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Same, same...but different... kat73 7,206 7
by kat73
Homeopathic medicine Henk 9,224 18
by stringplayer
The Silent Lawnmower Leah 3,495 0
by Leah
cutting the nerve 4leafclover 5,118 9
by 4leafclover
Have you had to stop working because of your tinnitus/hyperacusis rothwell 6,546 5
by bobm
Make watching TV more comfortable rothwell 3,789 9
by Leah
New hobbies Henk 3,904 4
by Leah
looking for dr in new jersey theo 2,762 0
by theo
pink tape where is it! razorjack 3,638 8
by razorjack
Listening to live music for the first time in years Sandra 4,748 7
by Sandra
Today's quiz ... 4,174 14
by Matias, Educate Youself, and Microwaves Leah 4,555 1
by LynnMcLaren
How would you classify this? Rene 3,342 1
by Leah
Background noise? 4leafclover 3,877 4
by Leah
Stringplayers views on desensitization DanMalcore 6,031 40
by LynnMcLaren
Diazepam kat73 7,152 4
by kat73
Just saw this on ATA msasatani 3,720 3
by StarfishThrower
pink noise treatment? dub303 3,249 0
by dub303
Off topic / Warnings for Ritalin and Similar Drugs Leah 4,832 1
by blondviking
Am I the only one who has this? SpockNL 3,572 4
by StillWaters
Question to all of you... 3,852 6
by simon
Welcome, Astrid! 3,642 4
by bobm
I can´t stand this anymore.... kat73 6,612 20
by lib
Surgery-Tinnitus kat73 9,922 10
by LynnMcLaren
Kevin Hogan?? (Tinnitus) TRT, Neuromonics or Hypnotherapy??? Joel 12,566 18
by LynnMcLaren
Electromagnetic Frequencies and Uses: Basic Information 5,625 1
by LynnMcLaren
What's wrong with me? Any ideas? DanaCinTN 4,446 6
by StillWaters
Tinnitus? kat73 3,630 2
by Mark
A Breakthrough? - New drug holds promise in quieting tinnitus Glow 18,837 0
by Glow
tinnitus increase kdroc27 3,308 0
by kdroc27
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