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Exiting the loop TallDude New Messages 0 0
by TallDude
Hyperacusis And Tinnitus ELVIS New Messages 145 15
by EDogg
Prayers and well wishes for surgery KFOregon New Messages 249 20
by TallDude
Relapse in T and H - Looking for advice kmohoruk New Messages 183 15
by EDogg
How do I use pink noise DYI with headphones to cure my hyperacusis! Risfoki New Messages 25 0
by Risfoki
Hope success story Freddie New Messages 271 12
by Freddie
meds to decrease nerve stimulation or antidepressants that are OK to take health New Messages 219 11
by health
Over-ear hook headphones for Hyperacusis ZeroXL New Messages 23 0
by ZeroXL
Blog - My Life with Hyperacusis florian_89 New Messages 266 7
by melodymaker
Music: Artists, bands, albums, composers, conductors, soloists, audiophiles/audiophile equipment and anything else that is musical! locutus24 New Messages 70 2
by locutus24
BOSE HEADPHONES Supernoodles New Messages 51 1
by Pattig
Psilocibin made my H and T worse? Rafahyperacusis New Messages 107 11
by locutus24
Bose noise-masking sleepbuds TallDude New Messages 116 6
by debk_1
Sex and tinnitus TallDude New Messages 107 1
by locutus24
Seizures and Hyperacusis msmoe13 New Messages 68 1
by Taylorslay
list of health professionals to help with H health New Messages 81 2
by health
Marijuana induced H and T locutus24 New Messages 138 12
by KFOregon
Vibration noise and pain NullVox New Messages 80 0
by NullVox
Almost one year with H, T and vertigo. KFOregon New Messages 240 20
by TallDude
cell phones mikegci New Messages 117 5
by Margy
jaw and tooth pain brownie New Messages 101 5
by brownie
Can you manipulate your T TallDude New Messages 93 6
by TallDude
Looking for a Quiet Place to Worship in San Diego, CA RobC Friendly Chat 52 6
by TallDude
"Implanted" earplug TallDude New Messages 47 0
by TallDude
operation for my hyperacusis 100183rbL New Messages 324 7
by brownie
any Teachers here with hyperacusis? Picasso Friendly Chat 181 9
by Wellness1_manifested
there is an effective hope on hyperacusis ? Michael84 New Messages 355 13
by RobC
FIHD (Broken Speaker Sound in Ear) MegaThread Trashboat New Messages 6,256 31
by chucksters96
All ears for good news allears New Messages 248 10
by Steve2017
Latest Tinnitus Today magazine DanMalcore New Messages 105 1
by TallDude

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