This message board is available to anyone whose life has been adversely affected by sound (i.e. hyperacusis, tinnitus, recruitment, sound sensitivity, etc.)
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This message board is for informational [Ancora Imparo] and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to render or act as a substitute for any medical advice. Consult with a qualified physician or hearing professional to obtain the proper medical treatment. MANDATORY BOARD ETTIQUETTE: 1. No discrimination regardless of age, race, religion, political opinion, cultural background, country, language and/or profession. 2. No Flaming (personal attacks) or posts discussing personal attacks are allowed-treat others with respect and kindness. 3. No profanity or use of inappropriate usernames will be tolerated. 4. No advertisements or spamming. Discussions on products or services are encouraged providing you have used them or intend on using them. Participation by professionals is encouraged however this board cannot be utilized to promote and/or solicit one's professional practice. 5. Postings or entire threads discussing or suggesting the intent to end one's life are not allowed. These individuals should call 1-800-784-2433 (US) 1-800-448-3000 (Canada). For outside the US or Canada, these counselors will refer you to an agency in your country. 6. Postings made about the moderating will be deleted. 7. Posting your own or someone else's personal information is prohibited (full names, address, phone number, place of employment). 8. Fabricated word or words that are substituted for clinically accepted medical terms will be deleted or corrected at the discretion of the moderators so that accurate and truthful information is given to visitors and participants of this message board.
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