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there is an effective hope on hyperacusis ? Michael84 430 13
by RobC
All ears for good news allears 280 10
by Steve2017
Latest Tinnitus Today magazine DanMalcore 117 1
by TallDude
Severe pain hyperacusis and tinnitus Cemelia_03 268 8
by WhatHappenedDenis
TRT mixing point TallDude 81 0
by TallDude
what are the causes of hyperacusis ? Michael84 290 9
by Aplomado
Dealing with multiple hearing issues plumfarmer97 181 12
by CaraMia
Hidden H in Higher Frequencies Cause of Relapses? JohnMarc 278 16
by TallDude
by Wellness1_manifested
Can i have a life with hyperacusis ? Michael84 383 15
by Wellness1_manifested
My own voice causing me problems Queenmacha 105 2
by KFOregon
Must get MRI or CT scan, frightened. Beth54 123 3
by WhatHappenedDenis
The sad story of hotels and H ariel 153 7
by BA
Meetup in NYC for Hyperacusis locutus24 128 5
by Margy
Hyperacusis and socializing/dating locutus24 417 30
by stresseemoijms
Insensitive Doctors. Badboyjp 367 13
by stresseemoijms
Questions for those who've recovered from Hyperacusis Estren 285 8
by stresseemoijms
Loud party Michael84 116 3
by BA
Advice for headphone purchase Krispin 268 14
by BA
Ear pain-Discomfort after a noise trauma 1000 138 5
by Aplomado
Cajeput essential oil- a trial run Tainee 56 0
by Tainee
Can 'normal' sounds cause damage to your ears when you when you have H? TallDude 336 23
by TallDude
best ear protectors/muffs ? BA 208 6
by Patrick
Protection and Reduction in Tolerance ariel 181 6
by BA
Flushing water into ear worsens hyperacusis and tinnitus?? Cemelia_03 167 7
by Aplomado
Ear Pressure on Airplanes DanMalcore 137 4
by cactus
Pink Noise Machine stresseemoijms 253 5
by locutus24
Facial Pain / TMJ and H & T stoneman1056 170 6
by stoneman1056
Amitriptylone MinesHalfFull 132 4
by EDogg
Vitamins that help? balloonboy 171 3
by MinesHalfFull
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