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Does anyone else have this? I developed vibration sensitivity in my ears along with my hyperacusis and tinnitus (from noise exposure). My vibration sensitivity has recently gotten so bad that I'm now feeling like I can't drive even with earplugs and earmuffs because the vibrations from my car are aggravating my ears. I drive my mom's old Lincoln Town Car because it is easier on my back and a Town Car is quite a comfortable, smooth ride, so it's not like I'm driving something shaky.

Does anyone know the mechanism behind vibration sensitivity? Does TRT help this?


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Hi Jennifer, I've never seen anyone else on this board besides me discuss having to quit using motor vehicles.
Your story sounds very familiar.
After a 4 month break, I am now slowly re-acclimating.
By that I mean...driving no more than an hour per every week or more.
I found that the 'injury' with driving was would suddenly & devastatingly catch up to me after a certain number of mts on the road within a several day span.
After that point, a nightmare would ensue...extreme pain as if glass was flying through the air into my drums w/each meter forwards...and days/weeks/months painful/screaming ear 'repercussions'.
This no matter the level of ear protection...plugs + avail.
I guessed that bone conduction was probably hightened due to clamped-down neck-skull muscles & connective tissue within the auditory system and cranial membranes, which are continuous with the tendons of the aformentioned muscles.
A viscious circle of perceived auditory threat & tightening which made the nerves more vulnerable.
I did a craniosacral therapy series & I really think this helped.
I'm doing much better & am preceeding w/caution.
What happens when you drive?

Breathing is good.

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I suspect, as Debbie said, there is vibration coming in through bone conduction.

I am in the city and am rarely in a car, so I don't have much to add here, but I am very aware that the subway is much easier to ride than the bus. I think, on the bus, there is no escape from the engine, so there is this low throb all the time. It is exceedingly uncomfortable.

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Yes, I have that too.  Driving or being driven mmakes no difference but the rougher the road surface the more "jangley" my head feels.  I agree with Debbie and Peach that bone conduction must be involved because ear plugs and ear muffs made no difference.  I just grit my teeth till I reach the smooth section of road.  It does vary in intensity according to which vehicle I'm in, my daughter's little Corolla being the worst and my hubby's big Mitsubishi ute being the least troublesome.


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Debbie wrote:


“Hi Jennifer, I've never seen anyone else on this board besides me discuss having to quit using motor vehicles.”


Debbie, there are many who cannot travel at all. (Not even with three double earprotection).

And some of them even provide help here in those and other matters on this board and in personal contact. If you read messages well, they give you a clue of what people can or can’t do already.


My love to all the silent readers of all posts on this board.


That’s all I want to say at this moment and no hard feelings at all Debbie,


Much love, Mirjam



Mirjam Vonk

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Jennifer writes --

Does anyone know the mechanism behind vibration sensitivity? Does TRT help this?

I would say TRT can help you, yes.  What you're describing can occur when we are very focused and vigilant about sound with respect to its impact on our hyperacusis. 


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Hi Mirjam,
My heart goes out to you and others with such 'vibration' difficulty.
I found the experience to be deeply disconcerting and traumatic, to put it mildly.
It occurs to me that when I was going through this
I myself did not discuss it on the board; I was not wanting to dwell in words on this horror WHILE still lost in the plot of the horror story.
It seemed that 'everyone else' was more talking about sounds that occurred once they already were at a destination.
Or if they were home bound, that the event they encountered when they had to go out was the problem for them...not so horrifyingly the drive itself.
Once I briefly (in a few words or less) mentioned driving...
and no one said...'yeah, that's a particular problem for me to the point of it being a serious potential source of re-injury.'
So I just wondered if others were not as concerned specifically about driving.
Getting back to the craniosacral topic with this, cranio may help restore the flexibility of the membranes and joints of the cranium/skull and that is why I thought it might help undo some of the 'lockdown' which seemed to lead to an increase in bone conduction,
much like a dropped hard plastic ball (cranium/auditory system in tight lockdown) may 'crack' on high impact while a dropped flexible ball will distribute the impact much more agreeably.
I think the physical intervention of craniosacral work helped me physically turn the corner.
Wishing you well Marjam and further healing,

Breathing is good.

