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TRT Worldwide List of Clinicians (Retraining Therapy) DanMalcore 69,410 1
by DanMalcore
Message To Newcomers dylan 84,283 0
by dylan
Hyperacusis and tinnitus SueP 33 1
by Steve2017
Something that dramatically helps daystar23 288 22
by EDogg
Success story with video DanMalcore 100 1
by Stubbyj
New Book by David Baguley, Marc Fagelson and Rob DanMalcore 56 2
by janeygirl
Acoustic trauma - anyone? Geebawn89 223 15
by Stubbyj
significant recovery & pink noise chrisd285 98 2
by Aplomado
Palinacousis IsaakBanin 122 7
by Kribu
Bemer augenman 34 0
by augenman
What should I do after a major setback? balloonboy 79 2
by cactus
Need help. I don't know what to do. Taylorslay 165 9
by Taylorslay
Article From People Online rodmccain 67 1
by phacker
hyperacusis and acoustic guitar chrisd285 56 2
by makarakam
Audiology Tests Leewa 82 4
by Leewa
tinnitus reactivity worse due to hyperacusis? IsaakBanin 273 25
by IsaakBanin
Bike riding near busy roads Taylorslay 78 5
by cactus
Do I risk worsening my Hyperacusis? Starman99 121 7
by Starman99
Small steps forward, Giant leap back Leewa 168 7
by cactus
My story - tinnitus, possible mild hyperacusis and/or recruitment, question about music - would really appreciate some help cactus 605 27
by cactus
New article on hyperacusis just released DanMalcore 232 6
by bananacupcakes
FIHD (Broken Speaker Sound in Ear) MegaThread Trashboat 702 17
by chucksters96
Help! KKLynn 112 6
by EDogg
Help, please - lidocaine and T/H JD85 73 4
by gutsygirl
a long time somethingmore 109 5
by rodmccain
Day 3 of TRT, symptoms worse, seeking perspective Meeotch 210 10
by EDogg
Hyperacusis and Braces PJ007 67 3
by saab1216
Would Hyperacusis cause you to hear noises Ladydiana 125 4
by rodmccain
[H] my tolerance is alot better with high quality speakers than cheap ones! Wiseben 134 1
by Suntex
Advice for speaking with hyperacusis needed please! Pamela 127 7
by Pamela
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