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Metal Gate slammed next to right ear, pressure/fullness and pain shasta12 1,020 7
by Aplomado
Laser Dentistry rodmccain 1,279 7
by Faith
Best hyperacusis doctor in Europe? Wiseben 1,376 3
by DrNagler
Not getting better..hit a plateau Sadears 1,236 16
by jirimenzel
Daughter with sudden ear sensitivity to sounds. MissyB 447 3
by Paulbe
Hyperacusis with Pain - Help! Christian 1,297 24
by Aplomado
popping corn noise pink cd Philfightingfear 352 0
by Philfightingfear
Online Self-Help Psychological Health Resources hiya 375 0
by hiya
Broken speaker left ear Nerdvegas 586 4
by hiya
Pink noise cd request kendaleigh 418 1
by DanMalcore
buy pink noise file MGM 444 3
by AriannaAlbrecht
TRT Treatment phacker 573 2
by Aplomado
Advice endi1990 561 3
by phacker
Xanax--any thoughts/experience? GalaxyMe23 494 3
by Sadears
Is white noise a permament solution for Tinnitus Queenmacha 1,393 1
by moxie
What happened to Astrid from chat-hyperacusis? jirimenzel 507 0
by jirimenzel
Hyperacusis Website on Potential Mechanisms and other Research Topics briann 538 0
by briann
Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone? Marco 566 2
by Aplomado
Dr. Stephen Nagler - Q & A DanMalcore 572 0
by DanMalcore
GE silent scan MRI fellfromthesun 398 0
by fellfromthesun
Popping noise when removing earplugs QuietLife 396 0
by QuietLife
musicians rossbu1721 792 10
by jboun3
Left ear fullness/pressure from sudden loud noise Dis1974 16,737 15
by Paulbe
Hyperacusis Research remember 4,284 47
by remember
Please help. Ears/brain reacting very strangely to sound. ProfNITSUD 1,139 11
by briann
Please help. Alarm went off. Katarina8349 717 8
by electric520
Sensitivity to physical vibrations klouden 373 0
by klouden
New Tinnitus Study DanMalcore 400 0
by DanMalcore
Vibration in my right ear. Jones2020 69,258 11
by Jokko
I want to to donate to a Hyperacusis cause Lenus2142 400 2
by Lenus2142
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