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I do not feel that my last doctor completely solved my woes.

Usually after I'm exposed to noise above a certain level, or sharp noises my ears feel like they stuff up (it's the same feeling you get when you're changing elevation in an airplane). My ears constantly have this fullness feeling, sometimes it's more noticeable than others.

Some times when i am relaxing My ears crackle and my ear drum seems to tingle. On rare occasions an ear or two pops and my ear does not feel clogged up, in fact my hearing increases (my pressure in my ear feels stabilized).

I got a hearing test, I have normal hearing,
I went to a doctor and explained my situation and he said It was me mentally overplaying a minor situation.

I know for a fact my ears constantly feel clogged, and noise causes this fullness feeling.

Does anybody know what I am experiencing, I have tinnitus (although I don't mind it as much) but these other symptoms are rather annoying.

Is there something wrong with my tensor tympani? what's going on?!?!


Registered: 10/21/08
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I would find me a new doctor ASAP..  If he's not willing to listen, he's not the doctor for you..
You deserve much, MUCH better treatment..
Just my 2cents worth..

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I agree w/LT.
As far as the symptoms, those are familiar to me.
After a lot of thought & some study, here is my non-medical opinion.
I think it's a set of muscles, not just the tensor tympanni.
Also I think subtle re-positioning or tightness of ligaments or tendons is possibly pulling on the cartilage of the eustacian tube and other structures nearby.
The crackling, if it happens when tightening or moving your throat or pressurizing your ears, versus being a "blown speaker" distortion of sound...
is probably sticky mucus that lines the eustacian tube sticking and unsticking the eustacian walls to each other.
There may be loss of full function of the eustacian tube motility on it's own.
And the eardrum is related to the eustacian tube, I believe it is hooked in with the tensor tympanni tendon.

Why the slightly off functioning of the eustacian tube?
Perhaps sluggish nerves, perhaps tissues stuck together with inflammation or slight scarring from that or with mucus, or perhaps ultra-tight muscles pulling with their tendons on nearby tissues so things are off their placement a little.
That would include nerves and vessels...possibly creating irritation that causes the tinnitus sound.
The tickling around eardrum...
Could be related to any or all of the above...
mucus unsticking from where it was adhesing around the inside borders of the eardrum perhaps...

I do know that I, for one, had some remissions of everything (fullness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, everything)
after my muscles all in there moved a lot over a day or two...and seemed to pull or firmly yank some things apart.
The remission from it all lasted until a re-exposure to very loud sound too soon...and the muscles seemed to recoil and bind up again,
perhaps, as I describe, dragging stuctures out of their track so their normal subtle movements and responsiveness are obstructed.

Whatever those muscles and structures may be, they must be inter-related with certain upper neck muscles on the sides and back...
as with me, those relaxed in an instant the second the last yank occurred and all the symptoms dissapeared.

I would like to find a Dr. who can track along with this description...will let you know when I do.
Meantime, please let me know if you find anyone who does think medically along these lines!

Breathing is good.

Registered: 07/10/08
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Debbie I have found a few who seem to jive with parts of it at least, my neuromuscular physical therapist (4 sessions thus far) she has done some work inside my mouth and has found tight muscles and trigger points in my neck/throat area, temple, neck/back, all over really.

one interesting thing is if I put my fingers on the skin in front of my ears (towards face) and move up and down (applying pressure) there is an acute pain deep like inner ear cartilage or something...  one chiropractor though it's weak muscle in the area but i think it's related to some tight connective tissue pattern or inflammation or something....

Debbie from studying hygienic fasting I believe an extended water fast may do wonders, I missed a chance this year but if I can afford it and work out my financial situation and hopefully heal ALOT in many ways by then, there is an extended one next january, I may try shorter ones sooner. 

this young girl had calcification's (or something) and hearing loss and did a 2 week water fast and was cured...

heard of remissions from many problems, even ones people didn't even know they had..

i'm 24 and been through so many physical and mental and energetic and biochemical states I remember how good I used to feel at times, in some aspects of knowledge and heart/ some aspects of experience i have grown sure but i remember feeling so much better..  the body can heal, if we let it......  so many factors, i can name a few hundred, and what's going on this planet, it's all temporary but still real......this physical body you know....

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Thanks Ebhak for sharing your thoughts here. Interesting what you feel deep in the (middle?) ear when you press and massage anterior to the tragus.
What you describe sounds familiar to me, although from spontaneous tuggings/yankings inside the middle ear.
BTW: when you have that feeling...does it feel "bad" or "good?"

Also, now that you are on your 4th nmt do you sense the effect of this work on the h & or t?
Does the therapist have experience with others with ear issues?

Breathing is good.

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Read Minor's story from the success stories on the home page.

I think you may have misophonia and might seek treatment from Margaret or Pawell Jasterboff or Dr. Chip Berring at Emory.

Please resist the temptation to pick apart my post by quoting it piece by piece.

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Ok, i scheduled a doctor's appointment with a new doctor!

I'm not exactly sure if this is recruitment or hyperacusis, or neither.

It seems that after i'm exposed to sharp or loud noises my ears stuff up. The intensity of this fullness feeling varies. Sometimes it's not as noticeable.

I'm guessing this is an issue with the muscles in my ears and previously posted. Whenever i open my jaw I can add further pressure to my ears.

And as I said before if I am completely relaxed It feels as if the pressure in my ears equalize (muscles relieved) and my ears start to tingle and sometimes they even pop, returning them to the "normal" feeling state.


Registered: 12/16/07
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I would ask about eustacian tube function, and misophonia.

Please resist the temptation to pick apart my post by quoting it piece by piece.
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