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I had a MRI late January 2018 to see what was causing ear sensitivity from my niece screaming, and 3-4 days later, I wake up with slightly louder T than what I had since 2013. I could still hear great at the time, still to this day, even earphones and slamming doors/vacuuming wasn't a pain. Week or two later, my H increases along with my T on both ears. Now my earphones can't be too loud anymore, door closing by my room hurts when I focus on it now, and vacuuming doesn't seem fun to my ears anymore? My neck bone seemed to hurt during my MRI, like it's been a long time since I layed down on my head? Sitting on a chair doesn't feel the same since.. it hurts to game on my Xbox now! Those few days after MRI, I kept messing with my neck for some reason, and hit the back of my head on accident. I do have allergy problems since September 2018, don't know what is causing my itchy ears, mouth, or throat yet. My hearing test was fine, I had full blood work fine, and the MRI was only for my head/ears/and I think neck. I no longer remember. My ENT didn't know I had allergy symptom problems. I forgot to tell him, if that's the case. I'm wondering if the MRI caused this? I can sleep with the T, but the H gets annoying sometimes, but I still feel like I could do so much besides go to loud concerts or focus on stuff that's too loud. My MRI only showed a sinus infection I didn't think I had. I'm thinking I need other parts of my body checked, I have bad body posture, and hormonal issues I think? Hmm. I don't think I could have another MRI in the future.. I just wonder if something made it worse. :/ I was just so happy those days after the MRI until I woke up with loud T and now increased H... I do sleep badly, and have anxiety issues as well. I think I developed hidden H since 2014 from a airhorn, or over time, and it showed in Sept/Oct/November 2018, and got worse late Feb 2018 after waking up to much louder T January 30th, 2018. Took MRI January 26, 2018. To clarify lastly, MRIs are known to be loud, my earplugs were in, maybe not fully in, but felt protected. I only heard some of the loud sound when I yawned a few times in the machine through my right ear. I've read that the loud sound could go through you? Have any of you heard of the woman who got bad hyperacusis after a MRI 5 years ago for lower back pain? She had earplugs and headphones on. Even if the MRI weakened my ears secretly, maybe loud music got me over a short period of time? Maybe my ears didn't heal correctly? Maybe time will tell?

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After I got hyperacusis, I had two mris with no discernable effect on my ears.

HOWEVER, I have heard quite a few people here have gotten hyperacusis from MRI machines, so I would not advise them if you can help it.

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My hyperacusis is possibly triggered if not completely caused by MRI - I had an attack of trigeminal neuralgia, and had MRI to check on that, and several days later got hyperacusis... I believe the noise from the MRI probably had something to do with it... 

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I have severe tinnitus and hyperacusis.  I had an MRI the first of the year.  And I will never have another one.  Even with the ear plugs and packing by my ears, it still was extremely loud. I toughed it out, praying that it would not make it worse.  It didn't right after, but now after several months later I am worse.  I wonder if that had something to do with it. I suggest anybody that has hyperacusis NOT to have an MRI.

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let's put it this way, years ago before I knew to take muffs and wear good and well fitting earplugs, I did get re-injured in the early days with an MRI, that was the day before the Techs were helping patients protecting ears. Now it's changed a lot. Some body parts do not lend themselves to muffs fyi. I meditate, deep breathe, close my eyes and pray when I am in an MRI and the techs are really good about letting you know how things are going. Don't eat anything with high sugar or carb before doing an MRI, my first one I had just had a nutrition bar which was high carb and keeping myself still in there was hard. Opt for an open MRI if you can. There are stand-up or sit down MRI's in Silicon Valley fyi. 

Jane Parks-McKay
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