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Hi Rob,
I don't know that I agree that 'over-focus' on the impact of sounds is necessesarily at the root of the conduction increase mechanisms.
One of the times this came to a head for me was when I was feeling great...practically throwing my arms in the air going 'woo-weee! so thrilled that I could be in the car again...freedom,
Before I could make it back was as if 'the brakes' had turned on in my ear/head.
They wanted NO MORE vibration & in a matter of seconds (towards the end of a 1 hour round trip) it felt like my middle ears themselves were dragging along the side of the car, shooting sparks as they frictioned along the road.
Not a good place to be in w/5 miles (or even .5 mi) to go.
I had done the opposite of cowering, concerned about sound...& my mind felt free and optimistic & full of possibilities.
It was the lasting effect on my ears which taught me an abundance of caution.

Breathing is good.

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I think it can be and I think TRT can help. 
I used to have a hard time driving too due to road surface noise.  In my opinion, to give my perspective on Jennifer's question, the mechanism behind sensitivity to vibration in a comfortable car that provides a smooth ride when one is wearing earplugs and earmuffs is the limbic-autonomic axis. 

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We must pull apart the threads of the sensations and perceptions here.

Loud noises from roads, tires, engines, cars, do bother people with hyperacusis.

Vibratory energy is different than auditory energy, although they can overlap.

So is it the vibration (lower fq energy) rather than sound (higher than the low fq vibratory energy)?  Do you 'hear' the vibration or 'feel' the vibration?

Several patients over the last 12 years have primary complaints similar to yours and there are two key word searches to investigate

whole body vibration syndrome

and a new one

vibroacoustic disease

There are some great articles that can be found in PUB-MED on these disorders that may allow you to make further progress in identifying your own symptoms.

Be sure to visit with a neuro-otologist about these problems and take along some of the articles for her/his review.

Marsha Johnson, AuD

Marsha Johnson

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I used to have a hard time driving too due to road surface noise.  In my opinion, to give my perspective on Jennifer's question, the mechanism behind sensitivity to vibration in a comfortable car that provides a smooth ride when one is wearing earplugs and earmuffs is the limbic-autonomic axis.

Hypothetical question: Does this mechanism,
the limbic-autonomic axis, still apply if the person is sleeping during the car ride? What I mean here, does the limbic-autonomic axis effect take place with significant auditory activation if the person were asleep in the car and taken for a ride during which time he/she remains asleep? Furthermore, this person does not know if he/she was taken for a ride when he/she wakes up.

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Oh, ((( Smiles )))

I got to look that up..

