works with one person doesn't work with another.

We're all here to help each other through this. My hope is that one day this will be such a well-known disorder that more people will search for answers and solutions and ways of preventing it. We are, sadly, a very long way from that stage!





Do I have Hearing Loss ?



Old post 9/26/05 at 10:40 AM  Email AlbanBerg PM AlbanBerg Reply with quote

First a little background.

It's been years now that i've been abusing my ears with loud music. Concerts, extended use of headphones (about 6-8 hours a day), you name it.

The 'problem' started about a year ago when i was suddenly exposed to very loud music (my father cranked his car stereo to max for about 4 minutes untill i couldn't hold it anymore and shut the thing off for him).

I guess that was the last drop of water because i after that i retained severe hyperacisis and a little tinnitus (in my case a continous soft static like that of a TV screen).

For 3 whole months i feared the worst, but after a while the hyperacusis receded to a decent level and a earing test confirmed my hearing was still normal.

I resumed my normal life, this time trying not to abuse loud noises anymore, cutting headphones completely ect. ect.

Sadly, it seems that i just can't prevent getting exposed to loud noises. As much as i try (i never go out the house without hearplugs in my pocket) seems certain things are just out of my control, and every incident sets me back a little further.

Right now i feel like my earing is getting constantly worst yet further tests have shown normal hearing (he didn't even found packed wax or anything) to the point the doctor doesn't even recommend a MRI.

My tinnitus hasn't changed at all, and my hyperacusis has been on a confortable level though after each new exposure it gets worst for a while.

Yet, my hearing just feels horrible. I can hear everything fine as long there aren't any back ground noises, however, in loud restaurants or stores problems arise though i can still manage.

The biggest problem however is listening to music. Maybe i have a loss in the specific frequences emitted by speakers, i don't know, but everytime i put on a cd it's like i'm listening to my stereo from the next room with the door closed. I can hear it, It just doesn't 'feel' like i'm getting sound in my ears, it's like i'm wearing ear plugs 24 hours a day. If i raise the volume, it doesn't feel like it's getting louder and i can't hear any better, i just get unconfortable untill i have this 'lump' in my throat, like a chocking sensation, then i can't stand any sound for the rest of the day. Also, and this has been happening since the past 5 months, every now and then one of my ears (it happens more often in my right) goes 'off', not like it's popping up, i just feel a shift in my earing though it's not exactly a loss, just a change. Everytime that happens i'm left with a very loud high pitched noise which lasts for half a minute or so.

I really don't know what's going on, but it has made listening to music almost pointless in that i just don't even enjoy it anymore.

This shouldn't bother me as much and i should be glad my earing is still relatively good but the issue is that music it's the only thing i have. Since i was a child i've been suffering from sever social anxiety and depression. I lived a life of complete seclution and solitude and it's only been getting worsts. At 27, i have nearly no friends and i still don't know what love is, never even kissed a girl ect. ect.. Music is the only that has managed to bring some releif in my life and it's a sad joke that i had to screw myself up by abusing it.

All i want to know is, is it possible that i have a loss even though it doesn't show on a test (and how reliable a test that is, what if i'm just imagining the lowest sounds with that blasted tinnitus getting amplified in that isolated room ?). What's going on with that chocking feeling i get when i try to raise the volume even if only slightly ? Why does it feel like i'm not getting any sound even though i can hear it ? What's up with my ears going off constantly for no reason ?

I know that compared to some of the people here my problems may seem laughtable but my depression is on an all time low and i really don't know what do if it turns out i have to give up on music. What am i going to do then ?
Old post 9/26/05 at 12:58 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Hi Alban,


I read your expirence and I've wondered the same thing as well. My hyperacusis is going so well I really haven't had what a person would call a setback since April 04.


When I went to my neighbors garden party in a seprate event not the one in April 04... 


And came close to blasting speaker music I did feel it and my ears got alittle effected by it in a non descriptive way..


