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What is the test that is used to tell the difference from hyperacusis and misophonia?

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If quiet sounds, all high frequency sounds, or complex sounds bother you, that points to misophonia. Also, if some sounds bother only under certain conditions that also indicates misophonia. Like if certain sounds produced by other bother you but you can make these sounds on your own without problems, it would indicate misophonia. 

Most people with hyperacusis have some misophonia issues. It just kind of goes with the territory, in my opinion.


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What is the test that is used to tell the difference from hyperacusis and misophonia?
The Loudness Discomfort Level (LDL) test.  If sound bothers you but your tolerance for sound is normal, you may have misophonia.  If high-frequency sounds bother you and your tolerance for high-frequency sounds is below normal on the LDL test, you may have hyperacusis. 


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I had never heard of this condition til this a.m. on the today show and I am 64 years old.  I thought I was the only one with sound problems, especially chewing,lip smacking and gum popping.  I am just blown away by this  and was talking to my sister and she also had some issues with some sounds but she has had a hearing issue for many years and just does not hear these sounds anymore.  I need to investigate this further, I just can't believe that is a real condition, glad I am not alone.

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The today show clip referenced is at
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