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I am experiencing alot of pressure and feelings of fullness in my ears. Is this a symptom of the Hyperacusis? Also, sometimes when I bend over or chnge postions my ears start beeping with a weird feeling of pressure. Could this be an eustachian tube dysfunction? This pain and pressure is so uncomfortable. Does this get better with time? I am trying to listen to the pink noise CD and do what I can to help myself, but I am having problems coping and I am getting very depressed. I don't want to have to take an antidepressant or anymore medication as I feel that is what caused this in the first place for me. The ENT that I saw wasn't helpful and just told me to get a mouthguard for my TMJ.


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April, does the pressure / fullness go away when you pop your ears? and did you ever feel dizzy when turning or bending over? ... I am sure the doctors will ask the same questions if it is anything related to eustachian tube dysfunction.

Our ears are supposed to pop naturally when we swallow, sneeze or yawn. I have had this fullness feeling in my right ear with loss of hearing and tinnitus!! The pressure feeling simply won't go away. The doctors made me do a Tymphanometry 3 times (also called as Impulse Audiometry) and found nothing wrong. Results showed "Type A"  i.e. "normal" but the Ipsi/Contra reflexes of the affected ear was completely "Absent" - now that means something else  ....certainly not an eustachian tube problem.

Normally the eustachian tube is closed and acts like a valve that allows air through to equalize the pressure in the middle ear. The simplest test (my doctor made me do this) to check the functionality of eustachian tube is to take a deep breath, pinch your nose shut and then gradually apply pressure to exhale from the nose. Don't do this if you feel the slightest pain. When we apply pressure the air rushes through the eustachian tubes to pressurize the inner ear. It's a feeling like we are underwater and once we release the pressure the ears should pop back to normal.
A strange thing I noticed is the increase in pressure happens when I am walking down a large hallway and voices of people around tend to reverberate. The same thing happens when the washing machine at home revs up in spin mode (mine is a bit noisy). The fullness feeling is such that I involuntarily touch my ear to reassure myself "Ah, good! the ear is fine.... I thought it was swelling like a baloon"


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April, I get that same feeling. when I bend over one ear feels really full at times when my Hyperacusis is actting up really bad, feeling like I can hear a bit of the wind in my ear but only when I bend over. In fact thats How I can tell if I am getting better because that goes away in time. I also get Sinus pressure yet I don't have a sinus problem, face and neck pain just hurt for the first two or three weeks, when my hyperacusis goes into full attack mode.

But when that goes away my hearing is fine and more leveled.  I also have TMJ too , my brother inlaw whos a dentist beleaves it is my jaw that isn't alingned right. so he send me for some Physical Therapist and that did help but what also helped was buying the tens electrical device and getting a therapist to show me how to use it. saved me a lot of money in the end.  then I could do it more often and get feeling better faster. My brother in-law made me a mouthguard type splint for me to wear at night and during the day and that has helped a lot. but mostly the problem is tensing the jawbone. we do it with thinking at times. so a trick to learn for that is to say lips together, teeth apart,. say that over and over again in your mind and don't forget it. hey I paid 60 dollars just to learn that line, and your getting it for free :-)

My dentist told me when we tense our face muscles it places pressure on your face muscles and  on the ear joint and that can cause pressure on the ear drum and cause Hyperacusis and tinnitus the ringing of the ears.
Thats what a dentist will tell you anyway. but most doctors are not going to beleave that. my ent didn't but when I type hyperacusis and TMJ into google that sure proofed him wrong.

The pink noise takes time to work,and btw it does work. you have to start by listening to it slowly and only for a limited time each day. then listne to it more and more as the week goes on. it does work, I don't even have it on right now and my computers not anoying me and I am listening to music again too so yes it works.. couldn't do that two weeks ago. antidepressants can help in the short time but what really helps is just getting out of the house and getting your hears to hear as much sound again aas much normal level sound as possible. along with the pink noise. it will work if you try but it will take time.  also you can try asking your doctor for a B12 shot and see if that works? a blood test may be needed first and this shot would be taken once a month. it works for the short time being. I am not sure if it worked at all to be truth full but I get one anyway just to say I tried it.  LOL, this is a crazy screwed up condition and the worst part about it is trying to find a doctor who knows anything about it and is willing to try doing some tests.
How any of this helps you.

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I get ear pain and pressure and sinus pressure as well.


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hey guys! I have a question. I clench my jaw alot and find that I have pain in the jaw area just below my ear lobe area. My dentist quickly placed his fingers to feel for clicking in my jaw and quickly concluded that I didnt have tmj. Is it possible that I do indeed have tmj without a clicking jaw? I do have constant tinnitus and hyp. Before this came about I was eating hard candy (fireballs) and biting into them constantly. I also hear a slight clicking when I move my jaw up and down. My dentist may be wrong.

Paul H

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Hi Paul,

There are dentists who don't do dentistry, all they do is TMD work, and medical insurance covers them under a medical code.
I was shocked to learn that my (& presumably everyone's) insurance company considers TMD an insurable medical problem.
Medical insurance often doesn't even cover actual tooth-related dental problems.
My ENT suggested screeing even though I don't have typical symptoms.
If it's covered...& the TMD specialist is reputed to be good, why not have it looked at?


Breathing is good.

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You can have TMJ/TMD without a clicking jaw.  If you clench a lot your jaw joints will inflame.  People that clench a lot can have Tinnitus and Ear Pressure due to the muscles and nerve that relate to clenching action.

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TMJ, as well as stress and anxiety can all cause you to clench your jaw and put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your ears and cause tinnitus/hyperacusis.  I dont have clicking but my doctor believe I have TMJ. A night splint made by your dentist can help with that and also relaxation techniques, deep breathing, and remember "lips together, teeth apart" my dentist has also said. It take a conscious effort to pay attn to your jaw and tension and clenching and all but you can train yourself to be more aware of when you are doing it. Be well!


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Originally Posted by tjl731

TMJ, as well as stress and anxiety can all cause you to clench your jaw and put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your ears and cause tinnitus/hyperacusis

tjl731 is right about this, as Hyperacusis is a very unnerving stressful experience to say the least and when we are stressed we do things with out even thinking about it.. such as clench our Jaw. if you don't beleave me. find a mirror and find something that makes a sound you don't like and watch your face as you have to hear that sound LOL....
or you could watch my favorite you tube video.   check out the look on her face as her ears gang up on her. You can clearly see she isn't having a good day. but you can clearly see the stress on her face.
Me my tmj is more of a bite alignment problem and I use a Splints to help me at times from clenching my jaw.

I got to get another one made because I drop my old one in some hot water and it screwed it up a bit. I had it fixed but it's never been the same again.. thank god my brother inlaw is a dentist because those things aren't cheap.

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