vibroacoustic disease
And whole body vibration syndrome..
But for me....
I noticed it alot one day with my H earlier on when I opened the front door with out my earplugs as nobody was outside and I could hear and feel the vibrational rumbling of sound from cars blocks away it was loud..
It was like listening through a coke bottle like blowing air into but in one's hearing..
I had it really bad I could not go in a car or get close to a car at one time without ear protection because it was really awfull I could feel and hear the sound vibrations and rumbling heavely within my ears..
This I did not have like that early on with my H traveling around inside a car trying to get help..
Cars where very hard roads where very hard and things sounded very loud and noisy ect to me but...
The bose none of that worked for me eventually & I wrote about this long long ago..
When it came to that vibration rumbling in my ears in my body thing..  
And on a thread that it was working for most people it seemed all the way back to the old board..
I said it doesn't work for me.. 
When I had that roofer pressure washing up on the roof recently and I tryed to stay in the best place in the house away from where he was pressure washing at the time...
and theres a peaked attic on top and a floor over me which helped but I decided I wanted to get closer and see if I could handle it from inside not outside..
And I actually felt the vibrations of the sound in my ears like it was vibrating in there I felt it and then I felt pain and it getting worse so I moved away from that more in a sheltored place downstairs again further away from it..
My tolerances are high but whatever it is is still there and I think with a dental drill the vibration of it probably would cause me pain..
Not talking about just the loudness though that may case me pain too it's happened before with loud but the vibrations of it..
Plus I was wearing no plugs at the time and I just wanted to see how close I could get..
I had the ear spasming to outersounds things real bad at one time..
And now the rumbling booming and crackling thing..
But the vibration thing is like 100 percent better from the way it use to be lots better but not totally gone..
In there.. 
I'm not sure why that is..
But it's been years like that..
I think Astrid might know what I'm talking about this has nothing to with the way I feel about it..
It just is..
Thats just the way it is for me...
In my case...
Going to look that up... 
Something just didn't totally heal up in there..
And also something about singing vibrato or with high emphasis makes it rumble in there..
Thats just how it is for me....
I still have somewhat of a decreased sound tolerance to loud and decreased sound tolerance to louder vibrational sounds too..
But it's at a higher level of tolerance...
But not like my normal strong hearing ears I had before I had H..
It's not the same but pretty good..
But lots of people have not recovered 100 percent either..
Even Laurene rates it 95% and my husband rates me 95% improved thought I rate myself about 99..
It just theses left over things...   
No matter how I feel about it but I do believe that sound desensitization therapy and also possibly the acupunture treatments and supplementation Magnesuim ect helped me heal up better..
I don't know why for some people it gets better and for some people like Astrid ect..
It may not , but it's not 100 percent gone for me..
It's just inside there..
Less of and deeper.. 

Take Care


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Oh, ((( Smiles )))

I need to read up on this more but it's from loud noise exposures..
It can cause neurological symptoms too..
What about if you hear vibrational rumbling sounds real loud with your H.
Inside your ears inside your body as bones can conduct sound too.. 
Is that like being exposed to loud noise booming vibrational trauma too??
Maybe like traveling in car if it's booming vibrational loud..
I had a vibrational trauma expirence though with H.
And with H sounds are turned up even louder..
Got to do more searching on this and the other thing..
Never heard of this..

Take Care


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This post is part reply, part rant/'listening' post.
Will lable...: )

Uh - woah.
Thanks Lynn for that link!!!
Weird, the one body/symptom area NOT listed is auditory distress?!
But SOMETHING like that seems to explain the abject 'nervous breakdown' feeling I would get w/low freq. noises...fridge, air cond...
like wanting to throw myself on floor & shake/shudder in total trauma.

About whether sleeping would eliminate the symptom:
In my own case, this started (during recovery from an extreme sound exposure accident which led to hyperacusis & blocked ear)
by being woken up in the middle of sound sleep.
The sound of my neighbor's cooler next door outside their house...
started alarming me in sensory overload in the middle of the night.
Like it was 500X louder than when I'd gone to bed.
I woke up many nights thinking I was hearing the blasting, searing sound of a jet hovering 2 feet above my bed.
I'd go to the next room & 'shake out' the sound for like 20-45 minutes...then go back to bed.
Later had to move to closet, there was just NO WAY to endure that type of sound no matter the ear protection.

The unnatural, low frequency, industrial roar of traffic/air travel/construction is all over our natural landscapes now.

I thought I'd escape neighbors' coolers & heavy air traffic over my neighborhood & moved to the country.

Traffic rushed even louder...from estuaries to the highway...
land developement's bulldozers bleeped & roared.
These 24/7 noises (beeping backing up tractors starting @dawn for months on make new roads & houses...)
blanketing every cranny of the 'natural' oasis.

I observed the animals with their big ears, built to hear nuances of sound...
hunt for food, try to listen for prey and mates, and preserve space to simply live.

I thought,
what the $@# are we doing to ourselves & every living thing, with this pervasive, vibrational, low frequency roar...not to mention the ever narrowing strips of land between ever-more frequently traveled roads?
(Robert Frost...where are you?)

