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TRT Worldwide List of Clinicians (Retraining Therapy) DanMalcore 79,337 1
by DanMalcore
Message To Newcomers dylan 92,707 0
by dylan
Hyperacusis or Misophonia debp 129 6
by nomask
My Own Voice Rivers 102 2
by Rivers
New to T, H and possible TTTS - Help and Advice needed COYS 214 8
by Steve2017
operation for my hyperacusis 100183rbL 469 14
by HST
Fungal Ear Infection Suction Cleaning phacker 94 6
by gutsygirl
Exiting the loop TallDude 745 45
by Johan_l
Things were going so well.... Phillychris1 124 2
by Aplomado
Top ten hyperacusis research priorities in the UK DanMalcore 69 0
by DanMalcore
First Post mresseguie 296 20
by Johan_l
Useful Tip florian_89 84 2
by florian_89
disability support brownie 98 3
by phacker
The difference between noises Jigsaw 134 6
by Jigsaw
In literally constant pain from HA, urgently need advice. Please Help. James_ATW 455 31
by whatistheanswer
Speakers Leewa 151 6
by cozo
FIHD (Broken Speaker Sound in Ear) MegaThread Trashboat 11,330 33
by johnr
Ear Pulse Pressure When Swallowing david62 63 3
by david62
mood swings Steve2017 58 0
by Steve2017
Tinnitus and vegus nerve stimulation TallDude 133 6
by TallDude
removing ear wax health 93 6
by gardennut
Headphones for Calling with phone Johan_l 59 2
by Johan_l
Best Soundproofing Material? Pamela 56 2
by Pamela
Hope success story Freddie 609 17
by TallDude
Hyperacusis symptoms? Hearing 81 2
by trying
Had the operation for H in the uk half the price than the USA ( and better)
1 2
cozo 968 87
by cozo
Can anti-depressants increase H? Rivers 227 16
by Aplomado
Keflex Lisalisa 105 3
by EDogg
Integrative Neurology? Kribu 144 9
by Johan_l
First setback in 7 years! Febrele 93 0
by Febrele
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