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As per questions asked, there goes some more information to feed the hunger of answers in relation to the frequencies we use! :-)


There is a general use for them and we create a controled environment for the use while in Bio-Tuning as it is your own inter and intra molecular vibrations that we use standardize to scale.


Frequencies and Uses: Basic Information


Gamma: 30+ Hertz 

Hyperawareness: Sometimes Beta waves are also referred to those frequencies up into the hundreds of  hertz.  Higher Beta waves are sometimes referred to as Gamma waves.



Beta: 13-30 Hertz  

Awake and alert: The mental activity normally associated with Beta waves is the active awareness state that we experience from day to day at work and play. There are many external chemicals that can be induced into the brain to produce this state and they are known generally as stimulants. Some of those stimulants are small amounts of alcohol, the nicotine in cigarettes, caffeine in coffee and tea, diet pills, and amphetamines.



Alpha:  8-12 Hertz    

Relaxed:   The most widely known and publicized is the Alpha wave.  Most people equate this wave with ESP, meditation, and all sorts of strange ideas. The truth is the alpha waves account for only half the story.  Alpha ranges between 7-12 hertz and is prominent during relaxation mostly with eyes closed, day dreaming, and upon deep self-introspection. 

The 1960's made this activity famous when it was found out that cannabis or marijuana, which grew  naturally, induced this state in people.  Scientist have found out that it was the chemical THC that caused this euphoric feeling by being a substitute for the brain's natural pleasure chemicals which are called endorphins.

Out of all the different types of brain waves there is a very interesting range called the Alpha-Theta-Border. I've already mentioned that the Alpha was half the story, well the Theta wave is the other half of a state of mind that brings about creativity, intelligence, and a host of other abilities the brain is capable of doing  when properly stimulated. 

It is a state where the central nervous system reduces input from the peripheral nervous system. The lowering of sensory input serves to normally protect the central nervous system from sensory overload caused by stress or physical damage. 

Without these outside functions for the brain to control the brain expands its functioning  powers. The normally unused portion of the brain becomes active and performs at maximum capacity. This range is between 7-8 hertz and this is not so surprising when you learn that the resonant  frequency of the earth and ionosphere is approximately 7.5 hertz.  Our brains evolved within this dynamic field and used it as a standard to function on.  The mind experiences the body  in a half-in half-out state of sleep or detachment.  The feeling is of being conscious of all things around you but the body being in deep relaxation. 

Many cultures discovered this and the methods to achieve this state naturally and artificially. Many of the worlds religions were founded on reaching this state and devised strict disciplines to do so.  The Alpha-Theta range occurs during reverie, hypnologic imagery, meditation, and by self-hypnosis.  The drugs that achieve this state are controlled use of cannabis and hallucinogens.

If I remember correctly 10.0 Hz is supposed to be a window frequency for serotonin (5ht) release, if this freq was overlaid with one that stimulated the release of adrenaline then  we COULD have MDMA L/S sessions.


Theta: 3-7 Hertz     

Reverie, imagery, near sleep:  The least  known type outside the confines of the dream research laboratories.  This wave is in the range of 5-8 hertz and is characterized mainly with light sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) dreams, and hallucinations.  The brain uses this state to exercise itself, somewhat like working out your muscles to make them stronger and to release overall tension.  The drugs that promote this activity are, on the whole, illegal.  These substances are in the general category of hallucinogens (LSD, Acid, Magic mushrooms, etc...). 


Interesting Note: Your brain cells reset their sodium & potassium ratios when the brain is in Theta state. The sodium & potassium levels are involved in osmosis which is the chemical process that transports chemicals into and out of your brain cells. After an extended period in the Beta state the ratio between potassium and sodium is out of balance. This the main cause of what is known as "mental  fatigue". A brief period in Theta (about 5 - 15min) can restore the ratio to normal resulting in mental refreshment.

"I used to map freqs some years ago and between 5.5 and 5.4 there is a state of huge calmness that is enormously pleasant. I don't remember exact figure but you can discover it yourself if you experiment for a while. Since brain always oscillate around carrier  frequency so you just feel to what state it pulls you most."

Some time ago, Jim Lambert was experimenting with binaural beats, on his Amiga. He had swerved into your 5.5 Hz frequency. After about ten minutes relaxing and listening, he started hearing this *loud* swish click, swish click, swish click sound. Turns out that it was his heart, with the blood rushing and the valves banging!


Delta: 0.5-2 Hertz  

Sleep:  Delta's frequency can be as low as 1 cycle per month (coma/Ronald Reagan) or even pure direct current (DC).  The outward appearance of this area is dead to the world sleep, no dreaming and commas occur during this state.  Many people have had more than their share to drink after work or at an office party and had the irresistible urge to just go to sleep, or in extreme instances just to outright pass out wherever you were.  Excessive amounts of alcohol induces the brain into the Delta state as so the body can repair and filter out toxins and poisons within itself.  The body uses this state to put full effort to repair itself from the days activities.  It's significant to know that 2/3's of your sleep time is taken up by this state to complete these repairs and to give the brain time to rest. Other chemicals that induce this Delta state are known as downers, things like sleeping pills, aspirin, muscle relaxants, and barbiturates. All these chemicals can be very dangerous if taken in excessive amounts which causes the brain and body to totally relax into death itself .



Hope that helps address the general audience! :-)

(Bio-Tuning, Infratonics, Body Alignment, Bodywork)






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Hi Freddy, ((( Smiles )))


That is so interesting.. The Alpha and The Beta..


And why people take certain substances for the effect it can have on the brain.. And what can a person do to try to get theses effects without takeing drugs.. 


Information is good to have on the whys and what a person can do.. Or try.. To relax.. We were tallking about Auto Hypnosis on the board as someone brought that subject up..


Then I remembered my old book. The left brain - right brain techniques for releasing creative energy. But most important. To relax ones mind and body the best they can... expecially thru a traumatic event..


It's an interesting concept..The alpha and beta and sleep and to try and reach a state of calm. Trying to calm one self in the midst of..


Hyperacusis or tinnitus.. Very hard to do without reaching for the pills..


Giveing up my Trazadone was hard in the way.. It worked well for me for so long.. Yet.. I needed to learn how to cope without them..


And I felt I could try to do just that. I did take 5-Htp


How to relax my own state of mind.. In whatever way . I could..


I had terrible phonopobia. For Jerad on this board.. I was pretty freaked out at one time. I lived by the plugs........................... 


I had to try to learn to calm myself down.. And do what I believed.. Was damaging my ears.. My brain.. My life..


Caused me pain and increased symptoms from exposure... Burning , fullness, acheing, throbbing, added sensitivity ect.. Tinnitus activation ect....


Letting in sounds... Will write to you about that later.. Need to take a break from the computer right now...

Take Care

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