Like I felt it and it was a warning sign of maybe being effected but not a setback or a retreat into hyperacusis..


Just feeling it in my ears and effecting it in someway as a warning signal of..


It's not a good idea to stay there...   


I just can't do that anymore without plugs. Yet I can listen to music pretty loudly now..


Yet.. its not the same as before.. I use to feel the music.. Expirence the music.. It was defind different.


Every little note... it was more expirenced in or thru my ears..


Like processed better. I still here all thoses different notes and I still can enjoy the music..


But its more duller sounding.. Thou at the same time sounds like the instruments of music.. Its hard to explain..


It's not like I can't hear the string instruments or such..


Its the expirence of fine tuneing processing or something that just doesn't seem to be as there as it was before.. Or as clear...


It's like with ageing ears yet.. I hear well I think... Its just different of a feeling or expirence then before..


I just can't put my finger on it..


When I was effected with hyperacusis sounds " high pitched sounds I guess " sounded real sharp and clarified cutting thru " at one stage  " of my hyperacusis..


Its like I really heard thoses sharp notes they just stood out so well and sliced right thru me..   


I heard them so well. They caused pain at one time...


It was so intensely heard..


And then when my hyperacusis reregulated..


It seems like the sharp sounds of water and musical notes and stringed instrument might be not heard the same way as before..


It's hard to tell for sure.........


There still heard well.. But just different sounding.. Not sharp like before but that was the expirence of hyperacusis sharp hearing.............


I can't explain or put my finger on it... it but I wrote about this long time ago on the board..


I wonder myself if I have some undetectable hearing loss from before caused by the H or T itself  that is there but very subtle.


Its just enough to notice a difference..


Its the before and after thing... But for me.. Exceptable as I am so glad I can handle sounds again...


But I had the wierd thing I wrote about long ago on the board as well..


My ears " or hearing " use to cut on and off or turn on and off to sound as well if this is what you are describing.. I'm not exactly sure....


But good point...


Any others out there thats haveing an expirence like this as well.... ???


Take Care

Old post 10/01/05 at 01:16 AM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

I know my hearing loss started after I was in a car for 10 minutes and the sonic boom stereo's behind my head were booming on extreme!!

But it was only 10 minutes, and I had two powerful hearing's aid in my ear and I was really trying to listen to the conversation with my three friends (well friends of a friend), but it was only 10 minutes and little did I know!!  I ran from rooms with loud music after that, and had this bizarre headache that wouldn't leave me for two weeks, I wasn't getting migraines then, but I went horseback riding and after that the bizarre headache left, but some farm vets also swear about this too!

But I also got a flu shot before or after that time, it was after!!

This incident with the boom box stereo happened in the summer of 1996.  They continue to tell me that my hearing hasn't changed, however it did take me about eight years of not wearing my hearing aid in the house from various noises, people raising their voices, etc.....

I looked at the hearing test I just had a month ago, and it's worse a little bit.  And every single year it does seem to get worse, but they repeatedly always say that my hearing loss hasn't changed in the last 10 years, just by about 15 Db lower since 1996.  But it's not the hearing loss, or maybe it is, but I do know one thing, it's the noise sensitivity.

People swear (especially Rob, who knows more than I do about this) that your diet REALLY DOES have an effect on the chemisty of your ears.  The nerve cells for example I have been told by my Chiro (and cousin) are built and made of Potassium and Sodium Ions.  (Don't ask me to explain, I can't).

But I do know that the regular table salt ain't good for the human body, but Celtic Salt is extremely good for the body, pets also crave it (they will risk their lives for it) and Celtic Salt also has iodine, but many sea salt's do not contain iodine!

Processed foods, deplete the body of 80% of the nutrients our body requires, so if you have heavy metals sitting and clogging up those ears, that can cause hearing loss, and one Environmental Laywer had an ENT who showed her those lab results and the heavy metals in her ears, and she detoxed somehow and her hearing was better.  And most likely you won't find ENT's admitting this, because if they help you, they'll lose a customer!!

