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What Makes Us Human ?
1 2 3
LynnMcLaren 7,321 148
by LynnMcLaren
I just wrote a huge message and it did not show up on the topics area Mario 2,258 3
by Ghansen
The Trail Of Job's Anguish and Perhaps Wonderment
1 2
LynnMcLaren 6,256 60
by LynnMcLaren
hello to Lynn janepm 2,000 4
by LynnMcLaren
SORRY!!!! English is odd but makes me smile...
1 2
jubags69 6,621 99
by LynnMcLaren
Can We Save Our Environment ? How Sick Is Our Planet ?
1 2 3
LynnMcLaren 14,582 139
by LynnMcLaren
A different kind of earmuff - makes you smile! DanMalcore 1,667 0
by DanMalcore
San Francisco/bay area Mstrburton 2,247 8
by echoes01
49ers!!! Snow_World 2,092 4
by LucianaHardin
Hearing... but not as you know it MirjamVonk 1,541 0
by MirjamVonk
Planet Earth MirjamVonk 3,592 12
by MirjamVonk
College roommates mjssoulfan 2,052 4
by JarodValdez
Do they make these for humans? Trapped 1,661 4
by JarodValdez
Where is Lynnears? AudiologistJohnson 1,527 1
by Rob
André Kuipers’ pictures from space MirjamVonk 1,448 0
by MirjamVonk
RoboCup MirjamVonk 1,673 0
by MirjamVonk
Mental Illness and Infection Link PJ007 2,120 2
by Leah
I Took a Big Step... ArtIrish 1,629 0
by ArtIrish
eye drops vito60 1,552 0
by vito60
Your thyroid shaneX 2,290 1
by Riley103
Just Went to the Woodchipper Event... ArtIrish 1,504 0
by ArtIrish
Toxoplasmosis and Schizophrenia PJ007 1,736 1
by Isabella8688
Music question - nothing to do with hyperacusis Shellz04 1,539 0
by Shellz04
New software tool provides unprecedented searches of sound MirjamVonk 1,634 1
by stefani88
Caffeine And A Ringing In The Ears Theory LynnMcLaren 10,241 2
by Ed
" Hyperacusis " God's Will ? It Rains on the Good and the Bad LynnMcLaren 3,827 32
by Sandy1
Question for LynnMcLaren SamWitwicky 1,420 0
by SamWitwicky
You Think? DanMalcore 1,563 1
by Pinball_Wizard
<O/T> iPad question ... smn 1,831 5
by AudiologistJohnson
Happy Thanksgiving - Smile DanMalcore 1,889 1
by LynnMcLaren
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