I could not even open a window due to the continuous groan of road noise in the near distance...
What was their everyday sound-nuance based life like?

Clearly I grew to 'dislike' low freq. esp. industrial noises.
Clearly I became misophonic, the low frequency noises which block out the normal balance of sound for 1-2 miles from a road...
it seems stressful for our health, our dynamic-range-seeking ears...
and stressful for the large-eared amimals and probably for the balance of nature.

Breathing is good.

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of your replies. All of the information and comments were very helpful.

Jennifer :-)

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In response to Marsha's question "do you feel the vibration or do you hear the vibration?", in my opinion there is no clearcut division.  As I tune my harpsichord down to the lowest notes I both hear AND feel the sounds, but as I go lower the feeling becomes stronger as the hearing weakens to the point where feeling predominates over hearing.  Even on a piano, one can "hear" the separate vibrations of the lowest frequency notes and if you have your finger on the key as in playing or tuning you will feel it through your finger especially, as well as the rest of the body.  I don't believe there is a clear cut-off point, but just a blending of the 2 in different amounts according to the frequency.  With the road surface sensations, I think we are subjected to both sounds of a variety of frequencies (since it's a noise not a pure tone) as well as mechanical vibrations from the physical nature of the surface.  In practice it is almost impossible to separate these out except by listening to a recording of the sound one hears inside a car so as to eliminate physical/mechanical vibration.  I've never tried this!


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I think you make some really good observations, and phrase it very well!


I like the way you put that-

I used to have a hard time driving too due to road surface noise.  In my opinion, to give my perspective on Jennifer's question, the mechanism behind sensitivity to vibration in a comfortable car that provides a smooth ride when one is wearing earplugs and earmuffs is the limbic-autonomic axis.

A comfortable car that would provide a smooth ride, could make alot of difference!
Though without a comfy car, and a smooth ride- with muffs and plugs- I wonder if bone conduction would be an issue?


About noticing the road vibration, in general -
Normally on fairly good roads I do not notice it anymore-
(occasionally a setback will remind me though, but thankfully i don't notice that with all setbacks )
Though I seldom travel gravel roads.
It was so bad at one time driving over RR tracks was really difficult-
and I would go out of my way to avoid bad ones.
(I also remember taking the smoothest roads across town, to visit a friend-
going WAY out of my way to do so, and awhile back I thought of that, and realized how far I had come.)
Gravel roads can be  difficult for me as well. Though it may have gotten better- but I seldom travel them, so I am not sure. I know it would be better than it used to be a long time ago though. But then it would also depend on what condition the gravel road is in too.
I kind of put it down at least in part, to bone conduction of the vibration.

Riding in the back seat of a friend's car the other night- was a reminder-
I was surprised to notice it.
I think Kenda had asked a question recently- something about road noise, and quiet vehicles, and someone mentioned that not only the vehicle, but the tires can make a difference- I agree with that.
A smoother ride helps. For sound and vibration. And comfort ;-)

I think in some cases it can be a combination, of the actual volume of the sound, (transmitted through the ears) as well as the vibration.


I have not had the hypothetical situation you describe happen-
but have had setbacks from sounds that occurred while I was sleeping. I had no idea they were on going, sometimes they are difficult to hear, after I do wake up- all I know is my hearing is more sensitive, my t is spiked and if I listen closely I will hear what is running in the distance that is causing it. And if I sleep through it, my hearing gets more sensitive.
Though that too has gotten better as time has gone by, and as I work on improving my tolerances.
And to be fair, I should mention that I wonder if I was using sound enrichment while I sleep if that would be less of an issue?

Which brings to mind something about the vibrational "noise" in a car- if one is wearing all that hearing protection others in this thread have mentioned- they are probably blocking out almost all OTHER external sound.
And I wonder if that has an effect as well?
(And I wonder if pleasing sound enrichment of some sort could be helpful while driving? if the actual volume of the road noise etc. is not too much for someone?)
Though I would not know about others situations or want to say what someone else should do. As we are all different.
But I know I enjoy  listening to the radio  in the car these days.