EAR PLUGS would be disastrous for you, because the ear naturally amplifies weak sounds, could have a musician's earplug with a pinhole for the natural air and sound to also go through.  Many of us who wear earplugs find out later it probably wasn't even worth it, because the hyperacusis in most cases gets worse.

And for the majority of us, we go through our little bumps, and upheavels which I'am sure has something in relation to allergies or diets, and our environment.
(Long issues there, but you can read my threads, and Robs or Lyn's).

Depression if you can't use music??  Ever tried reading about BioAcoustics, or Sound Harmonics, or Energy Waves for Healing or listened to some ancient instruments, like the Ancient Pervian Flute called the Quena (prononced Kee-na).
Go to any Latin American store in your town/city and they'll have these, and they are so cool!

For Depression, you could also maybe try Folic Acid, or Bach Flower Remedies.
If you live in the U.S., try ordering some Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil from, it is very beneficial for us a lot more than you'd know!
Fats protect and build the nerves, and make up the membranes of our cells, but canola is not good (and neither is soy) but coconut oil is.

Anyway, I'am getting into the typing too much again, so I'll rest before bed.

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth....





Old post 10/01/05 at 02:45 AM  Email BonnieBeth PM BonnieBeth Reply with quote

Hi Alban,

Your problem is not "laughable," so don't even think along those lines.


If you've had the proper hearing tests, you'd know whether you've lost hearing is specific frequencies.  The human ear is capable of hearing up to 20,000 Hz, but some tests only go up to 8,000 Hz.  It's important to get a responsible audiologist who is trained in TRT (tinnitus retraining therapy) and knows how to do the full range of audiometric tests, including the LDL test for hyperacusis (Loudness Discomfort Levels) and also the full hearing test to 20,000 Hz.  Some audiologists would do an ABR test (I think it stands for Acoustic Brainstem-evoked  Response - something like that) but it is a LOUD test and must be done at the advisable time, and only after your LDL levels are known.   Some of the good people on this site advised me against going for the ABR because I had an acoustic trauma recently (MRI WIHTOUT hearing protection) and so I am avoiding the test.


Whatever you do, DO NOT get an MRI unless an ENT doctor sees you first, and if you have no other options.


The sensation you describe that your ear suddenly "goes off" but without popping is something I often get.  Like you,  I also hear a high pitched whistle for a short time.   In my case, my ear suddenly feels like there's no sound at all, and that is followed by what seems like a rush of wind from one ear to the other, and then the whistle.  It's scary, and annoying...but I think it all goes hand in hand with the Hyperacusis and tinnitus.


Of more concern is what you wrote about serious depression and isolation.  That's not good at all.  Music should never be the only thing in your life; not even if you're a professional musician.  Especially at your age, you need friends, a girlfriend, and a social life.  Isolation is very bad, and get make any serious medical condition worse. 


If you are not seeing a psychotherapist for your anxiety and depression, I would strongly consider it.  I don't know your financial circumstances or wher eyou live, but even if you don't have medical insurance there are inexpensive clinics where you can get assistance, and perhaps meet with a social worker.  Maybe a group therapy situation would be good for you, since it would introduce you to a social environment that could bring you out of your shell.  Obviously, only a professional can determine that after evaluating your circumstances, but you shouldn't be living without friends and in isolation (I do, but I'm a writer, so there's my excuse!)  There are all sorts of possibilities, please explore them.


THere is nothing wrong with taking a low-potency multi-vitamin like Centrum, or if you choose to go natural there are many multis that fall within the US RDA guidelines.  DO NOT go on any large doses of vitamins or nutrtional therapies at this time unless you have a holistic physician evaluating you and prescribing the supplements, and of course, make sure you get appropriate blood tests first to see if there are any deficiencies.   While some of the other posters will will offer advice extolling the benefits and virtues of vitamins, except for one person in this group we are NOT DOCTORS here and I don't believe it is right to simply make wholesale recommendations for nutritional supplements without knowing your entire personal medical history.   In fact, I really don't think it's anyone's business to suggest taking large doses vitamins WITHOUT seeing a doctor first.  DON'T DO IT.  SEE A DOCTOR FIRST.


