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TRT Worldwide List of Clinicians (Retraining Therapy) DanMalcore 67,583 1
by DanMalcore
Message To Newcomers dylan 82,662 0
by dylan
British Society of Audiology presentation on hyperacusis dave2 14 0
by dave2
Very short ear ringing after sound or toutching Susandevries 32 1
by WhatHappenedDenis
Tinnitus Breakthrough??? DanMalcore 61 1
by WhatHappenedDenis
Hyperacusis crackling hearing sufferers krebnac 19 0
by krebnac
Here goes. muso 224 15
by Steve2017
Tinnitus alleviation therapy book Susandevries 25 0
by Susandevries
Hyperacusis via whiplash Pattig 119 10
by Margy
People Magazine article about girl with hyperacusis dave2 348 14
by Ghirin11
Hyperacusis for over the past year, got worse very recently Estren 643 37
by Aplomado
car trips a suggestion Kribu 68 2
by Kribu
New to this, looking for some advice Leewa 133 7
by saab1216
Breakthrough drugs offer hope for the 360 million people with hearing loss nida628 48 0
by nida628
Where to draw the line on noise exposure Starman99 132 11
by nida628
Mysterious ear problem & MRI questions. Cerebral Palsy? Anyone have NO ear wax? cjhn 110 9
by rodmccain
visual signal instead of sound? Alice 92 6
by anniekin
Moved to suburbs to get away from city noise - now lawnmowers / leaf blowers are killing me ad01 180 7
by Sister
pink noise for a newcomer in UK pdg330 138 14
by lanbanger
The dreaded holidays anniekin 245 14
by rodmccain
Can focusing on hyperacusis objectively worsen it? Susandevries 262 16
by redsky
can't take anymore stresseemoijms 188 13
by rodmccain
HELP!!! BCX 121 3
by redsky
TRT florian_89 84 3
by Aplomado
FIHD (Broken Speaker Sound in Ear) MegaThread Trashboat 192 9
by BCX
helping our Hyperacusis Network back janeygirl 43 0
by janeygirl
Help!! Crackling hearing and hyperacusis krebnac 172 22
by lncarnold
14 with hyperacusis fharlz 156 11
by stresseemoijms
Hyperacusis sound therapy krebnac 78 1
by florian_89
Drinking alcohol Snez 207 5
by BCX
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