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I have hyperacusis, but my Dr told me i have alot of wax in my ears and should use olive oil to soften the wax. since using it my ears have got worse. Does anyone have any experince/advice on this matter, cheers.


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Hi Louismay, ((( Smiles )))


I used olive oil all the time in my ears.. You can buy it in products for your ears over the counter. I put it in salads.. Your Dr even  recommended trying it...


Maybe it's something else or just the wax on oil expanding . Olive oil is a non toxic product so I would not be too concerned about it.


You may have to have your wax taken out manually if it doesn't do it for you... But why I started useing natural products is because I used murine in my ears to get the wax out and I had the most horrible nerve pain in my ears mostly left all night long..


It just throbbed and ached and hurt... It hit a nerve and I don't know who it did that..


Thats because I was afraid to let this Doctor do it after my H.M.O. irrigated my ears before that and that really hurt too. Following thoses expirences.. I used olive oil and other natural products..


But last year I had to have my ears cleaned manually so I could have new moulds taken for plugs. They can't fill you ear up with that stuff with wax in there it will compress it.. 


My plugs have just come in but I really don't need them anymore.. I just wanted to have new moulded ones just in case. With my pink noise tape and pink noise CD and my many books on H...


I'm a just in case gal.. Now to prepare for earthquakes. We just celebrated 1906 out here.  I survived 89...What a rocker that was...     

Take Care


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last time I used oil to clean out my ears, I ended up in the emergency clinic with an ear infection, don't know if was the oil but I wouldn't myself...

there are some good earwax removal kits at the drug stores which I use.


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Hi Jane, (((( Smiles )))


You brought up a good point.. When Lousemay said her ears got worse..She may have an latent ear infection that may be emerging. But not sure if she means worse with hyperacusis instead... 


I was wondering why you put olive oil in your ear in the first place.. Were you haveing some problems with your ears before that..


Maybe you had a latent infection in your ears allready and it emerged at that time. Wow.. Emergency.. Thats a pretty bad ear infection... 


I know earplugs use can cause an ear infection as it happened to Tom and maybe thats why my ear felt infected way back in 02.. I didn't use any oil products back then.. Just plugs.. 


But you can buy over the counter products to sooth ear discomfort that contain olive oil for pure health benefits as they say.. 


But she could use over the counter earwax removal kits instead. And see how it goes for her... 


I think the peroxide in Murine must have got to a nerve in some way.. I have no idea how..


I just remember the pain right after I put it in my ears before bedtime. I have no idea why it did that to me.. My doctor recommended it and I guess it works well for others..


But the book... the oil that heals talking about many people who have used castor oil in the ears and have had success with it..


And of course you want to make sure the oil is fresh and not rancid.


Oil can go bad but I don't know if not fresh oil could cause an ear infection..

It's kind of like a food..


I got to seach the web with my other computer.


This is for ears : Abcessed in this book I have...


But in this book I have it talks about in some cases to massage the outer ear with sweet oil or camphorated oil in the mornings and castor oil in the evening..


This is for ears: Abcessed  . And also another individual was told to cleanse the ear with a mixture of St Jacobs Oil and a mild antiseptic to remove the infectious forces..


It also talks about keeping a proper dietary balance and to consume acid and alkaline foods rich in B vitamins as well.


But it also says...


But since the orginal formula for St Jacobs Oil has been altered by the omission of one ingredient , it should not be used in the ears today.


I wonder what that one ingredient is..


My other chiropractor uses it in his child's ears.. He new what St Jacob Oil was..  But I didn't ask him the question above.. I wonder what that one ingredient is... 


Does it really matter or it's just an information discloser in the book.. But I got my organic Castor Oil in the mail today. I haven't used it in so long..


I need to read up on everything again and form a plan for myself again...


But maybe she should try an over the counter ear wax formula.


And see if that works for.. If not.. Manuel cleaning will get rid of the wax...



