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TRT Worldwide List of Clinicians (Retraining Therapy) DanMalcore 80,530 1
by DanMalcore
Message To Newcomers dylan 94,174 0
by dylan
Overcoming Hyperacusis Lisa_Davies 185 5
by BA
Experience with Dr. Pawel Jastreboff BriGuy 237 29
by BA
A striking resemblance to peripheral neuropathy contrast 163 10
by Cathu
daily living BA 85 4
by BA
In literally constant pain from HA, urgently need advice. Please Help. James_ATW 640 41
by Aplomado
On my way to recovery ybbest 171 4
by Aplomado
New to T, H and possible TTTS - Help and Advice needed COYS 280 9
by contrast
operation for my hyperacusis 100183rbL 667 25
by BCX
enhanced occlusion effect EricZ 72 1
by cozo
YouTube Pink Noise Curry 190 26
by Curry
white or pink noise use and duration? Lazyboy63 158 10
by Aplomado
Help Identifying Symptoms IceWarrior 218 16
by Rivers
Programming hearing aid plumfarmer97 45 0
by plumfarmer97
Cope with hyperacusis
1 2
Michael84 544 62
by Curry
Suffering from Recruitment and Hyperacusis festend 105 3
by Curry
Music Composer with T and H Lazyboy63 150 8
by Essiesn
A tool combination to survive the noisy world florian_89 230 10
by rodmccain
New published article on hyperacusis DanMalcore 113 0
by DanMalcore
Work for hyperacusis Butterflildy99 114 5
by Steve2017
Pink Nose pre-loaded iPod Hollis 131 6
by Hollis
Swapping Sides? Stubbyj 76 0
by Stubbyj
First Post mresseguie 362 22
by mresseguie
Hyperacusis or Misophonia debp 183 6
by nomask
My Own Voice Rivers 162 2
by Rivers
Fungal Ear Infection Suction Cleaning phacker 110 6
by gutsygirl
Exiting the loop TallDude 826 45
by Johan_l
Things were going so well.... Phillychris1 168 2
by Aplomado
Top ten hyperacusis research priorities in the UK DanMalcore 98 0
by DanMalcore
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