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changing email on Board's site and question about outdoor noise janeygirl New Messages 83 1
by trying
Found how to donate to Hyperacusis Network trying New Messages 36 0
by trying
Pink Noise therapy first time after 5 years of H nia89 New Messages 214 10
by Steve2017
Experience with lyme disease and H and T cronos090693 New Messages 97 2
by trying
Donation trying Friendly Chat 33 0
by trying
I really don't care who you are! Ready_Ornot New Messages 342 28
by Ready_Ornot
BOSE HEADPHONES Supernoodles New Messages 250 7
by gutsygirl
Tinnitus temporary relief gutsygirl New Messages 112 3
by tonyccc
New Article - Unravelling the mystery of hyperacusis with pain DanMalcore New Messages 110 2
by EDogg
Hyperacusis and TMJD Pamela New Messages 145 8
by Pamela
Dr. David Baguley introducing these articles DanMalcore New Messages 55 0
by DanMalcore
New Article - Collaborating with patients on research priorities in hyperacusis: the James Lind Alliance project DanMalcore New Messages 49 0
by DanMalcore
New Article - Untangling the emotional and physiological aspects of hyperacusis DanMalcore New Messages 49 0
by DanMalcore
New Article - Sound Sensitivity in Children DanMalcore New Messages 17 0
by DanMalcore
New Article - Physiological mechanisms of hyperacusis DanMalcore New Messages 33 0
by DanMalcore
Using pink noise on ipod cronos090693 New Messages 75 2
by Johan_l
How do I use pink noise DYI with headphones to cure my hyperacusis! Risfoki New Messages 422 25
by Steve2017
how many are sufferi g with this brownie New Messages 77 4
by Aplomado
Do you think a MRI caused your T and/or H to increase? etrs Friendly Chat 121 4
by janeygirl
Please, I need help and encouragement. Can't see any hope and don't know what to do. Rojo New Messages 164 3
by janeygirl
phonofobia / misofonia cronos090693 New Messages 88 3
by Risfoki
Help! : Dilemma of living with severe hyperacusis Cemelia_03 New Messages 352 10
by DanMalcore
Reactive tinnitus layla23 New Messages 73 1
by phacker
The Silverstein patch by Dan Malcore DanMalcore New Messages 102 1
by Steve2017
Hypercusis and tinnitus EsteenM Friendly Chat 388 8
by Dianeb
Sensory Processing Disorder SPD DanMalcore New Messages 85 1
by tfw7
Anyone having problems with getting the Pink Noise CD to repeat? Aplomado New Messages 52 1
by elizo
Full recovery story elizo New Messages 395 12
by elizo
Sleeping and sound exposure cronos090693 New Messages 95 2
by TallDude
Dreams... Steve2017 New Messages 117 3
by health

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