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I have chronic lyme disease, and have had this for about three years. In the beginning my sound tolerance had degenerated to a point where i could not tolerate anything anymore most of the time. But in about 18 months time i managed to get back to be able to do most things in the house without problems (kitchen noises were okay, television, listening to music etc...). 

Due to the lyme disease (and the H and T apart from the lyme disease don't help of course) my nervous system is very sensitive, not only to sound but in general. The last year i have relapsed three times. I never notice immediately when it happens. It seems to be that an accumulation of stress in the nervous system provokes symptoms to return and become much worse, when in the moment it is not apparent that that will happen. First relapse a year ago was with a cinema visit. I was wearing earplugs but the film was very loud (Dunkirk). It took me about 3 months to get back to my previous level after that. The second relapse was when i shaved and forgot to wear earplugs. The impact was felt only the day after doing this. And since that relapse i have never gotten back to my previous level of sound tolerance. I succeed in getting better, but the overreactivity of my nervous system seems to be more engrained now.

I wonder how much of my problem is due to the brain and how much is actually the ear. I think it might be only the brain in my case and that my biggest problem is the limbic response and the brain inflammation caused by the infections. I have many other neurological symptoms (occipital neuralgia, chemical sensitivity, periodic anxiety, neuropathy, ...)

I am gonna start taking sound therapy seriously again. I didn't do it anymore because i figured it waould not be very effective as long as i was not in remission from lyme disease since the sensitivity in the nervous system is mostly coming from that, but the fact that i never got back to my previous level of tolerance and that i am avoiding sounds more and more the past 8 months is a sign that i can not ignore this any longer. I'm starting with pink noise again, have looked at Rob's music protocol and will do that as well. 

Any advice or insights into my situation are welcome.



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I've got no insights other than this- if you have gotten better in the past, I think there is no reason you can't get better in the future.  It sounds like you are making a wise decision.
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