I can relate to not liking and also being somewhat fearful of at least some of the low freq/vibrational sounds  like lawnmowers.
(I have had setbacks caused by them several times.)
To me in many cases it is more in the category of just sound these days.(as of last summer)
Though  it is winter, and I am happy that the lawnmowers are still in hibernation!
But In general, it seems as ,my tolerance to sound improves, and I am also able to place more sounds in the background, my reaction to the sound is changing-
I may not care for some it, and I will do what I need to, if I need to protect my hearing from it. (and that can include going into a different part of the house, further away from the sound from outside. putting more walls and closed doors if necessary between me and the noise)
And most of the time these days, as long as the sound (where I am, indoors with the windows closed)  is not TOO LOUD For Me,
I will also try to listen to something else, ( played on low volume over my stereo),  that will provide background sound and/or give my mind a more pleasant focus. And perhaps "blend" with the sound and make it less disturbing. I mentioned before that some things I would normally listen to seem to make the sound even less tolerable- but other things work better for me.
I think having something playing in the background, on low volume for "sound enrichment" helps make it so the lawnmower, or other sound is not the only one I hear, or that garners/commands my focus as much, consciously and/or subconsciously.
Of course if the sound of whatever is running outdoors is too loud for me, I may have to retreat to the basement, leave, or use hearing protection.

(And I still need to find something to be able to use for sound enrichment while I sleep!)

By the way-

I used to "listen" for distant sound. I could pick it up through the floor, or the ground, the vibrations. "Listening with my feet"
I realized I needed to quit doing that, to get better.
So, I realize that part of it (for me) is Not focusing on the low frequency sound/vibrations.
As I think we become even more aware of what we focus on.
But I think there is a bit more to it.too.

But I have found that many times using something for sound enrichment helps, like I mentioned in other threads, I was able to do that- at times this past
summer.....listening to some music, and not being as bothered by some sounds from outdoors, When the actual sound from them was not actually too loud for me to do that. But that is more from the sound of them- not the actual vibration.
(though the vibration is less noticeable/bothersome to me these days as well)

But that may be a little different than what driving on a gravel road would create. In the way of sound/vibration.

I think driving in a car, can really transmit the energy. (likely via bone conduction)
Riding can be difficult as well though.
And I think a vehicle with good shock absorption, and good tires can help.
And probably time and improving one's tolerances helps too.

I had written about this before-

I had a problem with vibration from the road at one time too.
The windows were closed, but  I remember how hard it was to cross railroad tracks at that time - driving over them was really hard.
And I looked for smoother roads to travel whenever possible, and I know it was not just the external sounds.
And that has all gotten better for me over time :-)

and in another post-

......more noticeable for me during some setbacks, though I may also notice the vibrations from motors & heavy equipment running nearby, at other times as well (though it is worse during a setback)
And I have found that if I have my elbows on the table- and rest my chin in my hands-
I pick up the vibrations alot more than if I take my hands away from my face- and also remove my elbows from the table.
The same is true if I lean on the counter,  I notice the vibrations more than if I do not lean on the counter top.
It surely is interesting - the things we notice about some of this stuff, that we probably never thought about before.

and -

I also notice the vibrations from motors-
from many sources of them-
Like heavy equipment running outdoors- it transmits through the floor etc.
And other surfaces can transmit those vibrations too-
I noticed that when leaning on a counter or the table
so I learned not to lean on the table so much-
and when I was sitting at the table, I also noticed that putting my feet up on a chair-helped.
But this stuff (being sensitive to those vibrations) is now more noticeable during a setback, than on other days for me.
And in general I do not focus on it much anymore.