Take Care


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well, I bought one of these natural healing kind of books and followed it to the "t". I remember reading that if you have earwax, you can clean it out with earwax. I was in college at the time and was on my way to classes that day. Did it in the morning and boy-howdie, did it hurt through the day. I will never forget how much it hurt all day and dropped by the Emergency clinic on the way home where they gave me drops to help the infection I apparently caused.

So for me, no way!


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Hi Jane, (((( Smiles ))))


I never heard of that before... About the earwax with earwax thing.. But there are so many different books out there to read..


But I think when I was doing this long ago from what I read I was useing an antiseptic.


Like Alka-Thyme the next day.. Maybe a weak bakeing soda formula. It was so long ago I can't remember but I want to go back and read it again. But I know a person can purchase olive oil like formula's for use in the ear canal and they usually don't talk about useing an antiseptic after use..


So many people use theses products.. I've just never heard of that but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.. I just don't know for sure...


But if the ear gets too full of wax.. And a person can't get it out by any other means.. Then it's best removed by a doctor..


I think earplug use can impact wax as well.


Maybe impacted wax can cause infection as well.. I'm not sure.. I need to read up on that subject more... 


You Take Care Jane        




Take Care


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No, olive oil won't be harmful to the ears at all.
Some heat the oil a bit, but I don't!  It's a great wax for the ear, I mean how more natural can you get besides Olive Oil?

Or if you really want to try something else, Bali's Sun Coconut Oil is the best, but that's for everything, and Olive Oil is great for the ear!

Every diagnosis is a misdiagnosis!

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Hi Leah, ((( Smiles )))


I asked my chiropractor today if he thought olive oil is harmfull for the ears or causes ear infections and he didn't believe it did..


But if a person had an ear infection comeing on would it promote an infection..


I didn't ask him that question but I don't think so but I really don't know the answer for sure..


I never thought about that one before. Not sure how that would work.

Take Care


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I dont let any doctors or nurses come near my ears to "flush" em clean or pick them clean manually. I am to afraid and don´t trust anyone to touch my poor damaged ears .


But once, when this tinnitus-thing started out for me i tried a Homeopathic therapy...

In the beginning i just refused take in the answer from the ENT:s there is no cure for tinnitus. So i tried some alternative thearapies...but they didn´t help the way i hoped never reduces T or H.


But one thing that i tried was a strange but comfortable therapy, i don´t find the right translation too it but dierctly translated from swedish: Ear-Candle-treatment. Follow the link and you get a picture of it:


I think this will not save u from T or H, but i think it could be an nice alternative to reduce wax.



I´m 32 y old turning 33 this summer.Mother of twins, Nikki-Lee & Norton they´re 4,5 y old.
I suffer from severe tinnitus and hyperacusis since July 2002 after an rockconcert.
In october 2005 i got an otitis in both ears & more trouble came after this. I get no answers from the ENT doctors so i had too search the web for my own diagnose.
I believe that i also have the Tensor tympani Syndrome, myoclonus & Eustachian Tube Dysf.

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I'd like to add my 3 cent's worth to this topic.


This last September, right before my birthday, i got an

annoying blockage in my ear due to what appeared to be

wax build-up.  I'm a great believer in using olive oil

for ear problems; I regularly use a dab of natural olive oil- based herbal salve inserted into my ear canal with a Q-tip for

easier ear plug insertion. I rarely have problems with

a build-up, but it does occasionally happen and usually

breaks down on its own.  This time it didn't, though, so out

of desperation i tried some Debrox -- one of the popular oil-based ear wax cleaning products -- but all it did, frankly, was to make matters worse. I had a major oil slick in my poor ear and i was miserable, with bad pressure, muffling of sound, and sharp shooting pains. Not a nice way to be facing my b-day. . . .


