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TRT Worldwide List of Clinicians (Retraining Therapy) DanMalcore 62,449 1
by DanMalcore
Message To Newcomers dylan 75,684 0
by dylan
Regenerating hair cells in the inner ear jackm 58 2
by jackm
ever had these symptoms? rhb 149 8
by Margy
Your recovery times from major setbacks? Lorrie 187 4
by Lorrie
Has anyone tried diuretics? Nat7 87 3
by Nat7
Headphones for pink noise desensitization Paul1c 159 9
by sciencegirl
It's a daily struggle Dafni 162 6
by gardennut
SLEEP debk_1 147 5
by gardennut
Does the valsalva maneuver make your hyperacusis go away? HopeIsTheOnlyOption 135 2
by saab1216
Thrown out of library Mary4950 190 3
by saab1216
Plugged ear sensation after loud bang mhnhyper 100 2
by Aplomado
Phonophobia + Riding in Someone Else's Car= Potential Embarrassment hiya 79 1
by anniekin
Vestibular Hyperacusis? sarah_d1 98 3
by dizzyear
Dysautonomia, anyone? hiya 193 11
by hiya
Has anyone tried Lyrica or other meds? Nat7 120 2
by hiya
Ear pain while driving, etc. Earplugs or try to live with pain? Todd 161 12
by jimmybpowell
Does this sound like hyperacusis, recruitment or something else? Todd 113 3
by saab1216
Family thinks I am ruining my life by avoiding noise Mindofsky 239 15
by Jemma12
TRT without ear generators possible? Thierry 315 18
by rodmccain
Suffering from neighbours noises maorwtf 153 5
by AnthonyO
Will my hyperacusis settle down? I need help! Thierry 375 18
by Thierry
Amnesty - All are welcome DanMalcore 146 1
by janeygirl
Doubt about TRT protocol elizo 352 16
by janeygirl
Silverstien? anyone? frehley101 308 12
by janeygirl
Bose active Noise cancelling headphones Thierry 268 14
by kingrue
Sonic booms Mindofsky 89 4
by Mindofsky
Need Some Major Dental Work phacker 135 10
by rodmccain
Can't take noises anymore SOAR84 121 1
by AnthonyO
My theory of noise induced hyperacusis Aplomado 279 4
by rodmccain
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