And the same is true for the amount of noise coming in through closed windows, from those loud things outdoors-
It does not seem anywhere near as loud anymore, as it seemed at one time,(Thankfully!)
Though it can still sound loud, I can tolerate a lot more than I used to.
Setbacks can make it all sound louder again, though.
But thankfully those setbacks are not as frequent as they were at one time,
and many clear up and fade away faster.


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Hi aQB,
I always appreciate the thoughtful & caring nature of your posts, & sharing of your experiences.
Also that to Rob, and everyone who takes the time to read posts and patiently respond.

About my that I'm doing considerably better, I am describing some of the terrain I traveled over the last 8 months since an acute ear injury...and several re-injuries during the acute period of the following few weeks.
I'm part venting becase even the memories are a bit many us may know...and it can help to express or share them as a way to help move past them...
and in part sharing hopes for continued healing, with some sense of comeraderie.
We all have unique approaches to healing, and ideas about what that means,
but one thing we share is the strong motivation to do so...and an understanding of the strength needed in the process.

Over the last 8 months, I've moved from the center of town to the country for a month or more (even noisier, big mistake...) and back.
I am astounded to say that yesterday a grounds crew tore up my entire yard...
and I was fine.
Months ago such a crew was down the block and I was in a closet wearing Bose & earplugs...& still feeling the vibrations jar my head like someone in a cartoon.
Lots of improvements...I'm so grateful and kind of surprised, because it was hard to believe recovery was possible.

By my 'rant' I was expressing a slice of reality I glimpsed through this experience...that we have added all these pervasive vibrations that roll over land (and under sea) for miles from their sources...and this may really affect ourselves...and our surroundings & ways we don't yet understand, even as we make this more pervasive day by day, and year by year, because this is our system.

I developed a misophonic dislike of low frequencies...but prior to my injury, I didn't mind these sounds.
Planes made me think of summer outside, and travels and momomentum...and liked sitting in the kitchen doing work by the cozy hum of the fridge.
I've come out of an 'emergency distress' mode and these sounds are no longer emergency-level traumatic...but I intellectually think of them with added consideration now.
I don't like that these rumblings infuse the den of every acute-hearing animal...all over the earth almost.
When I had very acute senses these sounds hurt me, & I see how pervasive they are & how they could be hurting other beings that live by sensory nuances.

I can take constructive action about these concerns...
& can & must separate them out from any acquired 'misophonia' about low frequencies that may only cause more stress to me.

It can be not always cut & dry also to discern 'misophonia' from a protective response like an aftermath of food poisoning or food allergy...what made you ill...CAN be helpful to stay away from for a time of healing or recovery...or in some very particular cases...forever (as someone w/a peanut allergy...)

Ok, have totally digressed.
Will come back to this later & try to make more clarity of this post...

Breathing is good.

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Liz that is a great idea one that I have not heard before but would be very interesting to try.

If it is the physiological shaking of the vibration passing through your bony structures, you might notice a difference.

The balance system of the inner ear is more 'tuned' for lower fq vibrations or energy or sine waves (interestingly most of what we are set up to perceive is various forms of sine wave energies, for example our eyes perceive very short waves which appear as light, our ability to feel vibrations is in our neural systems all over and our ears hear best those sine waves associated with human speech sounds, of course)....anyway we are energy transducers for the most part, and all of this information must be translated into the central nervous system as electrical and chemical 'patterns'.

That pattern is Chopin, that one is my mom, that one is a rose, that pattern is chicken casserole, that one is my car, and so many patterns and we assign recognition.

Try it and see what happens.