I made an emergency appointment with a local ENT, who

took one look in my ear and said that, yes, i had a nice

big blob of wax smashed down against the eardrum.  I

told him at the outset that under NO circumstances, given

the fact that i had severe hyperacusis, would i agree to

the use of a water jet to break it up.  I asked if he would

remove it manually, but he said that it was too close to

the ear drum, it would be dangerous to use an instrument,

and that i would have to be seen at a major regional

teaching hospital, where a specialist would have to manually

remove it using special high-power magnification. . . .


I went home and did what i should have at the outset.

The active ingredient of any of the wax-removing commercial

products is hydrogen peroxide.  I made up a dilution of

high-quality h.p. in warm water (i have some high-quality

food grade hydrogen peroxide which i diluted to the proper

concentration), got out a nice super fat eye dropper, draped towels over my shoulder, tilted my head to the side, and spent the next 15 minutes or so patiently and repeatedly shooting the nice and warm h.p./water mixture into my

ear canal. 


It worked.  After wondering if i'd ever unplug that ear, it

suddenly broke up and washed out.  Amazing how such a

little piece of wax, strategically placed, can cause so much misery!


Moral of the story:  if you have problems with wax build-up --

especially if you use plugs and salve that can compact wax

into the canal -- be sure to do periodic cleansings as a

preventative measure.  Hydrogen peroxide is healing and antiseptic and, with its effervescent oxygenating action, can actually help "munch" away accumulated wax.  The kind you

can find at any pharmacy (3%, i believe) is very safe to use.

I personally prefer to use a food-grade (35%) version, because it contains no preservatives.  However, if you DO

use such a high concentration, it is EXTREMELY important

that it is diluted to a concentration safe for use.  As an

oxidant, h.p. at high concentrations can cause serious






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Hi Hollis, ((( Smiles )))


Impacted wax can cause problems.. Mine was impacted too probably caused by wearing plugss over time. I had to see a surgent to manually get it out...


I think hydrogen peroxide is a good product as I have have hydrogen peroxide mouthwash and I think that works real well. Except the peroxide hits a nerve in one of my teeth.


The one that my former dentist said I have a cavity in but my newer dentist said I didn't but if I'm not carefull in cleaning.. I will get one.


Which I hope not because.. I haven't underwent drilling yet and I'm doing so well. But.. You mentioned if it is not mixed right it cause's burning..


I used murine in my ears early on with my H and T after seeing Dr Tang who I was afraid of him cleaning my ears out so he suggested murine..


I think it would have worked just fine if it didn't hit a nerve somehow.. It's like it got inside my middle ear somehow.. I just don't know how that happened to this day.. But I did read a web site long time back..


That liquids can be absorbed thru the eardrums..  In very small amounts but this seemed like more then that.. but supposidly my eardrums looked just fine back then and the physician that manuel cleaned out my ears more of recent last year said all my ear drum layers are intact...


I just hate that when they tell me everything looks just fine yet.. And then I get terrible nerve pain from a product others have used and probably did just fine with it. Maybe it was not mixed right..


Or my ears were just super sensitive.. Or it just got into my middle ears somehow.. I just haven't tried it since and that was back in 03. Not sure what would happen now with it.... Useing it again....


But I asked the question alot time ago on the old board back then and nobody answered me..


Could hydrogen peroxide that got exposed to a nerve cause nerve damage ???


Or does it just hurt and burn but not cause any long lasting problems ...


I just don't know but when it hurts a nerve.. Boy does that hurt. Even in your tooth.. I have a very sensitive back tooth...


But what about a nerve in the ear....        

Take Care


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To this day.. I wonder why the murine hurt my ears.. Mostly the left one..


Causeing severe nerve pain for hours.. 


If I had no holes in it or leaky drums and I don't know that for sure sure... thou they said I did not... Yet...


I was reading the study of innevation, sensory neuropeptides and serotonin in murine contact... Skin allergy .. Density of nerve fibers... inflammed ears


Immunopharmacol immuntoxicol...


Interesting.. But does that fit....

Take Care

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