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Has anyone tried acupuncture for tinnitus? A couple of months ago I was out doing yard work, wearing earplugs because there was a lot of traffic and a neighbor was using power tools. Even so, within an hour my ears were ringing (a high-pitched squeal, actually -- is that what's meant by "ringing"?). And the sound did not go away. A few days later I went for acupuncture and mentioned this loud ringing in my ears. The doctor nodded and said he'd treat for it. By the time I left his office it was all but gone and has remained so. I don't know if acupuncture would help with chronic tinnitus regardless of cause (the doctor thought mine was allergy-related, though I've had allergies for years and this was the first time for ear-ringing). But it might be worth researching. Too bad he can't do anything for the hypersensitivity...


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Hi Lynny, ((( Smiles )))


You asked..


Has anyone tried acupuncture for tinnitus?



Yes.. For both.. Tinnitus and hyperacusis.. I think the provider one finds is very important to weither you will see results or not..


If a person trys acupuncture.. They should proceed with caution in this unregulated field..


A person should..


Obtain the person's acupuncture licenses number.


Verify certification through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ( NCCAOM ) by visting their website .


You can also view a list of certified practitioners in your geographical area.


Where did the person graduate ? The recommendation is for the person to have graduated from an accredited college in acupuncture and orietal medicine in the United States at the graduate level with a minimum of 3000 hours coursework..


How many years of expirence does the person have ? Ten or more years of acupuncture experince is perferable....................


What kind of acupuncture does he she implement ? It is desirable for the person to practice Traditional Chinese Midicine ( TMC ). Please note that some people say they do , but in fact  do not.


Where do they place the needles ? Needles should be in different places such as the back, ear, hand and foot for relief for neck and shoulders.. 


Also certain places for the ears, TMJ ect...


Does the person use pre-sterilized , disposable needles ?


Do they use heat ? Heat lamps and packs are recommended. 


I would ask what's the acupuncturists speciallity ?Is acupuncture all the person does ? In other words , is the person an anesthesiologist , internest or chiropractor who does some acupuncture ?


A dedicated acupuncturist is desirable.


Please be advised there are people performing acupuncture who obtain a few hundred hours of course work who will say they are licensed through another venue other then NCCAOM.


Avoid theses practioners..


This information I posted is only for thoses looking for a qualified acuptunturist for treament of their conditions...




Take Care


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Hi Lynny, ((( Smiles )))


I posted that information for others that are looking for a provider of acupuncture.. So acupunture worked for you as well.


For me.. It took lots of treaments as my provider said I should not have waited so long and did what you did.. Go in right away..


So it was along term treatment plan for me.. When I did see her.. I was really messed up but she thought she could still help me and I believe she did..


I was lucky to have found a skilled provider that met the criteria of what I listed above.. Her mother was a skilled acupuncture provider as well.


I was treated by both.. I started the treatments before I came to the archive board and to be able to go..


I had to wear packed silicon earplugs and muffs to leave the house with my mother haveing her van parked right close to my front door with the engine off but I did this because I new I needed help badly..


My treatments I had throught allot of 03 with my pink noise and then sound therapies.. 


Tapering off in 04.. I know the high pitched squeal tinnitus.. That kind that would shriek badly and for along duration with a noise exposure such as that...


Though I didn't go outside for months besides theses provider treaments

as I stayed mostly in my bedroom..


And always wore plugs on venturing out of my room back then in my early days..


My neighbor used circular saws from time to time mostly in his garage..


I had bad hyperacusis and my tinnitus was very sensitive to sounds.


It took me alot of treatments and dedication to going as I really didn't want to leave the house at all back then but I'm glad I pushed myself into going..


It was well worth the trouble when I look back on it..


But my tinnitus.. Was of the long standing duration of time..


It .. was really bad at one time.. And it got better.. Over time.. She said.. She was treating my sound sensitivy " the nerves " as well.


What she did..


Worked well for me..


I would do it all over the same way.. Just like that again...I don't know how all that got better myself.


But the tinnitus did.. So I know bad tinnitus.. Noisy tinnitus.. Can change over time..


But I believe that my acupuncture provider.. Was very instrumental in that happening for me..


