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Strange sensations to noise please help Jayjay12345 New Messages 56 5
by shellfront
Do I have H? shellfront New Messages 38 2
by shellfront
Pain with noise Jayjay12345 New Messages 49 3
by bananacupcakes
Hyperacusis or something else? baxter New Messages 82 2
by EDogg
Feeling so low and worried Jayjay12345 Friendly Chat 17 4
by davidmacleod
Awareness? G13C New Messages 27 1
by Aplomado
Something that dramatically helps
1 2
daystar23 New Messages 786 52
by rodmccain
Severe hyperacusis since Sep 2017 YellowFlowers New Messages 115 9
by EDogg
Whiplash induced hyperacusis Pattig New Messages 49 3
by Pattig
Change to tinnitus after using an online tone checker Supernoodles New Messages 34 0
by Supernoodles
Hyperacusis and muscle spasms Jayjay12345 Friendly Chat 27 0
by Jayjay12345
My story - tinnitus, possible mild hyperacusis and/or recruitment, question about music - would really appreciate some help cactus New Messages 741 32
by cactus
I need a guidance plz Hamadic New Messages 129 7
by Steve2017
Newbie with H Hamadic Friendly Chat 21 0
by Hamadic
I Beat Hyperacusis Only to Suffer An Even More Terrible Fate Taimon New Messages 203 2
by Taylorslay
Tooth removal - pros and cons PinkyMB New Messages 156 9
by gardennut
Remedies for trigeminal nerve issues cronos090693 New Messages 65 0
by cronos090693
asking for insight in a situation involving lyme disease, tinnitus, hyperacusis, etc... cronos090693 New Messages 52 0
by cronos090693
new kid on the block livinez New Messages 57 0
by livinez
Trying to get to the bottom of this ADawson New Messages 179 5
by Queenmacha
Struggling with hyperacusis/tinitus for close to 2 years, no end in sight Estren New Messages 434 37
by cozo
NBC Today Show with Megyn Kelly feature on hyperacusis dave2 New Messages 426 14
by rodmccain
Do you think a MRI caused your T and/or H to increase? etrs Friendly Chat 50 2
by makarakam
Secret Hyperacusis for 5 years G13C New Messages 169 3
by Aplomado
Aural Fullness, Pressure & Burning TMac New Messages 219 12
by TMac
Glad I found this site Phillychris1 New Messages 88 2
by Phillychris1
Music Protocol for Decreased Sound Tolerance Rob New Messages 1,326 24
by TMac
fullness and muffled sound Raintree New Messages 69 2
by Rob
Can we get the Network's pink noise available digitally? cactus New Messages 156 11
by DanMalcore
Hyperacusis & electronic airwaves Stentor New Messages 163 8
by gardennut

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