Dr. J

Marsha Johnson

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Yes... (((( Smiles ))))

Bone conduction plus with hyperacusis disorder...
Everything is turned up super loud and sound is vibration as some people with hyperacusis can hear the electricity static in lights and wires and the water running through pipes and the sound of traffic from blocks away..
It stands to reason depending on the severity of ones H that the vibration of sound waves could be turned up as well..
I had no dislike of lights or vibrations before that...
In fact I've liked lights sound and vibrations most of my life..
Except boom box radios but they sound normal now but I still don't like them..  
I had no idea the cars we had owned for a long time before that could vibrate hard like that..
When hyperacusis came on I was more surprised/shocked then anything else..
I had no idea about tinnitus before it happened to me or that a person could expirence hyperacusis or super sonic hearing either..
It was more of a shock to me then anything else..
I would like to take it out of the totally emotionally range and look at the physical component of it..
After I improved my hyperacusis eventually the car started sounding more normal and it sounds totally normal to this day..
We have two cars..
One we changed to a sienna that use to sound louder to me and had vibrations too no matter what it said in consumer reports for normal hearing people it's a quiet vehicle ... 
and the other car which sounded like it was shaking apart too and it no longer sounds like it did back then..
Same car sounds and feels way different..
When my H got worse the vibrational thing came on and got worse..
When my H got better through a desensitization plan and time..
The vibrational thing and the bone conduction thing and the sound of air movement thing got better..
Why do I say the sound of air movement..
One time a person was flapping a paper she had in her hand by her legs and I could hear that as sound too and felt it happening in my ears..
Everything is turned up with H..
For me it was just a part of my H...
I had a vibrational sound sensitivity problem...
All the way down to my very bones even through the seat in the car...
And it got better then went away with the improvement of my H...
Just my take on it my expirence with it.

Take Care


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Dear Dr J,

I would be very interested to know the results of listening to a recording of the sound we are subjected to inside a car.

I read the article about vibroacoustic disease and it is so scary that we can be seriously damaged by sound too low to be heard. Personally I've always detested the "sound" of cars with boom basses, even though I was not aware that they were also emitting sounds of even lower frequencies which I could not hear.  Partly my aversion was because I hated the sensation of being physically thumped as they passed by and I also hate the feeling of being able to sense the approach and passing of these vehicles even when I couldn't see or hear them in the normal way.  That article explains why this was possible.  On the other hand the vibration of sounds somewhat higher eg cello can be very pleasant.  I suppose somewhere in the spectrum of frequencies the sensation changes from separate physical blows (unpleasant) to a vibratory massage (pleasant).

And yes, it has always been a marvel to me that the brain can distinguish those individual patterns (soundwaves) from various sources and that we don't just hear a single sound which has a waveform which is the sum total of all the sounds occurring at any given moment (if you know what I mean!). I guess the wave that arrives at the TM is just a sum of many, yet the brain can sort them out into Chopin, the passing cars, mum on the phone or washing dishes, etc.  With sound waves they wouldn't necessarily be separated spatially as with visual patterns, but perhaps only by distance.

My 5 cents worth today.

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More thoughts....

About this vibroacoustic disease, it occurs to me that since the physiological changes are so dramatic and that the symptoms are so varied, perhaps it might be a factor in more cases of vague unwellness as well as cardivascular problems than we suspect especially among people living and working in high traffic areas.  Since everybody in the vicinity of a boom box is subject to its output, could there not be a public safety issue here?  I see a clear parallel with smoking and passive smoking.

On the topic of feeling and hearing vibration, here's an interesting anecdote:  Many years ago an English music examiner told me about a brilliant young English organist who was profoundly if not totally deaf.  It seemed that it was his extreme sensitivity and ability to feel the vibration, especially of the keys and pedals through his fingers and feet, that made his wonderful playing possible.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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Sensitivity to low frequency sounds, vibration, and percussive noises is my hyperacusis problem. Car engine noises and the vibration caused by going over bumps are very bothersome, but the sensation is not intense pain... more like a throbbing headache with some dizziness. Other problematic sounds include the "thumping" sound from walking (or other people walking on hard floors nearby), fan/blower noises, the sound of a dishwasher, etc.

Fortunately, foam earplugs make things more tolerable, although there definitely is some component of bone conduction. I've tried wearing one earplug to see if I could localize the sensitivity to one ear, but the problem appears to affect both sides equally.

Curiously, most other sounds aren't a problem, e.g. speech.

- Dan
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