I have a very well formed plan going. Building up with different kinds of sound therapies.. Over time.. With treatments going on at the same time as well.


Herbal Chineses medications made for me...


I'm glad it worked well for you too.


And because of my expirence.. I believe it can with the right provider..  


My provider did not believe mine was allergy related.. I think she thought expecially my hyperacusis.. Was the nerves...


And I think she helped build up my nerves and helped my hyperacuusis overtime to get better..


I really do.. But it was dedication of many many treatments in a long term plan..


To get better over time....  


Take Care


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Hey Lynn: Day one, generators, whew!

Anyway, on the acupuncture question, I asked an acupuncturist that is very good if she treated Tinnitus or Hyperacusis with this modality. It was several months ago and I can't remember her exact answer but as I recall, I don't think it works for Hyperacusis but then again, not surprisingly, she didn't know about Hyperacusis. It's a typical answer, I have learned and my memory may/is (!) faulty on this one.

Tell me more of what you have heard, will you? Merci'!

Whooshing Ear Jane


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Hi Jane, ((( Smiles )))


In Dr Vernons book on tinnitus Q and A on the subject of acupuncture on tinnitus..


He said Acupunture treatments will likely not hurt you. ( Remember this is a treatment thats been in China for 2500 years )


But he said...


As in the case regarding most tinnitus treatments we have heard from several people who found acupunture helpfull for the relief of tinnitus and from several patients who said it was ineffective..



I think alot also depends on the provider based pretty much on the list above..


And the earlier on in tinnitus for treatment the better like Lynny and my acupuncturist mentioned above... And allso there could be other factors yet...


My acupunture provider new about hyperacusis.. She was well educated and had other patients with tinnitus who have retained relief from her as well..


She said she was working on building up the nerves in my ears.. She thought she could help me and she did..


My treatments thou was a long term thing because I was in such bad shape when I first saw her.. She said I shouldn't have waited this long..


I should have came in right away.. But I thought.. And thats before I knew what I had and even when I found out what I had for a short while after..


My medical plan would help me fix this.. But.. They didn't have what I needed to help me get better....


So alternative therapys with sound therapy was the way I went with this...


And in the long run.. It all worked out well.     

Take Care


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The information in this thread contains what is known as anecdotal evidence.  In looking for a therapeutic approach to tinnitus and/or hyperacusis, one would be better served by disregarding anecdotal evidence -- whether positive or negative -- and paying attention to the results from studies, particularly double-blind studies (which are more reliable) of the matter at hand. 
In 2000, a double-blind study by Park and others regarding the efficacy of acupuncture to treat tinnitus showed no benefit for tinnitus sufferers.
In 1999, a double-blind study by Dobie regarding the efficacy of acupuncture to treat tinnitus showed no benefit for tinnitus sufferers.
In 1998, a double-blind study by Vilholm, Moller and Jorgensen regarding the efficacy of acupuncture to treat tinnitus showed no benefit for tinnitus sufferers.
In 1996, a double-blind study by Axelsson et al regarding the efficacy of acupuncture to treat tinnitus showed no benefit for tinnitus sufferers.
Varying degrees of success or failure regarding the efficacy of acupuncture to treat tinnitus have been shown in other studies (although not double-blind studies) by Andersson and Lyttkens (1996), Axelsson and Li De (1992), Nilsson et al (1992), Marks et al (1984), and Hansen (1975).  
A much greater number of patients who used acupuncture to treat tinnitus have received no long-term benefit.     
Regarding "Whooshing Ear Jane's" question (good name, Jane) regarding the efficacy of acupuncture to treat hyperacusis, I am unaware of any studies, not to mention long-term double-blind studies, which have weighed in on the matter.  But let's put it this way:  If you will kindly send me a vat of chocolate sauce, I will consume my neighbor's driveway if it is proven that this treatment (which is so effective for pain) is as effective for hyperacusis.   

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Great discussion all, and glad you liked my sign-off Rob!

Well, it sounds like the acupuncture would help with stress and boy howdie does that sound nice.

Thanks for the great feedback.

LOVE these generators by the way, Day One and so far, so good. I gave myself a rest after around 3 hours and put them back in for another 2-3. Nice...

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