You might want to go to Dr. Nagler's website; he is a medical doctor and has a tinnitus board.  Also, you may want to contact one of the Hyperacusis & Tinnitus Clinics and consider getting an appointment, or referral to a TRT specialist in your area.  There are very fine reputable clinics in Maryland, Atlanta and Oregon, and the links are on this site and postings on the Board.


Hope this helps, Alban.


All the best,







Take Care


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Hope For The Future !


Michael PH


Old post 10/01/05 at 03:38 PM  Email MichaelPH PM MichaelPH Reply with quote

Got this today in the e-newsletter. I thought you would all be interested in it.

Alcoholism Drugs Beats Tinnitus

A common drug for treating alcoholism may turn out to be a blessing for millions of people who suffer from tinnitus or "ringing in the ears."

The finding comes from a small but dramatic study by ear specialists at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The drug, Campral, was approved by the FDA last year to treat alcohol dependency - but the Brazilian research team found that it greatly helped 87% of the 25 tinnitus patients who received it. Further, Campral caused very few side effects.

If it turns out to be an effective treatment, Campral could have a massive impact around the world.

In the U.S. alone there are estimated to be over 12 million people with tinnitus, and there are currently no medications known to be effective against it.

Top experts at the Los Angeles meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, where the study was presented, said the new research is very encouraging but warned that further studies are necessary.





Old post 10/01/05 at 08:39 PM  Email StevenGood PM StevenGood Reply with quote

I doubt it works, but it would be interesting if a few people from the board tried it and then reported back.








Literality and Pronation, Supination



Old post 10/01/05 at 08:40 PM  Email unohu1 PM unohu1 Reply with quote

Improve hand dominance by.

·          Positioning the forearm that should be sub-dominant in a supine
position (e.g.  palm upward) [increases carpal tunnel pressure and decreases
blood flow?] and

·          Positioning the forearm that should be dominant in another
position that is relaxed or where the forearm is in a prone position [a
position that decreases carpal tunnel pressure and increases blood flow?]

More information about laterality:

· Forearm Articulations (forearm supination and

· (forearm supination
and pronation)

·          Note: From what I've read, it seems that it might be a good idea
for left-handers to reverse their hands for the following mediation

·          "Typical of the representation of the historical Buddha - Buddha
seated in the lotus position, the right hand touches the ground with the
finger tips near the right knee, all the fingers extended, or only with the
tip of the forefinger, while the left hand rests, palm upwards, in the
hollow of the thighs." (the 'Bumiparsa Mudra'
meditation position; see image)

·           "In Hinduism, a mudra (Sanskrit, literally 'seal') is a symbolic
gesture made with the hand or fingers. Along with asanas (postures), they
are employed in yoga meditation practice. Each mudra has a specific meaning,
and they are a central part of Hindu iconography. With the onset of
Buddhism, many mudra practices were absorbed into the culture. Common hand
gestures are to be seen in both Hindu and Buddhist iconography. An example
would be the outward-facing open palm known as Abhay (without fear) mudra, a
gesture meant to dispel the fear of the devotee."

·          J Hand Surg [Am].: Effects of forearm pronation/supination on
carpal tunnel pressure.

· about the
carpal tunnel)

*Compare physical therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome and for correcting
handedness with mudras (symbolic gestures made with hands or fingers)

*Foot supination and pronation, foot posture, footwear modification, lotus
position (meditation)

Foot supination and pronation:

Sitting cross-legged: (note: if you need
to loosen your hips it might not be a good idea to stretch your quadriceps
if you already have tight hamstrings)

Sitting cross-legged and laterality: left-handers should reverse legs for
these positions?

