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TRT Worldwide List of Clinicians (Retraining Therapy) DanMalcore 64,607 1
by DanMalcore
Message To Newcomers dylan 78,975 0
by dylan
new here, hyperacusis and PTSD? princess_ria 111 9
by Margy
Dental implants and root canals RedStang523 16 0
by RedStang523
Good Era Muffs for dental treatment? Cindy_Lou 150 11
by RedStang523
dental work RedStang523 25 0
by RedStang523
Tinnitus Today magazine Summer 2017 DanMalcore 29 1
by dave2
Drinking alcohol Snez 102 3
by Steve2017
Nerve cells warn brain of damage to inner ear jackm 214 25
by gutsygirl
My story - tinnitus, possible mild hyperacusis and/or recruitment, question about music - would really appreciate some help cactus 151 10
by Aplomado
Why does hyperacusis seem so new? Leptailurus 580 6
by Aplomado
Essential Tremors plumfarmer97 71 3
by Margy
introducing myself and question about replying to old threads redsky 78 2
by redsky
Your recovery times from major setbacks? Lorrie 691 27
by rodmccain
New Here....confused and frustrated. Felix100 115 5
by anniekin
MRI: the machine, technique, sounds TedRothstein_161 239 14
by gardennut
Hyperacusis sensitivity, please help... Liadtreger 76 2
by gutsygirl
How long do you 'Wait and see?" Marjax 131 4
by Marjax
Consumer Reports - current ratings on noise-friendly products DanMalcore 53 0
by DanMalcore
Recovered from Hyperacusis, Tinnitus Jfasoli1 212 3
by AnthonyO
Me AlanUK 172 5
by Elisabet
Hyperacusis and continual ear pain, duration after setback? Todd 186 8
by Aplomado
Hyperacusis and the dentist's drill? Cindy_Lou 155 8
by BGreenberg
Help with Hyperacusis & Tinnitus... Steve2017 208 4
by Steve2017
Irritated by TRT aprilwine 184 7
by gutsygirl
Setback time at the OK corral Lorrie 167 8
by Kribu
Can my ringing sometimes increase in volume for a period of time? Jord 176 4
by Kribu
Tips and Tricks to get by Kribu 83 0
by Kribu
pink noise cd: headphones or speakers jeffinatlga 65 0
by jeffinatlga
Hyperacusis "Veteran" with question about Prozac Sadears 191 5
by williamsutkus
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