*Effects of forearm supination and forearm pronation on median nerve (nerve
conduction), blood vessels, laterality, carpal tunnel syndrome

*Bumiparsa Mudra (meditation position) and laterality

"the left hand rests [rests in a supine position-force isn't exerted for the
forearm to remain in this position], palm upwards, in the hollow of the

*Bumiparsa Mudra (meditation position)

Also referred to as 'bhumisparsa' (the most popular spelling I've found),
bhumi-sparsa, bhumisparsha, bhumi-sparsha, 'gesture of touching the earth',
'gesture of pressing the earth'

*What effect is caused when the forearms are in a prone position (e.g. when
putting both hands in pockets, or for people with rounded shoulders)?
Increases nerve conduction and blood flow to the hands (through the carpal
tunnel)? Decreases blood flow to the brain? Helpful for people with
migraines (effect is similar to 'warming of the hands' by interlocking one's

*Ergonomic keyboards, mice:,aid,122404,00.asp

*Signals of fatigue: When we become tired we may position our sub-dominant
forearm or foot in a prone positon, or position our doniminant forearm or
foot in a supine position

*Improve circulation to dominant hand while using a mouse by also using a
mouse rest? Positions the hand in a more prone position?

*Holding paper down with subdominant hand (prone position) while writing
with dominant hand (not prone) can cause issues with hand dominance?

*Things to Consider: Too much Lateralization?

"Mudras never generate an excess of energy, they simply seek an optimal
balancing of prana [energy], much like a thermostat. So next time you are
ailing, remember it may just be an instance of maladjusted prana and an
innocuous sleight of hand could be the cure."

"'Often you might have been rebuked by your mother for twiddling your
fingers or dangling your legs [the result of hyperactivity?]. This is
considered inauspicious because it involves a waste of prana or the vital
energy within us,' he explains. 'An excess of wastage can even lead to brain
damage; mudra vigyan taps this energy to heal the individual. The science of
mudras is one of the finest gifts of yoga to the cause of human welfare,' he

Christopher McPeck


Free will is the enemy of progress.






Tinnitus Discussion Forums



Old post 10/01/05 at 08:59 PM

 Email johnkingc5 PM johnkingc5 Reply with quote

Any recommendations on quality tinnitus discussion forums, other than Tinnitus Community Message Board?





Old post 10/01/05 at 09:52 PM  Email dpellerin PM dpellerin Reply with quote

Hi John,

Try this one.

There is more traffic there but I also find some of the threads more argumentative than over here. But there are many good people there who give good support nonetheless.



Take Care


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Unread post Today at 08:49 PM  Email LynnMcLaren PM LynnMcLaren Reply with quote

Thats great !  


It's all fixed now.. It's saved...


I don't have to archive them anymore..


I think thats wonderfull. I would have done it to save the old threads..


I just don't know if you had the time to do it yet..


And more would continue to fall off the board..


Untill I saw the new feature..


I am so glad...


So now people can post more then the 700 threads as the old threads will fall in the archive section..


What is the limit it can take of old threads..


Will it continue to go to the archive section whenever someone post's over the last number of a thread..


It is limited or not ..


Or set up to continue going straight there and not loseing any threads anymore ????


Once it hits 24 threads..


Does it needed to be transfered again...


I think thats great..


I can stop now...


I feel better to see the new feature.............................................



So this thread is the next one to be stored.....






Old post 1/01/06 at 04:50 PM  Email Leah PM Leah Reply with quote

I found this url the other night, and a few of you may find this of some interest or to pass to others.........

Ralph A. Nelson, M.D.
House Ear Clinic and House Ear Institute
Los Angeles, California

We are of one race, the human race.....
There are no boundaries or divisions from space.....
We are the caretakers and co-creators of earth.... 

Take Care

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